Insights Into Our True Nature

The Doing of Being

posted Apr 20, 2019, 2:56 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

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All we ever do, in reality, is Be!
Doing in apparent space and time is the pale reflection of infinite, timeless Being.
In reality, there is no Being in space and time, as the only experience of Being is Here, Now.
Thought imagines "now" as a brief moment in an infinite line of time and "here" as a point in infinite space. 
But that is not the reality of our actual, immediate, intimate experience.
All experience takes place Now, Here.
All experience is a variation of the experience of Being.
Ask yourself, "When did this now start? How many "nows" have I experienced in the past minute, hour, day, week...?"
Notice, our experience is that "Now" is ever-present. It never appeared and it never disappears in the reality of our experience.
It is eternal. 
Ask yourself, "Where is the exact point called "here"?
Notice, our experience is that "Here" cannot be located at a particular point in space. 
Thus, there is no "Being in time and space" in our actual experience.
Being in time and space is an image of thinking, a dream, an illusion.
In the reality of our experience there is simply "Being Here, Now"; timeless, eternal, limitless, infinite, doing nothing other than Being.
And everything it does is a variation of Being.  
The illusion of "a being doing in time and space" is created by the apparent limits of the mind and body once infinite, eternal Being takes apparent shape. 
Time, space, actions and events in time, objects in space, are what formless, limitless, infinite, timeless, eternal Being appears as once, in its infinite creativity, it expresses itself in apparent time and space as form and action, all the while never moving, changing, or doing a thing other than Being, being aware. 
Know Thyself!

How Do I Want to Be?

posted Mar 31, 2019, 10:41 AM by Ricardo Hidalgo

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How much time do you spend wondering what to do and wishing you were different?
If you are like me, too much!
We can spend as much time and be as interested in how we want to be as in what we want to do.

Ask yourself and pay close attention to what shows up: 
"How do I want to be when I don't know what to do?"
"How do I want to be when I am overwhelmed by how much I have to do?"
"How do I want to be when I have been criticized, rejected, or praised?"
"How do I want to be when I cannot get what I want or need?"
"How do I want to be when I have failed, or when I have succeeded?"
"How do I want to be when I am sick, or when I am really healthy?"
"How do I want to be when I am a victim of injustice or when I am the perpetrator if injustice?"
"How do I want to be when I am enraged, heart-broken, terrified, and disgusted by the racism, sexism, homophobia,  trans-phobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc... of the white, male, fascist, supremacists in power?"
"How do I want to be when I notice all the suffering in the world that could be solved by creating a resource-based     economy and there is nothing I can to about it?

If you are like me, you notice that you want to be kind, nurturing, accepting, loving, understanding, secure, warm, reassuring, encouraging, supportive, challenging, forgiving, playful...

It is probably as important, if not more important to ask ourselves and attend to how we want to be in addition to what we want to do.

Know Thyself!

Silent, Still Emptiness

posted Jan 26, 2019, 3:20 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

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Out of the Silent, Still Emptiness
The fullness of song and dance appears
As an expression of the Silent, Still Emptiness.

The Silent, Still Emptiness is not nothing
It is everything
And everything is nothing
Other than the Silent, Still Emptiness

Pure Consciousness
Pure Awareness

Know Thyself!

Who Am I?

posted Jan 12, 2019, 9:35 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

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The "I" that we think we are is not the "I" that we truly are
The "I" that we truly are is aware of the "I" that we imagine we are, and is aware of all experience - every experience that we have ever experienced and will ever be experience - awareness itself, the Presence of awareness
This is the "I" that we are in reality

The thought-made self is limited, lacking, and vulnerable at minimum. At worst, it is bad; even bad for being so needy and lacking; longing for love, happiness, and security while believing and feeling undeserving of these; caught in an endless vicious cycle - bad for longing what it does not deserve.

Thank goodness it is not the "I" we truly are - that which is aware of this, and of all experience - awareness itself!

What can we say about the nature of awareness, our true "I", from our own intimate, immediate experience of being aware? 

How limited, lacking, needy and vulnerable is it, are we?

What does awareness, "I", need?

What does awareness, "I", lack?

What can harm "I", awareness?

What is the shape, size, color, gender, age, location of awareness?

