Our Meaning and Purpose

posted Feb 22, 2015, 7:39 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

We think and feel that there is something wrong with doing nothing.  We seem to derive our sense of meaning and purpose from doing; so, doing nothing can feel like having no purpose or meaning.

Look closely, and see clearly, that all our meaning and purpose comes from the reality that "I am".  That is, from pure being.  The fact that "I am" is inherently meaningful and purposeful.  Our purpose is simple "to be" and that is already accomplished, already the case, effortlessly, without doing a thing. 

Now, because "I am", doing appears from time to time, but not to provide meaning or purpose.  Rather, to express the meaning and purpose of pure being; to create art; to provide practical solutions to the "needs" that appear in pure being; and to celebrate and share the pure joy of being that is inherent in the absolute meaningfulness and purposefulness of pure being.  

Thus, not doing, rather than being a sign of of meaninglessness and purposelessness, is pure and absolute meaning and purpose at rest - the pure stillness and emptiness of formless being before it takes shape in the next doing.

Enjoy, love and celebrate "not doing" from which all doing appears.  As the saying goes, "Do by not doing, and all things shall get done."