The Value of Not Being Productive

posted Nov 16, 2014, 10:39 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

The only reason to do anything is out of love.
Love just being, doing nothing, until something you'd love to do comes to mind.
What we are is not made of what we do.
What we do is made of what we are.
We need do nothing in order to be what we are.

But in our culture of compulsive productivity doing nothing can be agitating.
Rather than escape the discomfort of doing nothing, stay with it, explore it, go to the heart of it.
There you will discover the Peace of you Self, being itself, not needing to do a thing.
Loving Being, loving Itself, loving doing nothing; 
And not having do do a thing, until what it would love to do appears.

Only do what you love. 
Love doing nothing until what you love doing appears.