Fleeting Perceptions

posted Dec 23, 2016, 10:09 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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     Sooner or later we must all find the courage to face the fact that all we know, could know, or ever will know of the world are fleeting perceptions. No one has ever found a continuous, stable, permanent world made of matter. We fear that if there is no stable, permanent world nothing is permanent. Yet there is something permanent and stable in our experience - and that is the consciousness in which these fleeting perceptions appear and with which they are known. The apparent permanence of the world, which, in the reality of our experience is made of nothing more than fleeting perceptions, is but a pale shadow of the ever-presence of awareness; the leftover trace or taste in the mind of its ever-present source - consciousness. It is not the world that is permanent. It is awareness, or consciousness that is permanent. And we are that.

Know thyself!