Experiencing the Essence of Who You Are

posted Nov 11, 2014, 9:27 AM by Ricardo Hidalgo

What is the essence of who you are?
Turn, not to thought, but to your experience for the answer.
Are you not aware?
Can you find anything more essential to your Self, than this awareness?
Do you not have to be aware first, before you can know or experience anything?

Now explore the nature of awareness, of your Self.
Again, turn, not to thought, but to your immediate, direct experience.
Certainly awareness is present.
But, is it present as an object in a place?
Or are all objects and places present in it?
What is your experience?

Does awareness have a form, a size, a color, an age, a gender?
Or are all forms, sizes, colors, ages, genders appearing in it?
What is your actual experience?

Is awareness  coming out of anything, or coming from anything?
Or are all things coming into, appearing in awareness?
What is your experience?

Have you ever experienced the absence or disappearance of your Self, awareness?
Again, don't turn to thought, turn to your experience.
See that you have never actually experienced the disappearance, or the appearance of your Self, awareness.
Nor could you.  To experience the appearance or disappearance of awareness, there would have to be something there.
What would that be?  It would have to be awareness, your Self.

See that what you essentially are is awareness.
See that you, awareness, is present, ever-present, but with no objective properties.
That is, you, awareness, is dimensionless, or formless, yet ever-present, not in a place, but in experience,
made of pure knowing, or awareness.
We could call this, limitless or infinite, ever-present or eternal Being.
This is your essential Self.
Know thyself, and to thine own self be true!