Part I: Main Timeline

Color Code

This timeline uses the following Color Code: 

Plain text= anything written entirely by Larry Niven, as well as all semi-canonical sources (the story "Telepath's Dance" by Hal Colebatch, and the Ringworld Role-Playing Game). 

Purple text= Anything from the series of  "Of Worlds" novels written with Ed Lerner. .

Green text= from any non-canonical source, except those listed below in blue or red.

Blue text= from stories by Matthew Joseph Harrington, including the two co-written with Hal Colebatch. In Harrington's continuity, the Fourth Man-Kzin War takes place about a century after the canon Fourth War end date of 2505, established in "Fly-by-Night" (MKW9 p. 278, 279-280).

Red text= from Benford & Martin's MKW story/novel A Darker Geometry. This story contains information regarding the history of the Outsiders and Puppeteers, which conflicts with subsequent canon material.  


c. 13,700,000,000 BCE

Big Bang [Reality].

"They Who Pass" begin observing our universe through cosmic strings, and release energy into our universe, forming quasars.  Later they create servants, the Radiants, who in turn create the Dark Ones/Outsiders ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 224-225, 245-247, 261-264); A Darker Geometry p. 282-283].

c. 13,000,000,000 BCE

Milky Way galaxy forms [Reality] Science Notes: (1) In the Known Space universe, the Milky Way must have formed somewhat differently than in reality. According to figures stated in "At the Core"  (Crashlander p. 42, 43) the distance from the galactic center to Known Space adds up to at least 30,000 light-years, and in Ringworld (p. 40) it is stated to be 33,000 light-years. In reality, the distance from the galactic center to Earth is about 26,000 light-years. (2)  In "At the Core" (Crashlander p. 14), Beowulf Shaeffer sees a spherical core, suggesting that the galaxy is a normal spiral, as it was believed to be in the 1960s when that story was written. However, in Ringworld Throne (p. 158) Louis Wu states that the galaxy is a barred spiral, consistent with current theory.

c. 9,000,000,000 BCE

Outsiders observe the evolution of the first "warmlife" ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 82)].

c. 6,000,000,000 BCE

"Great Silence" begins, when Radiants and Outsiders lose contact with They Who Pass. Outsiders split into Dissonant, Traditionalist and Zealot factions ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 264-265, 276); A Darker Geometry p. 332].

c. 6,000,000,000 BCE

Outsiders create starseeds, which begin sowing planets with micro-organisms designed to evolve into sentient life ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p.225)]. Date based on the assumption that sentient life of the Slaver era  (1.5 billion years ago) took at least as long to evolve as sentient life did on Earth in reality (4.5 billion years). Note: This information regarding the starseeds' function, appears inconsistent with Sigmund Ausfaller's speculation in Juggler of Worlds (p. 337), that starseeds are part of the Outsider life cycle. 

c. 4,600,000,000 BCE 

The star later known as Sol ignites [Reality]

c. 4,500,000,000 BCE 

Formation of Earth and other planets in the Solar system is complete [Reality] Science Note: In the Known Space universe, at least 12 planets form around Sol, not including Pluto. Beyond Neptune are gas giants later known as Persephone, Caina, Antenora, and Ptlolemea ("The Borderland of Sol" , Crashlander p. 168).

c. 3,500,000,000 BCE

First prokaryotes (simple cells) appear on Earth [Reality].

c. 1,500,000,000 BCE

First eukaryotes (complex cells) appear on Earth [Reality].

The galaxy is conquered by the Thrint, later known as the "Slavers", via their power of telepathic mind control [World of Ptavvs]."The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3) says this occurred 3 billion years ago.  

A Tnuctipun fleet escapes the Thrint conquest of their system by fleeing into space [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p.189)] 

The Thrint give the Tnuctipun more freedom than any other slave race, because they have proven the worth of their freethinking brains [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 101)].

Tnuctipun create Sunflowers, Stage Trees, and "whitefoods", later known as Bandersnatchi, for the Thrint. The Bandersntachi, which the Thrint use as livestock, are secretly intelligent, immune to the Slaver power, and spies for the Tnuctipun [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 189)].

Tnuctipun create Protectors from a Thrint slave species of borderline sentience, as a bio-weapon immune to the Slaver power ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 302-303)]

Protectors develop the hyperjump, disintegrator, stasis field, and possibly gravity control for the Tnuctipun ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 303),""Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 218)]

The Thrint Gnix is sealed in a stasis field with four Tnuctipun slaves ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 208)] 

Tnuctipun create mutated racing viprin, which ruin the existing viprin ranching business, causing an economic depression.  A few years later, the depression is exacerbated when slaves of the thrint Plorn produce antigravity, eliminating the need for Stage Trees [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 76, 144, 189) ].

The Thrint Kzanol, while returning from his discovery of a new sentient species, experiences a failure of his ship's drive, which prevents the ship from decelerating. He aims himself at the food-yeast world of F124, and aims his ship at a moon of the system's eighth planet.  The ship's collision with the moon tears it from its orbit, forming the planet later known as Pluto. Encased in a stasis field, Kzanol collides with F124, later known as Earth [World of Ptavvs]

At the time of Kzanol's accident, the Thrint have discovered 219 habitable worlds.  Of those, 65 have life, 17 or 18 of which have intelligent life.  The remaining 155 barren worlds will not be ready for Thrintun occupancy until after a long seeding process, in the meantime they are used as food-yeast worlds [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 79)]  Note: The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p.37) states that the Thrint ruled more than 10,000 sentient species. 

The Thrint Guerdoth places his Pruntaquilun Balladeer, Coquaturia, in a stasis box for travel ["Hey Diddle Diddle" (MKW5)].

The Tnuctipun revolt against Thrint rule [World of Ptavvs].

The Sunflowers which guard Slaver estates all focus their beams inward ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 7)]

The Tnuctipin Revolt lasts more than two centuries ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 7-8)]

Facing inevitable defeat, the remaining Thrint build a giant telepathic Amplifier, designed to order all other sentients in the galaxy to commit suicide [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 190); "The Handicapped" (Neutron Star p. 222)]. The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 38), indicates that the Amplifier command would effect Thrint as well.  

The Tnuctipun spy Durvash is prevented from stopping Suicide Night, when his ship's stasis field is activated by an incoming thrint Godfist weapon, and the impact imbeds him beneath what will become Wunderland's Jotun Mountains [The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5)]

A day or so before Suicide Time, the Thrint Dnivtopun, Overseer of the food-producing planet later known as Wunderland, departs Orbital Supervisir Station Seven IZ-A with his family,and is about to make a hyperjump when an accident seals his ship in a statsis field ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3)]

After the suicide command, the Thrint die out themselves, unable to survive without their slaves. Possibly some Thrint survive and evolve into the sessile Grogs of Down ["The Handicapped" (Neutron Star p. 222, 228)].

Tnuctipun anticipate the suicide command, and keep some of their kind in stasis as a precaution, but they die after they emerge, when the amplifier periodically repeats the command ["Peter Robinson" (MKW10 p. 335)].  .  

Protectors are unaffected by the suicide command. The only survivors among the borderline-sentient breeders are those too stupid to understand it.  Some of the surviving breeders become Protectors themselves, who call themselves Pak ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 303-304)]. Speculation by Peace Corben 

Yeast on Slaver food worlds slowly begins to evolve, a process which will eventually produce new sentient species in the galaxy [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 108)]

c. 60,000,000 BCE

A few million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs, Protectors note the absence of large predators on Earth, and the first Pak settle there ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 210)] Note: This is speculation offered by Peace Corben to explain why humans are related to species which existed on Earth before the first recorded Pak arrival (see c. 2,500,000 BCE). However, Corben does not explain how the presence of Pak on Earth at an earlier time would produce such genetic similarity.  


Outsiders create the Pak ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 305)].

c. 3,000,000 BCE

Earliest spaceflights recorded in the Library on Pakhome, take place at this time [Protector p. 50]. 

Planets orbiting stars near Pakhome are shaped to a Pak ideal, and then blasted back to barren waste in the endless warfare [Ringworld's Children p. 198].

A colonization expedition, consisting of 72 Protectors and 1000 breeders, leaves Pakhome in a hollowed-out asteroid, heading for one of the galactic arms  [Protector p. 53-54].

c. 2,500,000 BCE

The "Earth-Pak" arrive on Earth.  The Earth's soil will not support "Tree-of-Life", due to lack of thalium. The Earth-Pak send a message back to Pak.  After their Tree-of-Life stock is depleted, the surviving Protectors die off, leaving the Pak breeders (Homo habilis) to evolve into Homo sapiens. Possibly (according to one theory by "Brennan-monster"), radiation from the Pak ships causes mutations in the breeders, "resulting in everything from lemurs to apes and chimpanzees to ancient and modern man"  [Protector]. Science Notes: (1) In reality, humans and other primates do not display the degree of genetic dissimilarity to other Earth life, which one would expect if recent human/primate ancestors were of extraterrestrial origin (even if life on both Earth and Pak is descended from Slaver food yeast, human/primate DNA would still be the product of 1.5 billion years of completely separate evolution) . There is also no indication that the human genome has ever been discovered to possess such dissimilarity, in the Known Space universe either. (2) In reality, lemurs, apes, and chimpanzees last shared a common ancestor with Homo sapiens much more than 2.5 million years ago, and are not descended from Homo habilis.

A second Pak colony is established on Wunderland, descendants of Pak breeders become cave-dwelling Morlocks ["Catspaws" (MKW11)].

Pak Protectors on Earth modify the breeder population to to better fit Earth ecosystem and biochemistry, sewing the genetic material of Earth primates ["Catspaws" (MKW11 p. 150)]. According to a theory mentioned by Nils Rykermann 

Venus's tectonic plates are somehow turned over at this time, possibly by Protectors who who found some sort of potentially threatening life there ["Catspaws" (MKW11 p. 152)].According to a theory mentioned by Nils Rykermann 

Protectors do not die off on Earth from lack of Tree-of-Life. Instead, they terraform nearby planets, while cultivating breeder mutations to settle them ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 294)]. Speculation by Peace Corben

Protectors smash a small moon into Plateau ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 294)]. Speculation by Peace Corben

A Protector lands on Kzin and encounters primitive Kzinti, creating legends of a divine avenger ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 301)]. Speculation by Peace Corben

Protector explorers meet the Puppeteers, and realize that with their limited numbers they cannot exterminate the Puppeteers before Earth's breeder population is found and exterminated. The Protectors kill themselves to avoid revealing earth's location, Protectors on Earth destroy all signs of technological development there ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 294-295)].Speculation by Peace Corben

c. 1,100,000 BCE

The Protector population on Pakhome ranges from 10-100 million, the number varying wildly due to the endless war [Ringworld's Children p. 198].

