Looking Into Fear to find the Self

posted Aug 23, 2016, 9:19 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Fear of criticism, fear of abandonment, fear of death vanish when it is seen that the "I" that fears is utterly non-existent...
Just an image, an idea, "in the mind", a non-existent "self" in a non-existent mind.
Yet a "Self" exists, and knows that it exists - "I am".
But with absolutely no objective properties; not as an object.
Consciousness is, but it is not a "thing".
There are no "things", except in the dream.
There is only Consciousness, in which this dream an all experiences appear.
Consciousness as "mind"/"body"/"world".
We never find these "objects" in the reality of our experience.
We find "thinking/imagining/sensing/feeling/perceiving".
Consciousness as "thinking/imagining/sensing/feeling/perceiving".
Consciousness as "thinking/imagining" = dreaming
Consciousness as "thinking/imagining/sensing/feeling/perceiving" = waking
Consciousness at rest = deep sleep.