The Doing of Being

posted Apr 20, 2019, 2:56 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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All we ever do, in reality, is Be!
Doing in apparent space and time is the pale reflection of infinite, timeless Being.
In reality, there is no Being in space and time, as the only experience of Being is Here, Now.
Thought imagines "now" as a brief moment in an infinite line of time and "here" as a point in infinite space. 
But that is not the reality of our actual, immediate, intimate experience.
All experience takes place Now, Here.
All experience is a variation of the experience of Being.
Ask yourself, "When did this now start? How many "nows" have I experienced in the past minute, hour, day, week...?"
Notice, our experience is that "Now" is ever-present. It never appeared and it never disappears in the reality of our experience.
It is eternal. 
Ask yourself, "Where is the exact point called "here"?
Notice, our experience is that "Here" cannot be located at a particular point in space. 
Thus, there is no "Being in time and space" in our actual experience.
Being in time and space is an image of thinking, a dream, an illusion.
In the reality of our experience there is simply "Being Here, Now"; timeless, eternal, limitless, infinite, doing nothing other than Being.
And everything it does is a variation of Being.  
The illusion of "a being doing in time and space" is created by the apparent limits of the mind and body once infinite, eternal Being takes apparent shape. 
Time, space, actions and events in time, objects in space, are what formless, limitless, infinite, timeless, eternal Being appears as once, in its infinite creativity, it expresses itself in apparent time and space as form and action, all the while never moving, changing, or doing a thing other than Being, being aware. 
Know Thyself!