10,000 Pak Protectors begin a project to colonize a distant world, and find records of the expedition that reached Earth.  They build an O'Neil-type carrier ship and some fighter scouts [Ringworld's Children p. 198-199]. "Something more than four million falans ago"

c. 1,099,920 BCE 

600 Protectors are left to ride the completed ships [Ringworld's Children p. 199].

c. 1,098,920 BCE

After 1,000 years of travel, half the Protectors have died, or been killed for violating a ban on contact with the breeder population.  They are replaced from the breeder stock [Ringworld's Children p. 199].


Outsiders create the Ringworld  ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 305)].

c. 1,000,000 BCE

After 350,000 falans (90,000 years) of travel, natural selection has produced Pak Protectors that can live without the constant smell of their own blood line [Ringworld's Children p. 199].   

The Pak choose a system containing a single gas giant of 20 Jupiter masses. One Jupiter mass is converted to "scrith" and used to build the Ringworld, the rest is used as fuel for fusion reactors to spin up the ring for gravity [Ringworld's Children p. 200] According to claims by Proserpina. Note: Spinning the Ringworld up to 770 miles per second takes thousands of times the yearly energy output of a sunlike star (Ringworld Engineers p. 54). Specifically, that would be about 100,000 times the sun's annual output of 10^34 joules. The energy cost of converting a Jupiter mass to "scrith" is unknown.  

The Ringworld-Pak identify nearby planets that might evolve dangerous enemies. They collect local ecologies and settle them on maps of their worlds. The Map of Earth becomes home home to their breeders. It takes 50,000 falans (13,000 years) to build an ecology into the Ring's inner surface, starting with the Map of Earth as a test bed. Maps of Pak are built as prisons for Protectors [Ringworld's Children p.200].

c. 800,000 BCE

Ringworld completed [Ringworld's Children p. 201]. More than a million falans (250,000 years) before Protectors vanish. 

The Kzinti species exists by this time. Ringworld Throne establishes that Chmee is able to produce offspring with female archaic Kzinti from the Map of Kzin, so they are probably the same species.  


Proserpina and 10 other Protectors attempt to take the Repair Center. The attempt fails, and she is confined on a Map of Pak, with "neutered" (virus-free) Tree of Life and only 100 breeders of her line [Ringworld's Children p.201].

c. 700,000 BCE

Proserpina filters Protector virus from the air and creates some Protector servants, but they revolt and she is forced to kill them  The next time she tries it, her plants have been neutered by unknown means, and the Protector virus isn't in the air any more [Ringworld's Children p. 203]. "400,000 falans after creation" 

c. 500,000 BCE

By this time breeder population on the Ringworld has reached a trillion [Ringworld's Children p.201].  

Protectors vanish throughout most of the Ringworld [Ringworld's Children p. 203]. "More than a million falans after creation".  Species differentation has been extreme "in the past two million falans". Note: In Ringworld Engineers (p. 305) Teela states that the Ringwold Protectors died out c. 250,0000 BCE, from a disease.  

Puppeteers purchase a planetary drive from the Outsiders.  They bring two worlds from nearby systems, increasing their farming worlds to four, and settling them in a Kemplerer rosette. They move their homeworld to a one tenth of a light year distance, eliminating the problem of waste heat from their civilization, and allowing their population to quickly expand from half a trillion to a trillion.  Shortly after moving their world, their sun begins to expand into a red giant, and they are forced to move their four farming worlds [Ringworld p. 67, 70-71]

c. 200,000 BCE 

First Homo sapiens appear on Earth [Reality]

Climate changes from slight eccentricity in Kzinhome's orbit causes kzinti species to pass through population bottleneck, triggering evolutionary changes [Destiny's Forge p. 3] "200,000 years ago", "10,000 generations ago"

c. 150,000 BCE ?

Outsiders help lift the Puppeteers from their pre-technological society, sell the Puppeteers gravity planers, hyperdrive, and the Mover of Worlds.  In return Puppeteers agree to gather information for the Outsiders about other species ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 232, 241)] "Over one hundred thousand years past..." 

c. 38,000 BCE

"Zoo" world built and stocked, possibly by the Outsiders, with various sentient species, among which are Kzinti (including sentient females) and Neanderthals ["Cathouse" (MKW1)].

During the reign of Rrawlrit XI, the Kzinrett courtesan later nicknamed "Kit" by Locklear, is saved from execution by being abducted and placed in stasis on "Zoo" ["Cathouse" (MKW1 p. 224, 226)]. See Kzinti History (Conflicting Versions)

c. 33,000 BCE

In the Library on Pakhome, Phssthpok finds records of the lost expedition to the galactic arm, and decides to launch a rescue operation.  After mobilizing the childless protectors for the first time in 21,000 years, in what becomes known as the Librarians' War, Phssthpok leaves Pakhome in a ramship, headed for Earth [Protector, Destroyer of Worlds]. Date from Protector p. 189

32,800 BCE

First "emigration wave" leaves Pakhome. It consists of about 240 ramscoop ships [Protector p. 189-190, 162-163, Destroyer of Worlds]. Note: Destroyer of Worlds states that these are actually fleets of childless protectors from the Library.  

c. 32,500 BCE 

Second "emigration wave" leaves Pakhome.  It consists of about 150 ramscoop ships [Protetctor p. 189-190. 171-172]


Scouts leave Pakhome, in more advanced ships which will overtake the first and second waves [Protector p. 189-190]. Note: In Protector, Truesdale estimates that the scout ships left "at least five hundred years behind the rest" (p. 172), but it is unclear what he is basing this on. 

c. 32,300 BCE ? 

Thssthfok departs Pakhome for potential colony world of New Rilchuk [Destroyer of Worlds] See 32,100 BCE for date rationale.

c. 32,200 BCE ?

Thssthfok is surveying New Rilchuk, 100 light-years from Pakhome, when a neutrino wave alerts his team to a Core explosion [Destroyer of Worlds]. See 32,100 BCE for date rationale. Notes: (1) Given that the distance from the Core to Known Space is about 33,000 light-years (Ringworld p. 40), this explosion cannot be the same as the one observed by Beowulf Shaeffer, whose radiation will reach Known Space c. 23,000 CE ("At the Core", Crashlander p. 52; Ringworld p. 40). (2)  Destroyer of Worlds (p. 22) indicates that the explosion detected by Thssthfok's team, is spreading at 10% of light speed.  Given that the Core is thousands of light-years in diameter, this would result in the wave being spread out over tens of thousands of years, but light and other radiation from the beginning of the explosion would still arrive in Known Space about 30,000 years later.

c. 32,100 BCE ?

Thssthfok returns to Pakhome, then departs again, fleeing Core explosion with Comet Dweller/Rilchuk fleet [Destroyer of Worlds]. The Librarian's War is "a few hundred years before Thssthfok's time" (Destroyer of Worlds p. 114), and Thssthfok has only five generations of descendants when he arrives at New Rilchuk (Destroyer of Worlds p.19). Note: The Comet Dweller/Rilchuk fleet reaches Known Space about 500 years after Phssthpok. Therefore, assuming that Thssthfok departed for New Rilchuk after the last of the Librarian ships departed, the Comet Dweler/Rilchuk fleet must have made the trip to Known Space in less time than Phssthpok, whose average speed must have been 0.9994 C given the degree of time dilation he experienced (Protector p. 4).

c. 19,000 BCE

The proto-Ghoul later named Cronus by Louis Wu becomes a Protector, begins guiding the development of the  Ghoul species across the Ringworld [Ringworld Throne p. 267, 407].Cronus is "nearly 80,000 falans old" when he is killed by Bram and Anne. 

c. 14,000 BCE

The City Builder culture rises to prominence, ruling much of the Ringworld  [RRPG: Gamemaster Book p. 17]."17,000 years ago"

City Builders begin dismantling Ringworld attitude jets, for use as ramscoop starships, which travel as far as 1,000 light-years beyond Known Space. Importation of species to the Ringworld by City Builders [Ringworld Engineers, RRPG: Gamemaster Book p. 17-18].

c. 10,000 BCE

Beginning of the Galactic Core explosion observed by Beowulf Shaeffer in 2645 CE. Radiation from the Core explosion is expected to reach Known Space c. 23,000 CE ("At the Core", Crashlander p. 52; Ringworld p. 40), and in Ringworld  (p. 40) it is stated that the distance from the galactic center to Known Space is 33,000 light-years. Note: In "Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 78), Beowulf Shaeffer says that "the explosion must have begun on the back side of the Core from here, or it would have seemed to go much more slowly". However, in "Ghost" (Crashlander p. 54) , Shaeffer and Ander Smitarrasheed speculate that the explosion was triggered by the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. 

c. 7000 BCE

The galactic Core explosion, observed by Beowulf Shaeffer in 2645, ends by this date. In "At the Core" (Crashlander p. 50), Shaeffer states that the explosion ended "some 9,000 years ago" (c. 6355 BCE). However, in Ringworld (p. 39), Louis Wu states that the chain reaction must have ended 10,000 years ago (c. 7150 BCE).


Jotok recruit the Kzinti as mercenaries  See also Kzinti History: Conflicting Versions  


Kzinti overthrow the Jotok in the "Time of Glory", enslave the Jotok, and steal the gravity planer design ["Telepath's Dance" (MKW8 p. 39), "Fly-by-Night" (MKW9 p. 298)] "Note: The Soft Weapon" ("Neutron Star" p. 123) states that Kzinti "discovered" atomic power and the gravity polarizer .

c. 1000 BCE 

Kzinti interstellar empire begins expanding by this date. RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 48) states that Kzinti built an interstellar empire for "several thousand years", which would mean their empire was at at least 3,000 years old at its peak c. 2400 CERingworld (p. 19), dated 2850, says the Kzinti had been building their empire for "thousands" of years.

between c. 667 and c. 367 BCE?

Harloprillilar first leaves the Ringworld aboard the ramship Pioneer [Ringworld p. 284, 288].Prill claimed that Pioneer traveled 8 circuits of about 300 light-years, that the ship left on its last circuit before the Fall of the Cities (therefore no later than 1733), and that due to time dilation she aged only 24 years per circuit (therefore her speed averaged over 0.99 C).

