Beyond Suffering

posted Nov 12, 2018, 12:22 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Emotional suffering comes from habitual patterns of thinking and feeling on behalf of a non-existent self. Once we realize that self does not exist, except in our imagination and dreams, these patterns continue out of habit, but there is no longer anything to sustain, reinforce, and perpetuate them and they grow weaker, are seen to be irrelevant, and one day may disappear.

Exposing the non-existent self and revealing our True Self involves noticing the difference between our actual, immediate, intimate experience of our Self - the experience of Being, and our ideas, thoughts, concepts and beliefs about our self. 

Notice that our experience of Being is ever-present now and our thoughts about our self refer to the past and future. This is a clue! We never actually experience past or future. These are concepts. All experience is experienced now. 

Which self is the real self? You get to decide.

Know thyself!