What Is the Ultimate Reality of the World?

posted Sep 13, 2014, 10:12 AM by Ricardo Hidalgo   [ updated Nov 11, 2014, 9:38 AM ]

Rupert Spira makes total sense when he says:

Something that is real in itself cannot disappear, for whatever it disappeared into would be more real than itself.

For instance, bread is more real than toast in the sense that toast is just one of the possible names and forms of bread.  We could say that bread is the reality of toast.  However, flour is more real than bread, which is simply one of the possible names and forms of the flour.  The flour is the real substance of the bread,  However wheat... we could go back and back.  However, at some point we come to an end.  Where do we end?

What is the ultimate reality of the world of which all objects are simply names and forms?  Our only knowledge of objects or the world is perception.  Our only knowledge of perception is the experience of perceiving and the only substance present in perceiving is our own being, awareness.  

Awareness is the knowing element in all experience and all we know of the world is our KNOWING of it.  In fact, we do not know a world, as such.  We just know KNOWING.

And what is it that knows knowing?  Knowing is not known by something outside or other than itself.  It knows itself.  Knowing knows knowing.  Experiencing experiences experiencing.

Therefore, in our experience of the world awareness is, ultimately, only knowing itself.
That is all that is ever known or experienced.