79 CE

The Roman Ninth Legion is recruited by the Jotok to serve as mercenaries against the Kzinti, leading them away from Earth. Sometime during the next 2,200 years (although no more than 600 subjective years, due to relativistic time dilation) they settle on a planet that becomes the Kzinti colony world of Kzrral ['Aquila Advenio" (MKW12)]. total of 900 subjective years from 79 CE to c. 2554 (p. 75) minus at least 300 years on Kzrral (p. 129)

c. 1040 CE

The Vampires that Louis Wu later names Bram and Anne become Protectors, when they feed on the blood of a Protector servant of Cronus. Not long afterwards, Cronus takes control of the Repair Center [Ringworld Throne p. 264, 267].

c. 1200 

A Luna-sized meteor is on a collision course with the Ringworld. While entering the Repair Center, Cronus is ambushed and killed by Bram and Anne, Bram takes control of the Repair Center, but is unable to prevent the impact, which creates Fist-of-God mountain [Ringworld Throne p. 80, 402]

Anne leaves to fix the attitude jets, possibly seizing returning City Builder ships [Ringworld Throne p. 325, 330].

c. 1350

Kzinti occupy Warhead (later Canyon), due to its proximity to the unconquered Pierin worlds [Ringworld Engineers p. 6]. "A thousand years later, the expanding Kzinti empire met human space."

c. 1450

The second of only two successful assassinations of a Patriarch in Kzinti history (as of 2638 CE) occurs at this time. It is done with a thermonuclear warhead arriving at relativistic speed to overload the palace shielding ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p.333)] "about 1200 years ago"

c. 1500 

Anne's Tree-of Life garden fails.  She returns to the Repair Center and stays with Bram for a brief time, before leaving again for the rim wall, with a new supply [Ringworld Throne p. 332] "5,000 falans ago"

c. 1638 

Kzinti in floating habitats begin attempting to Kzinform Sarang, a planet at the far end of Kzinti space, whose atmosphere is a couple tons per square inch.  The project is still ongoing c. 2638 ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 329)]


By this time, Outsiders have sold Puppeteers the location of the Ringworld  [Ringworld Engineers p. 160]

Puppeteer probes seed superconductor-destroying plague on the Ringworld, Fall of the Cities [Ringworld Engineers p. 161]. "Eleven hundred and forty years ago, Earth time" . Date specified in Ringworld Throne (p. 3). 

Election victory by Conservatives halts Puppeteer involvement with Ringworld, beginning of 600-year era of Conservative rule  [Ringworld Engineers p. 161] 

between 1733 and c. 2033 ?

Harloprilliar returns to the Ringworld aboard the ramship Pioneer, at the end of her eighth and final trip [Ringworld p.284, 288]. Prill claimed that Pioneer's circuit was about 300 light-years, that the ship left for the last time before the Fall of the Cities (therefore no later than 1733), and that due to time dilation she aged only 24 years per circuit (therefore her speed averaged over 0.99 C). See "between c. 667 and c. 367 BCE ?

Harloprillilar and fellow Pioneer crew members are evicted from their ship and sent back through the rim wall by Anne ? [Ringworld Throne p.330] Speculation by Louis Wu

Harloprillilar begins walking from the rim to the ruins of her home city.[Ringworld p. 296]

c. 1825 ? 

The Brotherhood/Order/Hidden Temple, an ancient secret society, sabotages Babbage's attempts to invent computers ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 138)]

c. 1845 ?

The Brotherhood/Order/Hidden Temple creates Marxism, which has promise as a potential world empire. Marx is "one of the Temple's shining lights, in his time" ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 138)]


In India, Cpt. Henry Vaughn of the 4th Lancers kills "The Vaughn Tiger-Man" ["The Colonel's Tiger" (MKW7)].


Lucas Garner is born. In the first part of Protector (p. 43), dated 2125, Garner is stated to be approaching his 185th birthday, indicating he was born in 1940. However, later in Protector (p. 91) it is specified that he was born in 1939., which is supported by the Timeline for Known Space (Tales of Known Space) and by the information in "Intent to Deceive" that he is 174 in 2113. 


Pierin home system is conquered, when the Kzinti trace backward the course of a scientific vessel.  At this time, the Pierin have six interstellar colonies [RRPG: Ringworld Companion p. 19, RRPG: Explorer Book p. 49-50].


First manned landing on the moon. Later, the landing site becomes a museum [Reality, The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 212)]

Interplanetary ion drive is developed by this date ["Wait it Out" (Three Books of Known Space p. 21)] Ion motor had been in use for "decades" in 1989


The existence of the gas giant Persephone (Sol IX or X) is deduced by its influence on the orbits of comets [Protector p. 135-136].


Ronald Reagan is President of the USA. [Reality, "Choosing Names" (MKW8 p. 15)] Telepath perceives an image of Reagan as a "warrior".  Possibly this indicates a retcon of East Germany and the USSR's survival (See 1990 and 1991).


Persephone is first sighted by Earth astronomers [Protector p. 135-136].

c. 1985 ?

Eric, a cyborg spacecraft, and his friend "Howie", visit Mercury ['The Coldest Place"]  This may have been retconned out of existence. "The Coldest Place", which describes a mission to the dark side of Mercury, was written before it was discovered that Mercury has no dark side.  And in Niven's story "Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 30) Mercury has a day and night cycle, therefore no dark side . 

NASA sends Eric and Howie on mission to Venus ["Becalmed in Hell"]. 

Mariner XX flyby of Pluto [Protector p. 10].


Publication of the novel Footfall  by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle [Reality, "String" (MKW12 p. 194)]. Bassed on information that sometime before the first space habitats, a club called the Gasperik Society is founded, whose stated intention is to be prepared for an alien invasion, and whose members are required to own an elephant gun.  


World-wide statutes restricting the wholesale slaughter of cetaceans are enacted [RRPG: Creatures Book p. 3]. 

1987 or 1988

UN launches the first manned expedition to Pluto ["Wait it Out" (Three Books of Known Space p. 21)].Trip takes 1.5 years


The first cold fusion system is built, using palladium and platinum ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 10-11)] Since "Madness" was published in 1990, Niven was probably referencing the 1989 experiments by Pons and Fleischmann, whose alleged results could not be duplicated in reality.  


First manned mission arrives at Pluto, after an 18 month trip using an ion jet drive. Upon landing, the ship becomes stuck in the ice.  When a crew member takes off his helmet and freezes, in hopes that he can be revived after rescue arrives, his brain becomes a superconductor, and he remains conscious.  In this frozen state, he observes a primitive Helium-3 lifeform ['Wait It Out"]. "in 1979, 10 years ago" (Three Books of Known Space p. 21)

It becomes legal to freeze people who are not yet legally dead ['The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 72)]

c. 1990

It becomes possible to store any organ for any reasonable period of time. Transplants become routine, assisted by the laser scalpel ["The Jigsaw Man" (Three Books of Known Space p. 69)].

The "Project Gulliver" automated Mars Rovers land on Mars [RRPG: Ringworld Companion p. 19]. 


Sperm whales become extinct on Earth [RRPG: Ringworld Companion p. 20] Note: It is stated in Ringworld (p. 342) that both blue whales and sperm whales are extinct.


East and West Germany continue to exist past this date?  In World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 84), it is mentioned that East Germany and West Berlin still exist in 2106.  However, the RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 27) implies that in 1995 the city is no longer divided (see 1995) 


The USSR continues to exist past this date? Presumably the lunar city of Marxgrad, mentioned in The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 256), was established by the USSR. "The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 183), set shortly before the first Man-Kzin war, mentions that the USSR still exists as a UN "substate". In stories published by Niven since 1991, it is unclear if the USSR's post-1991 survival has been retconned away. "The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 345), published in 1995, mentions an "Outer Soviet" on the moon. In "Ghost" (Crashlander p. 209), published in 1994 and set in 2655, Ander Smitterasheed says "Remember the old USSR?", indicating it no longer exists by that time. 

Leviticus Hale is frozen for incurable paranoia, becoming the first person frozen for a non-terminal disorder ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 72)].

1993 or 2043

First laws passed to use capital punishment to supply organ banks. In 1993, Vermont passed the first of the organ bank laws. Now a condemned man could know that his death would save lives" ("The Jigsaw Man", Three Books of Known Pace p. 69). " And in 2043, "Arkansas, which had never rescinded the death penalty, made the organ banks the official state method of execution" The idea had spread like wildfire..."  (A Gift From Earth, Three Books of Known Space p. 428).


At World Conventions of 1995, representatives begin to hammer out drafts of new articles, incorporating the best elements of the Atlantic Charter, the existing UN charter, the EuroCom economic pacts, and the socialist states' long-range economic plans [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 27].  Notes: (1) Game doesn't specify that the UN world government actually became a reality in 1995 (see c. 2050). (2) Game states that a new UN headquarters complex is built in Berlin, "a city once symbolic of a world implacably divided" . However, World of Ptavvs says that Berlin is still divided in 2106, and Ringworld (p. 11) mentions that the UN Building is in New York. Ringworld Engineers (p. 19) states that that Harloprillilar had gone with Louis into the "UN offices in Berlin". 


First manned expedition to Mars.  The crew discover Martian wells and the mummified remains of a Martian ["Eye of an Octopus"]. Date is from RRPG:Explorer Book p. 27.  In "At the Bottom of a Hole"  it is stated that the first Mars expedition occurred "in the 1990s" (Three Books of Known Space p. 241)

c. 1997 

At this time, NASA's space shuttle is launching for $3,000 a pound, a price at which nothing will fly without government subsidy [Reality, "The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 317-318)] "130 years ago" in 2127.  This appears inconsistent with the information in "Wait it Our" that NERVA rockets were used for "takeoff from Earth" on the 1989 Pluto mission

2000-2025 ? 

First hydrogen fusion plants built, using deuterium extracted from seawater. "ARM" states that fusion power plants and seawater distilleries arrived before ARM began monitoring technology (Flatlander p. 126) . RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 28) describes the advent of clean, cheap fusion power as the "technological savior of early 21st century civilization". 


Boeing Corporation launches radioactive waste into Del Rey Crater, on the Moon ["The Woman in Del Rey Crater" (Flatlander p. 328)].

c. 2006 or c. 2026

Human habitation of the moon begins.The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 217) indicates c. 2006 ("People have been living on the moon for 120 years or so"},  but "The Woman in Del Rey Crater" (Flatlander p. 341) indicates c. 2026 (Valerie Rhine is found wearing an old NASA suit that "was customized from from one of the suits that came up with the first moon colony... It's ninety to a hundred years old"). 

c. 2006 

Settlement of the Belt begins [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 130)]. "a century ago" in 2106 

c. 2006?

Magnetic monopoles are discovered in the Belt [Protector p. 5] "The first permanent settlements had been blooming among the biggest Belt asteroids"

between 2010 and 2019 

Mostel and Granovich discover anti-rejection serums [A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 428)].


