Limitations Overcome

posted Sep 23, 2017, 8:49 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Our sense of limitation and lack is made of the limitless, formless Being that we are when thought imagines that pure, dimensionless awareness is limited to and coming from the body, and further, imagines that the body is an object in and separate from the world of objects. In our actual, immediate, intimate experience we never find a world of whole, separate objects. We only ever experience one "object" - infinite, eternal Being.

Look at any "object" - a lamp, a chair, a table, a rug, a tree, a car.... Notice that we never see or experience the whole object. We see a fragment, a portion, like the front or the side, and we imagine the rest, creating the illusion that separates, for example, the lamp from the table or the table from the floor.

When we stay with our actual, intimate, immediate experience all we see is color and form and the so called lamp is contiguous with the table, which is contiguous with the floor, which is contiguous with the wall.... The "whole" we experience is the whole room or landscape made of a continuity of color and form, no different than a painting or a picture. 

Notice that the same is true for the experience of the body. For example, sitting in the lotus position, writing this, all I see are fragments of hands and arms and legs and chest contiguous with fragments of pen, pad of paper, pillow, couch, floor, ottoman, book, cup.... The whole "object" is a single, indivisible experience made of these contiguous colors and forms, each in contact with at least one if not many other colors and forms such that any point can be traced to any other point via the continuity of colors and forms, all in touch with each other. 

The cup touches the book that touches the couch that touches the wall, that touches the paintings and the lamps and the floor and the chairs and the ceiling, etc., all the way back to the cup. And so it is with any apparently separate object. 

We never find whole, separate objects! The sense of wholeness comes from projecting the wholeness of our Self - formless, limitless, infinite Being which, if you notice is also ever-present, that is, eternal.