The Mind is but a Stage

posted Dec 11, 2016, 10:46 AM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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Notice what appears on the stage of your mind.
Is your mind not but the stage upon which your thoughts, imagination, dreams, perceptions, sensations and feelings appear?
Of course, the play is real, as a play, not as life.
Yes, the play in your mind is real as a ideas, imagination, dreams, perceptions, sensations and feelings, not as your life.

So what is real as your life?
Being aware.
Not thinking, imagining, dreaming, sensing, feeling or perceiving.
Of course, these are real in your life in the same way the play on the stage is real,
But they are not real as your life.

Only the experience of being aware is real as your life.
It does not appear and disappear.
It does not change.
It is not known by anything other than itself.
Everything else appears and disappears, changes, and is known by you, awareness - the experience of being aware.

Know thyself.