First orbital passenger vessel is launched [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 161)].Garner is 72 at the time 


Cetacean Rights Act bans all whaling and grants the legal protections of full human equivalence to sentient cetaceans. Dolphins enter the UN, interspecies treaties are negotiated, and coastal embassies established.  Dolphins initiate lawsuits seeking damages for past depredations by mankind, but no settlement is reached for at least the next 800 years, mostly due to the entertainment value the litigation provides to dolphin jurists [RRPG: Creatures Book p. 3]. 

c. 2020? 

Jupiter Probe. "Hard and Soft Plith" created/discovered ["Intent to Deceive" (Three Books of Known Space p. 257)].


Lucas Garner becomes Superintendent of Police of Greater Los Angeles  ["Intent to Deceive" (Three Books of Known Space p. 257)]. "a couple of years" before first automated restaurant 

c. 2025 

Beginning of 350-year era in which humanity is at peace ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 14, 15)]

First automated restaurant opens, in New York ["Intent to Deceive" (Three Books of Known Space p. 256, 257)].

Some sort of major disaster in Australia.  The Vaughn family survives, and even emerges with some of their land intact and productive ["The Colonel's Tiger" (MKW7 p. 34)]


Valerie Van Scopp Rhine is born in Winnetka, North America ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 344)]


At this time, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of "Decency Leagues" in the United States, preventing the government from sending mixed-gender crews into space  ["How the Heroes Die" (Three Books of Known Space p. 45)]. 

The ill-fated Third Mars Expedition lands at Lacis Solis. One of the 15 crew members, John Carter, murders another for making a homosexual advance. Carter is then pursued to his death by the murdered man's brother, who himself dies in the process ["How the Heroes Die"]. Date of 2040 is given in the "Timeline for Known Space" (Three Books of Known Space), but that may be an approximation 

The remaining 12 crew are all killed when their  "Bubbletown" dome is destroyed by spear-wielding Martians [At the Bottom of a Hole"]. Date based on statement in "At the Bottom of a Hole", dated 2112, that the Lacis Solis base had been deserted "seventy years ago" (Three Books of Known Space p. 239). Note: Truesdale, the narrator of Protector, states that Martians killed the Third Mars Expedition "over a century" before 2125 (Protector p. 76), but this must be disregarded. 


Maxim Yeltzin Shreve is born Outer Soviet, Moon ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 345)].

c. 2046

Construction of Confinement Asteroid begins [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 130)].60 years before 2106

Raymond Sinclair, inventor of Sinclair molecule chain, is born ["ARM" (Flatlander p. 154)]  he is "about 80" in 2126 

There are still only a few hundred humans living on the moon at this time [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 217)]

c. 2050?  

The UN becomes a world government. The UN Fertility Board establishes the Fertility Laws. Ringworld (p. 27) says that Earth's population was stabilized in the mid-21st century. The fact that the USA still has its own space program in 2042 ( "How the Heroes Die" ) suggests that it is still a sovereign power at that time. However, the semi-canonical RRPG states that the World Convention which produced the UN government took place in 1995, and mentions a Cetacean Act of 2017, which apparently had worldwide legal force, indicating the existence of a world government by that date (see 1995, 2017). 

An international federation of civil defense bodies, the ARM (Amalgamated Regional Militia), becomes the UN police force ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 83)].

Initially, the ARM is charged with enforcing the Fertility Laws, suppressing dangerous technology, and apprehending organleggers 

The Brotherhood/Order/Hidden Temple, an ancient secret society which apparently includes the Knights Templar and Illuminati, is behind the founding of the UN government and ARM ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2), "The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3)]  

c. 2050 

Due to the Fertlilty Laws, Earth's population is stabilized at 18 billion [Ringworld p. 27].   

Small family of planets orbiting Down's sun ( L5 1668) is first detected by Belt telescopes, in mid-21st century [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 36] Science Note: Star L5 1668 does not exist in reality

By this time, through the psychological science of rehabilitation, nearly two thirds of all criminals can eventually be released as cured.  The organ banks do not yet exist [A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 474)] 

c. 2060   

First experimental freezer vault revivals, beginning of "Freezeout Kid" phenomenon ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 73)] A generation before Gil Hamilton is born (see 2086). 


First colony slowboat leaves for Wunderland (Alpha Centauri A) [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 44] Note: This is not necessarily inconsistent with the information in "The Woman in Del Rey Crater" that the first "tremendous" slowboat left for Centauri in the 2090s (see 2098?). Science Note: Although the size of this colony slowboat is not specified, its speed must have averaged 0.15 C, as the RRPG states that it arrived in 2091, and Alpha Centauri is 4.4 light-years from Earth. The energy required to accelerate a 500-ton ship to 0.15 C, is about 5 X 10^20 joules, or about 100 times the total amount of energy consumed by humans worldwide in 2008 (5 X 10^18 joules). See also Science Note for 2082? 

Ramscoop Robot # 4 discovers the future colony world of Plateau in the Tau Ceti system, and finds a habitable region half the size of California, located 40 miles above the surface, atop what will later be known as Mt. Lookitthat. Due to a programming flaw, the probe sends back a "suitable for colonization" message based on having found a habitable point, rather than a habitable world ["The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star), A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 328)]. Date from RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 41). Science Note: On a world with a surface gravity of 0.81 gee, it is impossible for any natural rock formation to be 40 miles high. For example, on Mars, which has a surface gravity of 0.37 gee, the tallest mountain (Olympus Mons) is about 17 miles high. Plateau, with higher gravity, would have an even lower height limit. 


By this date, a ramscoop robot arrives at Sirius A and discovers the future colony world of Jinx, an egg-shaped moon orbiting the gas giant Binary.  The probe finds two habitable zones between the moon's equator, where the atmospheric pressure is too great, and its ends, which project 600 miles out of the atmosphere into space. Due to a programming flaw, the probe sends back a "suitable for colonization" message based on having found a habitable point, rather than a habitable world ["The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star). Date based on 9-year travel time for ramrobot message to reach Earth from Sirius, and departure of Lazy Eight I no later than 2074. Science Note: Although a prolate spheroid might be a reasonable shape for a planetary mass object in a strong gravitational gradiant, the atmosphere would be in the same state of hydrostatic equilibrium as the solid object, and hence evenly stretched out across the surface.  And if, due to Jinx gradually moving away from Binary, the tidal fotces were lessened enough for the atmosphere to gather at the equator, then Jinx's surface gravity of 1.78 gee would make it impossible for its end points to maintain their 600-mile elevation.

c. 2071

Confinement Asteroid is completed, enabling Belter women to give birth without returning to Earth [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 131)]. 35 years before 2106


First colonists depart for We Made it (Procyon) by this date [Inter-story notes (Three Books of Known Space p. 236)]  We Made it is listed as one of five interstellar colonies founded by 2100, and assuming the first colony ship traveled there no faster than 0.4 C, the speed at which the Planck traveled to to Tau Ceti, the trip would have taken 27 years. Note: According to RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 43), the first colony ship to We Made It, the Ion Maiden, was launched after "hints of actual conditions on other worlds, and news of the first chilling colony ship failures reached Earth".  However, this must be disregarded, as it cannot be reconciled with an arrival before 2100.  


Lucas Garner resigns as Superintendent of Police of Greater Los Angeles, and joins the ARM ["Intent to Deceive" (Three Books of Known Space p. 256, 257)]."40 years back" when Garner is 174


Slowboat Lazy Eight I is launched to Jinx (Sirius) by this date [World of Ptavvs p. 115] Lazy Eight I is already present at Jinx when Lazy Eight II arrives in 2097. Date assumes the ship travels at 0.4 C, the same speed as the Planck travels to Tau Ceti (see 2082?)

c. 2075

ARM begins training "schitzies" as agents ["Madness has its Place" (MKW3 p. 18)]. "300 years or so" before 2375


Slowboat Lazy Eight II is launched to Jinx (Sirius) [World of Ptavvs]. Date assumes the ship travels at 0.4 C, the same speed as the Planck travels to Tau Ceti (see 2082?), and reaches Jinx by 2097. 

c. 2080 ?

Buford Early is born by this time ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 16, 20)] It is stated in this story that Early is "older than the Long Peace", and that the "Long Peace" lasted 300 years. In "The Asteroid Queen"" (MKW3 p. 81) Early is said to be at least "two centuries old"


Jack Brennan is born [Protector p. 16] He is 45 in 2125  


The slowboat Planck is launched towards Plateau (Tau Ceti) [A Gift From Earth] Story states that the trip took 30 years (Three Books of Known Space p. 350), and RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 41) specifies it took 29 years. See 2111? for arrival date rationale.  Note: Although a 30-year trip time would mean an average speed of 0.4 C, "The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 179) indicates that most slowboats traveled at 0.25 C ("for centuries men had followed the ramrobots at a quarter of the speed of light, carrying their own fuel").  Science Note: The stories do not specify the mass of the Planck, or any other slowboat. However, the energy required to accelerate a 500-ton ship to 0.4 C is about 4 X 10^22 joules. In comparison, the total amount of energy consumed by humans worldwide in 2008  was 5 X 10^18 joules.

By this time, devices exist for amplifying psi powers. Telepathy has become "almost dependable", telepaths are called as expert witnesses in murder trials. A Gift from Earth says these developments had occurred "by the time the Planck left Earth" (Three Books of Known Space p. 350). Note: In "The Warriors"  (MKW1 p. 20). set in 2360, a crew member of the Angel's Pencil says he doesn't believe in telepathy. 


Valerie Rhine becomes a full partner with Maxim Shreve in Gabriel's Shield ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 344)].


Gil Hamilton is born. "The Woman in Del Ray Crater", dated 2127, states that he is 41 (Flatlander p. 347). However, "Death by Ecstasy" (Flatlander p. 13) states that he was born in 2093, and other information in "Crater" indicates he was born no earlier than 2090 (see 2098).


Wunderland is colonized by the Nineteen Families [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 44].


Valerie Rhine disappears, after apparently embezzling funds from Gabriel's Shield. Maxim Shreve and five others register as Shreve Development ["The Woman in Del Rey Crater" (Flatlander p. 344-345, 346)].


Ramscoop robot discovers Home in Epsilon Indi system [Protector p. 183]. 

Alan Mion claims to be the first person to visit Persephone, and reports finding a large moon [Protector p. 135-136].


The world later called Nature Preserve-5 (NP5) begins its interstellar journey [Fleet of Worlds p. 7].


Jinx is colonized by this date [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 115)] See 2074


The Second Jinx Expedition, aboard the Lazy Eight II, discovers Bandersnatchi (Frumious bandersnatch), and sends a report to Earth [World of Ptavvs]. Date based on the report reaching Earth in 2106. Note: RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 39) states that three ships in the Lazy Eight series disappeared en route to Jinx, earning the planet its name. However, this must be disregarded, since in World of Ptavvs, the planet is already called Jinx, after the first two ships in the series have arrived.  Science Note: Sirius A is a spectral type A star, which did not exist 1.5 billion years ago. Therefore, the implication that Bandersnatchi have been present on Jinx since the since the end of the Slaver Empire, cannot be true.  