What experience can change awareness?

Can any experience add to, or diminish awareness, "I"?

Does the experience of being aware, awareness itself, come and go; appear and disappear?

Don't refer to what thought imagines
Refer to your current, immediate, intimate experience
If thought assert, "My experience is that awareness comes and goes. In deep sleep it goes, on awakening it comes", ask yourself, "What is aware of the appearance and disappearance of awareness?" (If not awareness, "I"?)
Do "I", my Self disappear in deep sleep? No! The Self remains. Experience disappears, not "I".

Needing, lacking nothing "I", awareness am fulfilled, happy
Not being vulnerable to harm "I", awareness, am secure, at peace
Being present to and knowing all experience, "I", awareness am intimate with all experience. This is love
Having no objective properties such as size, color, shape, etc., "I", awareness am unlimited - infinite
Not appearing and disappearing, like all other experiences, "I" awareness am ever-present - eternal
Fearing nothing, needing nothing, seeking nothing, conflicting with nothing, "I", awareness take the shape of Beauty
Knowing myself as I truly am, knowing Truth, Reality, "I", awareness am wisdom and understanding

Why does the needy, lacking, vulnerable "I" we imagine we are long for love, peace, happiness, security, beauty and truth?
How does it know what to long for? 
Because these are the properties of our True Self, the "I" that we really are, appearing as the longing for these in the imagined, imaginary, dreamed self. The longing is like the wake-up call from our True Self to itself (the imaginary self).

Know Thyself!

There Is No Enemy There Is No Loss

posted Dec 15, 2018, 9:45 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

There is no enemy. There is just fear that can take the shape of attack.

There is no loss. For what can be lost appeared, but never existed in its own right, separate from Reality, Awareness, which never appears or disappears and is the source of all appearances in order to express, create, invent, celebrate, fix and heal all as its infinite potential manifests in infinite ways, including harmful, sick, hateful ones. 

When consciousness thinks, it can think anything including all the lies and errors like 2+2=8. Believing them real does not make them real.

Suffering is the feedback that thinking/feeling is not aligned with truth.

Love, peace, happiness, comfort, security, playfulness, beauty is the feedback that thinking/feeling/perceiving is aligned with truth.

Wisdom never suffers.

Wisdom is thinking that is referring back to, representing, expressing, evoking Truth.

Suffering is seeking the end of suffering. 

Seeking for something that is not present here/now is seeking in the wrong direction.

What is aware of the hate, the seeking of love?

What is aware of conflict and war, the seeking of peace?

What is aware of the fear, the seeking of safety?

What is aware of the unhappiness, the seeking of happiness?

What is aware of the discomfort, the seeking of comfort?

What is aware of the insecurity, the seeking of security?

What is aware of the somberness, the seeking of playfulness?

What is aware of the ugliness, the seeking of beauty?

Awareness - the absolute Love of Being

Awareness - The absolute Peace of Being

Awareness - The absolute Safety of Being

Awareness - The absolute Happiness of Being

Awareness - The absolute Comfort of Being

Awareness - The absolute Security of Being

Awareness - The absolute Playfulness of Being

Awareness - The absolute Beauty of Being

How would we know what to seek if it did not exist here/now? 

We know because it is what we are. Seeking is the overlooking of what we are.

Finding is the recognition of what we are, of what is ever-present, here/now.



For the Sheer Pleasure of It

posted Dec 2, 2018, 9:42 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Living for the sheer pleasure of it
Being for the sheer pleasure of it
Being aware for the sheer pleasure of it
Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching for the sheer pleasure of it
Thinking, feeling, sensing for the sheer pleasure of it
Growing, learning, evolving for the sheer pleasure of it
Failing for the sheer pleasure of learning

Add any activity you want....
for the sheer pleasure of it!

doing, not doing, creating, working, playing, protecting, helping, guiding, teaching, sharing, celebrating, competing, cooperating, partnering, parenting, aging,.... dying


Ever-Present Being

posted Nov 25, 2018, 9:53 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Ever-present Being
Pure Being

Dreaming the universe and its evolution into apparent existence.
Dreaming the world, personal selves, and their apparent evolution into existence.
Dreaming this experience into apparent existence.

