The Illusion of Time and Space

posted Nov 25, 2016, 5:38 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo   [ updated Dec 3, 2016, 12:04 PM ]
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Events need time. Without time there could be no events.

Objects need space. Without space the could be no objects.

But time and space are never actually experienced.

Notice that you cannot step into the past or future.

You can only remember or imagine them.

Notice that "here" can never be found. Look for it. What point in space, exactly, is "here"?

Notice that the experience of "there" is experienced "here", not at a point in space, but "here" in experience.

Thus, time and space are concepts; they are never actually experienced.

They are not real in themselves, they are only real as concepts.

Therefore, there are no real events taking place in time

And there are no real objects appearing in space.

But there is the real experience of continuity to our experience.

And there is the real experience of wholeness to "objects".

The apparent continuity of "an event" is but a pale reflection of the ever-presence of Being (awareness)

The apparent wholeness of objects is but a pale reflection of of the "wholeness" (limitlessness) of Being.

(Notice that we never perceive a whole object, just a fragment, and the whole object is imagined or conceived, never perceived).

Ever-present, eternal, limitless, infinite, Awareness is the only Real "object" we ever experience, while having no objective properties.

"I am aware" is the most obvious, objective, concrete experience we know.

Being formless, dimensionless, limitless, it is whole.

Never appearing or disappearing, it is continuous, ever-present, eternal.

Imagining time, we perceive events.

Imagining space, we perceive objects.

All we ever truly experience is the continuity, (ever-presence) of awareness,

All we ever truly experience is the wholeness, (limitlessness) of awareness.

That is, all we ever truly experience is eternal, infinite Being - our Self.