Maxim Shreve and his partners patent an active radiation shield ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 346)]

2098 ? 

First "tremendous" slowboat launched to Alpha Centauri, carrying a large Shreveshield ["The Woman in Del Rey Crater" (Flatlander p. 316)]. Gil Hamilton states this occurred when he was "about eight years old" . But the same story indicates his birthdate was 2086, and states that Shreve did not patent an active shield until 2097. See also 2061.

The Shreveshield is used to make a documentary in South Central Los Angeles ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 316)]


Warren Knowles is tried for repeated speeding, a crime which carries the death penalty ["The Jigsaw Man"].Date stated in Timeline for Known Space (Three Books of Known Space)

c. 2100

Dolphins find the "Sea Statue" and sell it to the UN [World of Ptavvs].

Sanction of the Belt over use of the Jovian moons. Economic war between the Belt and Earth [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 99)].

By this time, three species of cetacean have been admitted to the UN [Inter-story notes (Three Books of Known Space p. 236)] 

Belt population is less than 1 million [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 33]

Grey Lensman is a "holo wall" show, based on E.E. "Doc" Smith's classic space opera stories ["ARM" (Flatlander p. 162)]


First Conference to Review Lunar Law [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 21)]


Time retarder field, with approximately 21,600/1 ratio, is developed on Earth by Dr. Dorcas Jansky and colleagues [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 85)].   

The report of the Second Jinx Expedition's discovery of Bandersnatchi reaches Earth [World of Ptavvs].

Dr. Jansky correctly suspects that the :"Sea Statue", actually the Thrint Kzanol, is an alien in a stasis field, and convinces the UN Comparative Culture Exhibit to loan it to his team at UCLA.  Larry Greenberg, a telepath specializing in communication with dolphins, agrees to participate in an experiment, in which a time retarder field is used to free Kzanol from stasis, while a telepathy helmet superimposes Kzanol's memories onto Greenberg's brain. Greenberg is confused by having two sets of memories, and assumes he is Kzanol trapped in a human body. Kzanol and Kanol/Greenberg both steal ships and race to find Kzanol's ship on Pluto, which contains Kzanol's telepathic amplifier. Greenberg's original personality reasserts itself.  After Kzanol ignites the entire surface of Pluto, Greenberg seals him in stasis again, and the amplifier is dropped into the atmosphere of Jupiter [World of Ptavvs].    .

By this time, there are no longer laws against pickpocketing on Earth [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 148); "Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 62)]. Science Note: In the stories, this is attributed to such laws being unenforceable due to overcrowding.  However, at 18 billion, the population density of the Earth's land surface, minus Antarctica, would only be about 100 persons per square km, or less than one fourth the current population density of New Jersey, which has not decriminalized pickpocketing.  .  

At least 11 Communist nations exist at this time? [World of Ptavvs (Three Books of Known Space p. 84)]. "They spent useless time deciding which of the eleven forms of Communism most closely resembled Marxism, and finally decided to wait and see which government withered away the fastest.


The Lazy Eight III departs for Jinx, presumably with the Greenbergs aboard [World of Ptavvs].


First "tremendous" slowboat reaches Wunderland ["The Woman in Del Rey Crater" (Flatlander p. 316)]. Assumes a launch date of 2098, and that the ship travels at 0.4 C, the same speed as the Planck travels to Tau Ceti (see 2082?)   

c. 2109

Serpent Stream/Swarm in the Alpha Centauri system is colonized by Belters [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 45] Date from "The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 271)


Free Belt Charter is signed. The UN keeps the moon, Titan, Saturn's rings, Mercury, Mars and its moons [Protector p. 46]. Date is from RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 34).


The Planck reaches Plateau in the Tau Ceti system. The six members of the Crew force the 50 Colonists to accept the Covenant of Planetfall [A Gift from Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 351)]. The Planck arrived 40 years before the Clarke (see 2122 and 2151 for Clarke arrival date rationale). Note: This arrival date for the Planck is inconsistent with inter-story notes in Three Books of Known Space (p. 236), which list Plateau as one of five interstellar colonies founded by 2100.  . 


Silvereyes (Beta Hydri) discovered by ramrobot [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 42].  


A Belter crashes at Lacis Solis on Mars, while smuggling monopoles, and discovers discovers that the Third Martian Expedition was wipd out by Martians. The Martians kill him as well, but his log survives and is discovered by UN authorities when they land shortly thereafter ["At the Bottom of a Hole"]. Date stated in log entries.  Note: Truesdale, the narrator of Protector, states that this this occurred "eleven years" before the portion of Protector dated 2125 (Protector p. 58), but this must be disregarded 


Gil Hamilton sees Naomi Horne for the last time, before meeting her again on the Moon [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 201)] 

Gil Hamilton emigrates to the Belt  "Death By Ecstasy" (Flatlander p. 14) says this happened when he was 20 years old, but there is conflicting information regarding his date of birth.   

Lucas Garner tells a story to his partner about a malfunctioning automated restaurant ["Intent to Deceive"] Story says Garner is 174 at this time (Three Books of Known Space p. 257)

c. 2115?

The colony ramship Lazy Eight III, carrying the Greenbergs and others to Jinx, has an accident while preparing for turnover and becomes a runaway slowboat, possibly due to sabotage by Puppeteers  ["Teacher's Pet" "(MKW11 p. 313) "Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 203)]. About eight and half centuries ago" in 2965See c. 2145?


Gil Hamilton begins mining asteroids with Owen Jennison ["Death by Ecstasy" (Flatlander p. 3)].

Naomi Horne, now married to Itch Mitchison, gives birth to her daughter Miranda [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 245)].


An accident occurs when Cubes Forsythe, Owen Jennison, and Gil Hamilton are attempting to move an asteroid. Cubes is killed, and Gil loses an arm ["Death by Ecstasy" (Flatlander p. 15)]. Note: Gil specifies that this accident happened in 2117 (Flatlander p. 51).  However, this must be disregarded, as in the same story Gil says that he was born in 2093, and 26 at the time of the accident (Flatlander p.13, 15), and that he was "just out of the hospital" at Cubes' ceremonial drunk, which took place four years before 2123 (Flatlander p.1, 13).  .

Gil Hamilton discovers his "imaginary arm" psi power. Gil and Owen Jennison form a new three-man crew with Homer Chadrasekhar.  6 months later, Gil returns to Earth, receives an arm transplant ["Death by Ecstasy" (Flatlander p. 17-19, 34)]."Ecstasy" says Gil was a Belter for 6 years (Flatlander p. 20), The Patchwork Girl says 7 years (Flatlander p. 242)


Gil Hamilton joins the ARM [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 190)] He had been an ARM for 5 years in 2126 

Belt politican Chris Penzler makes an unsuccessful pass at Naomi Mitchison while visiting Earth [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 240, 245)]


First Freezer Law passed by General Assembly and world vote, making it legal for the frozen dead to be broken up for the organ banks, if they would be unable to support themselves when revived. 1.2 million of the world's frozen dead go to the organ banks, a third of the world's total. Most of these are the "Freezeout Kids" ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 73-74)].

Colony slowboat launched to Tau Ceti, bearing the larger model Shreveshield ["The Woman in Del Rey Crater" (Flatlander p. 346)]. Note:Gil Hamilton describes this as the "fourth" slowboat, but he apparently miscounted (see 2061, 2072, 2074, 2075, 2082?, 2098?, 2107?). Presumably this slowboat was the Arthur C. Clarke, mentioned in A Gift From Earth. .  

Gil Hamilton kills his first man, an organlegger {"Death by Ecstasy" (Flatlander p. 11)].  

Ich Mitchison kills his daughter Miranda and himself. Naomi Mitchison attempts to emigrate to the Belt, her application is blocked by Chris Penzler [The Patchwork Girl (Flatlander p. 244)]

Naomi Mitchison secretly has herself cloned during a visit to the moon [The Patchwork Girl].


Holden Chambers and his sister Charlotte are kidnapped by the Anubis organlegging gang. Anubis translants his brain into Holden Chambers' body, and drives Charlotte Chambers into a catatonic state by pleasure center stimulation ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 23)].

Owen Jennison is found dead in Los Angeles, of an apparent suicide by pleasure center stimulation. Gil Hamilton investigates an organlegging connection to Owen's death, and meets Taffy Grimes ["Death by Ecstasy"].Date stated in story (Flatlander p. 1)

Lucas Garner retires?  In Protector (p. 44), dated 2125, Garner says that ARM had retired him two years earlier, but according to Gil Hamilton he is still working for Garner in The Patchwork Girl, dated 2126 (Flatlander p. 192).


By this date, two out of three people in the freezer vaults can be successfully revived ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 72)].

Second Freezer Bill proposed, which would which would send about 300,000 frozen dead to the organ banks, who had been insane when they died ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 75, 77)]  

c. 2125 ?

Black Power solar-electric paint is developed. It's so cheap that is no longer feasible for the moon to build new He2 fusion plants ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater" (Flatlander p. 328)].  


Puppeteers allow Phssthpok to reach Earth, to stimulate Earth's technology to catch up with Kzin's ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 295)].

Phssthpok arrives in Sol system, captures a Belter named Jack Brennan, and feeds him Tree-of-Life, turning him into a Protector.  They land on Mars, where Brennan kills Phssthpok. Brennan is rescued by Lucas Garner and Nick Sohl, who had set out to meet Phssthpok. Brennan tells Garner and Sohl his story, then departs for the outer solar system. [Protector]. Date stated in story (p. 190) 

The public is told that Belter and UN authorities found Phssthpok dead aboard his ship, and destroyed the body because it carried a pathogen [Destroyer of Worlds p. 149

Gil Hamilton captures Anubis. Failure of Second Freezer Bill. ["The Defenseless Dead"].

By this time, no one officially makes guns to kill people, under the Conventions not even armies use them ["The Defenseless Dead" (Flatlander p. 81)] 

Taffy Grimes has the opportunity to practice medicine on the Moon. She and Gil Hamilton separate [The Patchwork Girl].


Gil Hamilton investigates the murder of Raymond Sinclair, inventor of the Sinclair molocule chain, whose body is found with his prototype inertial reduction field generator ["ARM"]. The story is dated June 2124, but Hamilton states that the Anubis case was "early last year" (Flatlander p. 136), and Tafffy Grimes is not mentioned in the story, suggesting it takes place after she and Hamilton separated. 