Suffering, the longing to be free of suffering
Being the echo in the dream
The wake-up call
To recognize our true nature

Ever-present Being
Pure Being


Ripples of Energy on the Ocean of Being

posted Nov 22, 2018, 11:12 AM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Ripples of energy on the Ocean of Being
That thought labels stress, agitation, fear
On behalf of an imaginary self that believes and feels
It was born and is going to die
That it is vulnerable, needy and lacking
That it is dependent on others and the world
To provide for its needs, its fulfillment, its safety
While being vulnerable to their harm, abandonment, rejection

What is our experience when we do not refer to this story?

Just the experience of Being, being present and aware
Open, empty, unlimited
Experiencing ripples of energy on the Ocean of Being
In the form of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, sensing, and thinking/imagining
With no sense of lack or vulnerability
Needing nothing, seeking nothing
Not appearing or disappearing
Just Being

Ripples of energy on the Ocean of Being 
That thought labels love, peace, happiness, security, beauty and understanding
On behalf of infinite, eternal, self-fulfilled Being

Know Thyself!

Beyond Suffering

posted Nov 12, 2018, 12:22 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

Emotional suffering comes from habitual patterns of thinking and feeling on behalf of a non-existent self. Once we realize that self does not exist, except in our imagination and dreams, these patterns continue out of habit, but there is no longer anything to sustain, reinforce, and perpetuate them and they grow weaker, are seen to be irrelevant, and one day may disappear.

Exposing the non-existent self and revealing our True Self involves noticing the difference between our actual, immediate, intimate experience of our Self - the experience of Being, and our ideas, thoughts, concepts and beliefs about our self. 

Notice that our experience of Being is ever-present now and our thoughts about our self refer to the past and future. This is a clue! We never actually experience past or future. These are concepts. All experience is experienced now. 

Which self is the real self? You get to decide.

Know thyself! 

The Seeking Self, The Satisfied Self

posted Nov 11, 2018, 9:43 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo


The seeking self writes to find something that is missing, to be seen and heard by the reader.
The satisfied self writes to express and share its satisfaction and to guide those seeking.

The seeking self needs something that appears to be missing. Thus, rejects what is and seeks what is not.
The satisfied self needs nothing that is not present here/now.

The seeking self experiences a fundamental sense of lack - lack of time, lack of skill, lack of safety/security, lack of support, lack of connection, lack of recognition, lack of ease, lack of fun and joy, lack of satisfaction, lack of power, lack of hope. It attributes this sense of lack to something missing here/now in the mind, body, world, or self. 

The satisfied self experiences a fundamental sense of satisfaction - nothing is missing or needed that is not present here/now, and what is present now is not needed as the source of satisfaction and well-being. Its source of satisfaction comes from nothing in the mind, body, or world, but from its very self - pure Being being aware, and recognizing its infinite, eternal, imperturbable, open, knowing nature - pure consciousness.

The seeking self looks to everything but itself for satisfaction, imagining, believing and feeling that its self is inherently lacking. Thus, it overlooks the only source of true, stable, reliable, satisfaction. At best, it finds temporary satisfaction when something or someone appears that it believed and felt it needed and its seeking comes temporarily to an end. It attributes its satisfaction to the object, other, or situation, rather than to the absence of seeking.

Notice, the seeking self appears and disappears; comes and goes. It is not present all the time. Yet the satisfied self, consciousness itself, is ever-present, knowing and touching all experience, while being made of no experience. It is what is knowing the appearance and disappearance of the seeking self. When the seeking self stops seeking temporarily, the ever-present satisfied self shines in experience. 

The ever-present, satisfied self is present, yet overlooked and apparently veiled when the seeking self appears. It is what is knowing the sense of lack and the seeking. Thus, the satisfied self remains itself and present when the seeking self appears. It needs nothing, including the disappearance of the seeking self to know itself, to be aware of itself, to recognize and be in touch with itself. It is the knowing with which all experience is known, from the darkest, despairing depression (the seeking self) to the deepest joy and bliss (the satisfied self). It is the awareness in which all experience is appearing, with which it is being known, and, ultimately out of which it is being made. It is consciousness itself.

Which of these of our true self? The appearing and disappearing seeking self or the ever-present satisfied self this is knowing the coming and going of the seeking self?

Know thyself!

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