Overcoming Our Worst Fear

posted Jun 24, 2019, 9:45 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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Ah! To Know the Truth!
What an ordinary miracle!
Miracle, because it is so easy to overlook.
Ordinary, because it is so available, so close, so intimate, so obvious.

What keep us from knowing, or wanting to know the truth?
Fear that our worst fears about ourselves are true.

We can face and explore this to find out if it is really true.
We run from this because we perceive that it is true, and in running we make it feel true.

What is your worst fear about yourself?
What if it were true?
What does your fear say about you?
That you do not want it to be true!
See what this says about you.

Look for the courage to find the willingness to pay close attention to what you are imagining about yourself in your worst fears.
All you can know for sure is that you are imagining this.
You have no idea really if it is true or not beyond your imagination, no matter how true it feels.
Recall how true our dreams feel until we awake.

Before trying to figure out if what you are imagining is really true (or making it feel true by avoiding it), get curious and become intimately familiar with, in great detail, exactly what you are imagining. Having done this you can go about exploring and determining if what you are imagining is really true beyond any doubt. How would you do this? You could not rely on your beliefs, feelings, or on what you take to be true on faith. Is there anything in your experience beyond your belief and feeling that proves that your worst fear is true? Look really closely, look repeatedly, and notice you can find nothing in your experience beyond that belief and feeling that verifies them.

Our deepest fear may be that we are essentially undeserving, unlovable, bad.
The fact that we fear this exposes that we do not want to be this way.
What does our longing not to be these things tell us about our selves?
If we were truly evil would we fear being evil?