ARM suppresses Sinclair's inertial reduction technology ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 8, 17)] 

Gil Hamilton travels to Hovestraydt City on the moon, as a delegate to the[Conference to Review Lunar Law. Chris Penzler, a delegate from the Belt, is attacked with a laser, and Naomi Mitchison is the prime suspect.  Gil works with the "lunie" police to solve the crime, while reuniting with Taffy, and beginning a relationship with lunie policewoman Laura Drury. Noami is found guilty of attempted murder. While Naomi is in a holding tank awaiting execution, Gil discovers she has an alibi, and Penzler is murdered [The Patchwork Girl].Date based on statement in the story that it has been 157 years since the first landing on Earth's moon (Flatlander p. 194)

Orbital laser weapons exist at this time ["ARM" (Flatlander p. 125)] "they make lasers in that size, but as war weapons, used from orbit"

Anubis victim Charlotte Chambers gives birth to her own clone on Luna ["War and Peace" (MKW12 p. 340)].


Gil Hamilton investigates the discovery of Valerie Rhine's body in Del Ray Crater on the Moon ["The Woman in Del Ray Crater"] Date based on statement in story that 2125 was "two years ago" (Flatlander p. 346)  


Lucas Garner is dead by this date [Protector p. 100, 103]. Garner was dead by the time Brennan's ship had reached the halfway point to Alpha Centauri, two years ahead of the projected time of ten years.  

Olympus Base is rebuilt to study the gravity polarizer in Phssthpok's cargo pod on site [Protector p. 103] 

c. 2135

Free Parks are common ["Cloak of Anarchy"]. Date from Timeline of Known Space (Three Books of Known Space).

c. 2136

Ramrobot reports the discovery of a habitable world orbiting 70 Ophiuchi A, which becomes the colony of Pleasance. Its existence is concealed, and colonization limited to families of UN officials, until the corruption trials of 2342-2355 ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 271)].

2143 ? 

Charlotte Chambers secretly transplants her brain into the body of her clone daughter, and arranges for her original body to apparently die in an accident, then moves to the Belt to raise a new clone. This is the first of 12-20 times that Chambers bears and murders a clone daughter, over a 450-year period ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 340)] Chambers' daughter is just short of voting age at this time 

c. 2145?

A ship in the Lazy Eight series is en route to Jinx, when something goes wrong before turnover, and the ship continues on, carrying 4 crew and 50 passengers in suspended animation ["Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 73)] In 2645, Beowulf Shaeffer calls this ship the "Lazy Eight II" , and describes it as a slowboat with a ramscoop drive, which left "500 years" earlier and is currently "more than 500" light-years away. However, World of Ptavvs establishes that the Lazy Eight II arrived at Jinx (see 2097). 


No later than this date, the experimental colony ramship Long Pass is launched, towards a world the crew intend to call "New Terra". The AI-equipped ship carries a crew of four, 43 passengers in hibernation, and 10,000 frozen embryos [Fleet of Worlds p. 12, 264]. Date assumes Long Pass has not yet begun decelerating in 2197, when the ship is 15 light-years from Earth, and traveling at  0.3 C (see 2197). In Juggler of Worlds (p. 276), Sigmund Ausfaller states that Long Pass must have left Earth in the "late 22nd century".  Note: According to A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 332), manned ramscoops had not yet been built by the launch of Ramscoop Robot #143 (see 2330), but this must be disregarded.  See 2215.

Gravity drag technology (converts momentum into heat) exists by the time Long Pass is launched [Destroyer of Worlds p. 76]. 


First recorded instance of abduction by the "Snatcher" [Protector p. 126].


The Arthur C. Clarke arrives at Plateau. Its crew and passengers are forced to accept the old Covenant of Planetfall [A Gift From Earth]. Date assumes the Clarke was the slowboat that left for Tau Ceti in 2122, and that it traveled at 0.4 C, the same speed as the Planck (see 2082?).


Earth has to "restart" the Gulf Stream to combat an Ice Age ["Ghost" (Crashlander p. 103)] "500 years ago" .  Note: Apparently the Earth is still in need of additional warming in 2375 ("Madness Has Its Place", MKW3 p.11). See also 2655.  


Slowboats launched towards Epsilon Indi. Date assumes the ship travels at 0.4 C, the same speed as the Planck traveled to Tau Ceti, and reaches Home by 2189, as stated in Protector. 


Second expedition to Persephone finds no moon.[Protector p. 135-136].


An ice asteroid crashes into Mars, increasing the water vapor content fo the atmosphere, and apparently exterminating the Martians [Protector p. 130]. 


Home, in the Epsilon Indi system, is colonized by a combination of slowboats and ramrobot supply ships. Population growth is initially augmented by bottle-grown babies [Protector p. 189].  

c. 2195 

The ARM probably begins censoring all reports of murder at about this time. In "The Warriors" (MKW1 p. 15), Sue Bhang says "the last murder occurred in twenty-one something, just a hundred and sixty years ago".  However, that would be inconsistent with an ARM agent suspecting Truesdale of murder in 2341 (Protector p. 115-116), as well as retired ARM agent Jack Strather's statement in 2375 that "It hasn't been that long since a guy... tried to kill his business partner by bombing his house, and got some family members instead" ("Madness Has Its Place" MKW3 p. 24). 

ARM begins censoring military history ["Telepath's Dance" (MKW8)] Date assumes this occurs at about the same time reports of contemporary murders begin to be censored


Ice World (NP5) is 5 light-years from its original location, traveling at 0.1 C. Long Pass is 15 light years from Earth and traveling at .3 C. Long Pass spots the Ice World 1 light year away, and signals to it [Fleet of Worlds p. 15-17]. 


Long Pass is boarded by Puppeteer robots, and taken to the Fleet of Worlds. The crew are imprisoned on the ship, while passengers awakened from hibernation on NP3 are told they were rescued from a derelict found adrift. The Colonists are established on NP3 and NP4 as a servant population. Puppeteers mind-wipe female Colonists who refuse to be impregnated with embryos from Long Pass, apparently along with the two female members of the Long Pass crew [Fleet of Worlds p. 266-267].


Jinx declares independence [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 39].


Earth loses contact with Long Pass. It is assumed the ship somehow failed in flight, and ramscoops are not crew-rated again until shortly before 2341 [Destroyer of Worlds p. 285]. See also 2314. Date based on Long Pass being slightly more than 15 light-years from Earth in 2199 (see 2197).


First colony slowboats arrive at Silvereyes (Beta Hydri) [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 42] Note: In Ringworld (p. 218), Speaker-to-Animals states that Silvereyes is the human world farthest from Earth, at 60 days away by hyperdrive. However, according to the RRPG the farthest human world is Margrave, nearly 35 light years from Earth (Explorer Book p. 30).  Also, although in reality the distance from Earth to Beta Hydri is 24 light years, the RRPG states that the distance to Silvereyes is 21 light years, and consequently it also places Canyon and Gummidgy slightly farther away than Silvereyes (Explorer Book p. 30).  .  

c. 2275

ARM suppresses a field to catalyze combustion, which is first used for murder ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 8)] "late twenty-third" century"

2286 ?

Douglas Hooker is born [The Ethics of Madness"]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.  .


Great Plague on Plateau [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 42]


Jack Strather is born ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 7, 9)] He is four years older than Phoebe Garrison, who is 80 in 2375


ARM suppresses the Henry program, an embezzling system good enough to ruin the economy.  The inventor is sent to the organ banks  ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 10)] Twenty years before Jack Strather joins the ARM.   


Elroy Truesdale is born [Protector p. 112]  Estelle Randall is 210 in 2340, and Truesdale was born when she was 173.


Douglas Hooker is diagnosed as a potential paranoid at age 18 [The Ethics of Madness"]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.

The last of the slowboats to reach Wunderland arrives about this time ["Trojan Cat" (MKW6)].


Moscow Motors builds what is believed to be the first "safe" ramscoop field generator, Skyhook Enterprises buys the contract to build the ship [The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 179)]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.  Note: According to Fleet of Worlds, the manned ramscoop Long Pass was launched more than 150 years earlier, although it was believed to have failed in flight (see 2215). 


Douglas Hooker takes over the presidency of Skyhook Enterprises from his father, and gives Greg Loeffler free reign to design the safe ramship [The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 179)] See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.


Skyhook Enterprises builds a manned ramscoop, which is large enough to carry four people ["The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 178, 181)]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale. Note: According to A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 332), manned ramscoops had not yet been built by the launch of Ramscoop Robot #143 (see 2330). 


The younger Matthew Keller is born on Plateau [A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 396)] He is 21 at the time of the revolution (See 2342?)


Jack Strather joins the ARM ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 25)].

between 2325 and 2341

Authorities admit Phssthpok's body was quarantined, not incinerated.  The body is given to the Smithsonian [Destroyer of Worlds p. 149, Protector]. This occurs "centuries" after 2125, and Truesdale observes Phssthpok's body at the Smithsonian in 2341. See also Continuity Notes: Pak origin of humanity, public knowledge of.

c. 2330? 

Kzinti find the Chunquen, a speices of two sentient sexes who fight constantly ["The Warriors" (MKW1 p. 18)]. In "Misunderstanding" (MKW13 p. 19), the Captain of the Kzinti ship that finds Altair-One, recalls having fought the Chunquen.  In "The Sound of Distant Guns" (MKW12 p. 4), there is a reference to Kzinti fighting on "Chunquen-aga" , within a Kzinti lifetime of the First Man-Kzin War.

c. 2330

Puppeteer probes learn of the Kzinti Empire.  The Kzinti threat puts Experimentalists back in power, ending 600 years of Conservative rule. [Ringworld Engineers p. 38, 161]. See Continuity Notes: Hindmost, Puppeteer history according to.  Note: According to RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 49), Puppeteers had studied the Kzinti for "hundreds of years" before their intervention in the First Man-Kzin War, which occured in 2409. 


Ramscoop robot #143 is launched to Plateau from linear accelerator on Juno [A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 331)] See Continuity Notes: Dating A Gift From Earth for date rationale


Nils Rykermann is born ["Music Box" (MKW10 p. 191)].


On Plateau, the elder Matthew Keller escapes the organ banks by jumping off the edge of Mt. Lookitthat to his death [A Gift from Earth] Story gives a date of 2397 (Three Books of Known Space p. 487), which must be disregarded. See Continuity Notes: Dating A Gift from Earth.


