What Life Is About

posted Dec 25, 2016, 9:55 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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Our life is not made of a series of events that began when the body was born and that will end when the body dies. All we know of every event in our life up to this moment is a memory appearing now. All we will know of every future event that we will experience until the body dies is a fantasy in the mind appearing now. 

Our life is that in which all our experiences appear, evolve and disappear, with which they are known and out of what the are made. Our life is that single ever-present experience that does not appear, evolve and disappear - the experience of being aware. It is only because we are aware that any and every experience can be known. 

Being aware is the meaning of life.
Being aware is the purpose of life.
Being aware is the goal of life.

Think about it, without being aware what is there?

Know thyself!