Is Something Nothing, or is Nothing Something?

posted Nov 19, 2016, 10:41 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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Something cannot come from nothing,
For if it is something, then the nothing from which it came must be something.
And if, indeed, something did come from nothing, it, too, would have to be nothing.
So, either something is nothing, 
Or, nothing is something.

There is something to all experience.
There is a reality to all experience.
Experiences appear, evolve and disappear
And they are not nothing.
What is the something from which
Experiences appear, and into which they disappear?

Whatever that is, we call it "I".
It is what we essentially are.
Awareness, consciousness, "the light of pure knowing".
Knowing Being, being knowing;
Being itself.
Knowing itself by being itself.
Being pure knowing.
I am, and I know that I am 
Because what I am is pure knowing.
Knowing, knowing knowing.

The apparent nothing from which something appears is not nothing
It is something.
But it is not a thing.
It is "I".
I am not a thing, 
Yet I am not nothing.
I am something.
I am pure Being,
Pure knowing being
Being knowing.
Being my Self
Knowing my Self alone.