Brennan kidnaps Elroy Truesdale, releases him after erasing his memory of his time in captivity [Protector]. Date stated in story (p. 190)

Estelle Randall, the oldest woman in the world, and oldest member of the Strudelbrugs' Club, dies at age 210 [Protector p. 112]


Elroy Truesdale and Alice Jordan find Brennan on the artificial world of Kobold. The first Pak fleet is discovered, 173 light-years away and en route to Earth. The pregnant Alice Jordan is launched from Kobold in a singleship, aboard which she is trapped in a stasis field with a 500-year timer. Truesdale and Brennan depart aboard the Flying Dutchman, and Brennan destroys Kobold [Protector, Destroyer of Worlds]. Date stated in Protector (p. 190)


Ramscoop Robot #143 lands on Plateau.  Its cargo triggers a revolution which abolishes the Covenant of Planetfall and ends the domination of the "crew" caste. The revolution is reluctantly led by Matt Keller, who has recently discovered his unusual psi power [A Gift From EarthSee Continuity Notes: Dating A Gift from Earth for date rationale. Matt Keller is 21 at the time of the story, and it is stated that he was 8 when his uncle died in 2397, placing "Gift" in 2410 (Three Books of Known Space p. 331, 396, 487).  That date is also specified in the Timeline for Known Space (Three Books of Known Space).  However it must be disregarded, as must the date of 2397 in RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 41).  In "Iron" (MKW1 p.36) it is stated that the revolution on Plateau occurred 33 years before the events of that story, which takes place 10 years after the end of the First Man-Kzin War

Discovery of Pak scouts. Departure of Protector [Protector p. 189-190]

between 2342 and 2344 

Leonie, future wife of Nils Rykermann, is born ["Music Box" (MKW11 p. 261)]. Dimity Carmody is already a Professor (see 2360) when Leonie arrives at Munchen University at age 18, and Dimity, born 2344, is "no older" than Leonie.  


Dimity Carmody is born ["Music Box" (MKW10 p. 240)]

c. 2345

Population of Wunderland is 1,024,000 [Protector p. 178]

Population of Home is 3,000,000 [Protector p. 183]

2347 ?

Greg and Joanna Loeffler emigrate to Plateau. At this time there are hundreds of 4-man safe ramscoops in existence, and some have traveled as far as 15 light-years from Earth. Skyhook Enterprises is developing an experimental safe ramscoop ship large enough to carry 1000 colonists in stasis ["The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 182)]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale. 

c. 2340?

Inhabitants of Altair-One claim they can travel through time. When Kzinti land on Altair-One, they find that all the inhabitants have vanished ["The Warriors"(MKW1 p. 18-19), ("Misunderstanding" (MKW13)]. Note: According to "Misunderstanding" the Kzinti ship that lands on Altair-One, "Far-Ranging Prowler", is the same ship which later attacks Angel's Pencil, although in "The Warriors" that ship is named "Tracker".   

Altarians escape imminent Kzinti invasion, via "a sort of immaterial stasis field" ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 225)].  


Harold Yarthkin-Schotmann is born. According to "The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 12) he is 73 a year after the liberation of Wunderland. Based on information in "The Children's Hour" (MKW2) and "The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3), Ingrid Raines returned to Wunderland in 2414, and the hyperdrive armada that liberated Wunderland arrived about year later, making his birthdate 2343. And In "The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 69) it is stated that when Wunderland fell, which occurred in 2367, Harold was in his twenties. However, according to "The Survivor" (MKW4) and subsequent stories, the liberation of Wunderland occurred in 2420.  Note: 42 years after the fall of Wunderland, Ingrid Raines says that Harold is in his 50s ("The Children's Hour" MKW2 p. 157), meaning he was born no earlier than 2350, and five years later, Claude Montferrat-Palme thinks that Harold is 63 ("The Children's Hour" MKW2 p. 161), which would make his birthdate 2351.


The ramscoop colony ship Angel's Pencil departs Earth for Procyon/We Made It, with a crew of 12 ["The Warriors" (MKW1)]. "Warriors" states in omniscient narrator voice, that  Angel's Pencil was "Eleven years beyond Pluto" when it met the Kzinti (MKW1 p. 19).  Assuming that refers to Earth time, not ship's time, then if "The Warriors" takes place in 2360 (see Continuity Notes: Dating "The Warriors"), the Pencil must have left Earth in 2349. In "Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 14), ARM agent Anton Brillov says the Pencil reported the encounter after "six years of flight", but its possible Anton is mistaken. Note: In "Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 6), Strather recalls that the Pencil was destined for Epsilon Eridani, and that is also the Pencil's stated destination in ""The Colonel's Tiger"  (MKW7 p. 8) and Telepath's Dance" (MKW8).

c. 2350?

Jinxian scientists develop boosterspice from genetically tailored ragweed, or possibly Tree-of-Life ["Grendel" (Crashlander p. 121); Ringworld p. 142-143; Ringworld's Children p.190]. See Continuity Notes: Longevity and Aging 


Ingrid Raines is born. According to "The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 12) she is 71 a year after the liberation of Wunderland. Based on information in "The Children's Hour" (MKW2) and "The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3), she returned to Wunderland in 2414, and the hyperdrive armada that liberated Wunderland arrived about a year later, making her birthdate 2345. This is consistent with the statements in "The Children's Hour", that 42 years after Wunderland fell, which would be 2409, she "had been born nearly three quarters of a century ago, even if her private duration included only two and half decades of it", and that she was in suspended animation for all but three of the 42 years between 2367 and 2409 (MKW2 p 137, 156), as 2367 minus the remaining 22 years of private duration would also equal a birthdate of 2345. However, according to "The Survivor" (MKW4) and subsequent stories, the liberation of Wunderland occurred in 2420. 


Dimity Carmody's first paper is published ["Music Box" (MKW10 p. 240)]

c. 2360

The Puppeteers arrange for Kzinti warcraft to find human ships in interstellar space ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 295-296)]

The Kzinti warship Tracker matches course with Angel's Pencil at 0.8 C ["The Warriors" (Tales of Known Space p. 142-143)]

When Tracker's Telepath learns that the humans aboard Angel's Pencil are peaceful and have no weapons, the Kzinti attempt to kill them using a slow inductive heating weapon, hoping to capture their ship intact for intelligence purposes. However, one of Pencil's crew uses the ship's powerful drive system/interstellar communications laser as a weapon, and destroys the Kzinti ship ["The Warriors" (Tales of Known Space)]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Warriors" for date rationale. 

Angel's Pencil begins broadcasting a warning back to Earth, incluiding images of the remains of Tracker and its crew ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3)]

Angel's Pencil crew give Kzinti the scientific name Pseudofelis sapiens ["Telepath's Dance" (MKW8 p. 23)]

Happy Gatherer encounters the Kzin warship Gutting Claw.  The crew of the human ship are taken prisoner by the Kzinti, and most are eaten.  A rogue Kzinti Telepath and Selena Guthlac escape to Angel's Pencil, along with several female Kzinti from the captain's harem, and help Angel's Pencil destroy Gutting Claw [Telepath's Dance" (MKW8)].  

At the beginning of the First Man-Kzin war, the Kzinti Patriarchy is 3 times the size of Human Space in 2850 [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 48]. Game states that in 2850, Human Space is 40 light years in diameter, and contains 524 stars (RRPG: Explorer Book p. 31). An area containing 3 times that volume and number of stars, would have a diameter of just under 60 light years. "The Survivor" (MKW4 p. 148) states that the Patriarchy has a diameter of 60 light-years. 

The Patriarchy's total Kzinti population is in the low billions. RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 46) says that in 2850, the population of Kzin is "several hundred million", and that at the height of their empire, the Kzinti numbered 8 times that many. It is stated in Ringworld (p.29) that Kzinti "have never been within an order of magnitude of your two times 8 to the 10th humans on a single planet".


Hooker's desk doc malfunctions ["The Ethics of Madness"]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.


Jack Strather retires from the ARM ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 4-5)]

Dimity Carmody is made Special Professor of Mathematics and Astrometaphysics ["Music Box" (MKW10 p. 240)].

2361 ?

Hooker develops paranoid delusions, steals a ramscoop ship, pursues Loeffler to Plateau ["The Ethics of Madness]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale. 


Brennan and Truesdale arrive at Home, after a journey which lasts 8 years ship's time, and includes a midpoint right-angle turn at BVS-1 (see 2641) [ProtectorHome orbits Epsilon Indi,12 light years from Sol. If the right-angle turn meant they traveled the two shorter legs of an isosceles right-angle triangle, the distance they traveled would have been extended to 17 light-years. They departed in 2342, and in order for relativistic time dilation to reduce their subjective time to 8 years, their average speed must have been about .9 C, at which they would have covered 17 light-years in 19 years.  In Destroyer of Worlds (p. 286), Sigmund Ausfaller speculates that Brennan reached Home in the 2350s, but he was unaware of the turn at BVS-1.   

Truesdale realizes that Brennan plans to convert the colony into a human Protector army. Truesdale kills Brennan and lands on Home, but Truesdale has been infected with a modified strain of the Protector virus, which quickly spreads to other colonists. Truesdale transforms into a  Protector, and completes Brennan's plan by breaking out of hospital confinement, and infecting the entire population of Home.  Those who are not the right age to make the transition die, the rest become childless Protectors [Protector]

between 2361 and  c. 2390?

Pak scouts are lured by mock-cities on Home and destroyed. Human Protector fleet departs Home to intercept incoming Pak waves [Protector p. 217] Assumes the human Protector fleet departs Home before new colonists arrive (see 2373?) In Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 210), Peace Corben states that the human Protector fleet leaves to battle the incoming Pak, two months before the Puppeteers bring humanity to the Kzinti's attention.


The Loefflers arrive at Plateau ["The Ethics of Madness"]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.  .


Earth receives messages from the Angel's Pencil about their encounter with the Kzinti.  

At around the time it is decided that the Angel's Pencil message isn't a hoax, other ships start disappearing,. closer to Earth [One War for Wunderland" (MKW10 p. 29)]

Earth begins broadcasting news of the attack on Angel's Pencil to Wunderland ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p.156), "One War for Wunderland" (MKW10 p. 26-27, 29)].  It is stated in "One War for Wunderland" , dated 2367, that pictures from the Angel's Pencil are "much more" than four years old, and that the Pencil's messages had been "dead-filed for years"  until it was determined they weren't a hoax.  However, these statements are inconsistent with a date of 2360 for "The Warriors"  (see Continuity Notes: Dating "The Warriors".  

First Kzinti scouts probe the Apha Centauri system ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5)]


Transfer booths exist in the Centauri system by this time ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 214, 230, 302)].See 2500

News of the Kzinti atatcks reaches Wunderland ["One War for Wunderland" (MKW10 p. 26)].

Kzin scouts land on Wunderland.["One War for Wunderland" [(MKW10)]

The Wunderland government forms a Defense Committee which includes Professor Nils Rykermann ["One War for Wunderland" (MKW10 p. 31)].

Wunderland receives a message from Sol system that scientific vessels, ferries to the colonies, and robot explorers have stopped transmitting ["One War for Wunderland" (MKW10 p. 67)]. 

The Wunderland populace holds off the Kzinti for nearly six months, while they refit the three slowboats in orbit ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 156)].

Three slowboats, including the the R.P.Feynman, flee Wunderland packed with refugees. Ingrid Raines is piloting one of them [The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 156), "Trojan Cat" (MKW6 p. 259)].

Dimity Carmody is placed aboard a fourth, hidden slowboat belonging to the Catholic Church, which is destined for We Made It ["One War for Wunderland" (MKW10)]. 

The Kzinti conquer Wunderland [Inter-story notes (Tales of Known Space p. 153)]. Date given in RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 45).  

Resistance fighter Peter Brennan kills nine Kzinti warriors armed only with a knife.  The Kzinti honor him by mounting his stuffed body on display in their Sergeant's Mess ["His Sergeants Honor" (MKW9 p. 131)]

An ARM agent learns of the reports from Angel's Pencil, and finds the dairy of a Colonel Vaughn, who hunted a "tiger-man" in India 500 years earlier {"The Colonel's Tiger" (MKW7)]. 18 years after the Angel's Pencil was launched (MKW7 p. 8) .


Messages mentioning an unfamiliar illness, and containing a "cry for help", reach Earth from Home. A shipload of new settlers is already well underway before it arrives. [Destroyer Of Worlds p.283-284] Date based on Trusedale arriving at Home in 2361, and Home/Epsilon Indi being 12 light years from Earth.  

c. 2375?

Slowboat Obler's Paradox is launched to Vega ["Slowboat Nightmare" (MKW8)]. Date is a guess. The ship was launched before the Kzinti atacked Earth, and was in flight for 20 years, before being boarded during the First War.

An imprisoned murderer, who killed 131 people by the age of 19 for "being needlessly cruel", is visited by an ARM agent seeking help in designing weapons for use against the Kzinti ["Echoes of Distant Guns" (MKW12)]. 


ARM agent Anton Brillov shares information about the Angel's Pencil with ex-ARM schitz Jack Strather, and Phoebe Garrison.  The three secretly brainstorm ideas for defenses against the Kzinti, while Strather is off his medication to obtain the schitz viewpoint. Brillov discovers ARM is conducting "Peace Games" with hypothetical aliens in Aristarchus Crater. Brillov and Garrison marry, Strather moves to Mercury to work on the launching lasers ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3)]. 


Hooker arrives at Plateau and kills Loeffler's family ["The Ethics of Madness"]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale.


Chuut-Riit leaves W'kkai (BD+50 1725/Groombridge 1618) on a hunch generated by "electromagnetic spoor", including "strange signals", that a new starfaring species has been found ["The Survivor" (MKW4 p. 61, 238)].19 years before he arrives at Hssin 

Short-Son of Chiir-Nig (later Trainer-of Slaves/Grraf-Nig) is born on Hssin ["The Survivor" (MKW4 p. 238)] He is 58 in 2435


After completing nearly two years of psychotherapy, Hooker flees Plateau, pursued by Loeffler  Hooker and Loeffler fight a duel with com lasers ["The Ethics of Madness" (Neutron Star p. 174, 198-199)]. See Continuity Notes: Dating "The Ethics of Madness"  for date rationale. 


First Fleet is launched against Sol."The Survivor" (MKW4) places the destruction of Third Fleet in 2396. "A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 91-92) states that Second Fleet arrived at Sol seven years before Third Fleet, and that First Fleet arrived six years before  Second Fleet. 

c. 2380?

Jonah Matthieson is born. According to "The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 271), genetic analysis shows he is physically "Not more than thirty" when he arrives on Wunderland, after a five year trip which began in 2409, and during which only a month of subjective time passed (p. 167).  However, according to "The Survivor" (MKW4) and subsequent stories, the liberation of Wunderland occurred in 2420, which would mean Jonah arrived on Wunderland no earlier than 2019. Note: At one point Jonah says that Earth has been fighting the Kzinti since he "was old enough to vote" (MKW2 p. 254), which assuming voting age is 18, would place his birthdate in the mid-2360s. 

c. 2380

The Fantasy Prince is attacked by a Kzinti warship, and the video is publicly broadcast in Sol system ["Madness Has Its Place" (MKW3 p. 33-34)]


Chuut-Riit arrives at Ch' Aakin, learns of the conquest of Wunderland by Kzinti from Hssin ["The Survivor" (MKW4 p. 61)].Four years from W'kkai, which he left in 2377

On Wunderland, a misfit Kzin is sent with his unit to hunt human rebels in the jungle ["The Trooper and the Triangle" (MKW12)].   


Sol System is attacked by Gutfoot's Horde, and months later by Pereet's Pride, two "bandit groups" on the Patriarchy's borders ["Choosing Names" (MKW8 )].  


First Fleet reaches Sol, is destroyed by Strather Launch Array ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 91)]  See 2379 for date rationale.

Operators of the big launch lasers on Mercury have to virtually mutiny to fight back, even when Kzin battlecrusiers start beaming asteroid habitats ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 15)]

c. 2385

Home/Epsilon Indi is recolonized. Colony ship was already well underway in 2373 (see 2373).RRPG: Explorer Book(p. 39) gives recolonization date of 2589. In MKW stories by MJ Harrington, Home is not recolonized until sometime after c. 2610.

Experiment on Mars to create spontaneous fission of natural thorium, causes accidental 30,000 megaton explosion, forms habitable crater ["Aqulia Advenio" (MKW12 p.122-113)]. "right at the start of the First War"

c. 2390?

An alien psychology expert is assigned to study a Kzin captive ["Two Types of Teeth" (MKW13)]

In the Pacific Northwest, young women are issued knives to defend themselves against males, in school Marybeth Bonet takes a combination knife fighting and sex-ed class called "The Miracle of Life and How to Prevent It" ["Galley Slave" (MKW8 p. 133)].


Second Fleet reaches Sol, is destroyed. See 2379 for date rationale.

One fourth of Second Fleet is destroyed, the rest return to Alpha Centauri ["The Man Who Would Be Kzin" (MKW4 p. 247)].

A human telepath, Halloran, infiltrates the retreating Second Fleet [MKW4 "The Man Who Would Be Kzin" (MKW4)].

At this time there are Pierin "holdouts" on Zeta Reticuli ["The Man Who Would Be Kzin" (MKW4 p. 247)]. 

Ulf Reichstein Markham is born ["Iron" (MKW1 p. 43)] He is 30 when the hyperdrive armada liberates Alpha Centauri


Third Fleet launched against Sol. See 2397 for date rationale

c. 2395 ?

Slowboat Obler's Paradox is boarded by Kzinti at Vega [Slowboat Nightmare" (MKW8)] See c. 2375.


Nora Argamentine is born ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6 p. 9, 10)] She is 6 years younger than Major Clandeboye, who is 47 in 2436


Trainer-of-Slaves joins Chuut-Riit's fleet as it passes through Hssin system ["The Survivor" (MKW4)].


Third Fleet arrives at Sol and is destroyed. "The Survivor" (MKW4) states that word of Third Fleet's destruction reached Alpha Centauri in 2401

Third Fleet hits the Sol system in a more subtle "feint-and-pounce" attack, and nearly shatters Sol's defenses. A small flotilla of stealthed kzinti ships is intercepted and destroyed a mere 500,000 kilometers from Earth ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 91-92)].

Following the defeat of the Third Fleet, a mission to board a Kzinti ship carrying an Admiral's harem, and capture Kzinti kittens, is successful ["Pick of the Litter" (MKW13)] Story gives a date of 2396


Kenneth Upton-Schleisser's family is taken hostage by Kzinti.  He departs to intercept the R.P. Feynman en route to Sol, intending to hand it over to the Kzinti, so they can use it to infiltrate Sol system's defenses [Trojan Cat" (MKW6)] 

The Sun-Tzu/Dolittle is launched toward Alpha Centauri as a part of Project Cherubim, a plan to use human Protectors against the Kzinti.  The ship's crew consists of Captain Carol Faulk, and Bruno Takugama, who is linked to the ship's computer through circuitry implanted in his brain after a childhood injury ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7)]


Some sort of "Longest War" incident in the Serpent Swarm ["Fly-By-Night" (MKW9 p. 291)]

Harold's Terran Bar opens on Wunderland ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 160)].

Trainer-of-Slaves arrives at Wunderland with Chuut-Riit's fleet ["The Survivor" (MKW4)].

c. 2400

The Cormorant is captured by Kzinti on the outskirts of Sol system, Dr. Marybeth Bonet is taken prisoner ["Galley Slave" (MKW8)].The Kzinti had "disrupted everything in less than a generation" (p. 132)

The slowboat carrying Dimity Carmody reaches We Made It, she is the sole survivor ["One War for Wunderland" (MKW10)].

Puppeteer Diplomat saves an entire Puppeteer colony world from destruction by the Q'rynmoi ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7 p. 230, 243)].

Sun-Tzu/Dolittle is one third of the way to Wunderland, when it encounters three Kzinti warships, and in the following battle all but Bruno Takugama, Carol Faulk, and Rrowl-Captain are killed. The battle disturbs an Outsider faction, the Zealots, who consider that region of space to be sacred.  The three survivors are picked up by an Outsider vessel, belonging to the Zealots' rival Dissonant faction. Bruno, Rrowl-Captain, and a Guardian Caste Puppeteer are sent on a suicide mission to destroy the Zealot vessel, before the Zealots exterminate both the human and Kzinti species After the mission is completed, the Outsiders create a duplicate Bruno, using memories downloaded before his departure ["A Darker Geometry" (MKW7)]

They Who Pass end their Long Silence. The Outsiders transport Bruno, Carol, and Diplomat to a cosmic string called the Oracle [A Darker Geometry].


Fourth Fleet begins to prepare to invade Sol when the news of the Third Fleet's failure reaches them.
["The Survivor" (MKW4)].


Half a light-year from Sol, Kenneth Upton-Schleisser catches up to the slowboat R.P.Feynman ["Trojan Cat" (MKW6 p. 257, 263)]. Feynman has been in flight 35 years


Two experimental Black Prides of the Fifth Fleet precede the Fourth Fleet to Sol, their mission is to monitor the Fourth Fleet's attack from distances too great to be detected, and remain to conduct reconnaissance if the attack fails ["The Survivor".(MKW4 125-126)].

Fourth Fleet is launched against Sol ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2), "The Survivor" (MKW4)].

Tyra Nordbo is born ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 39)] She is 18 at the time of the story

c. 2405?

A Kzinti fleet, which includes members of the elite Patriarch's Companions, is en route to attacking Earth, when it  stops to resupply at Tuft/Down, and is covertly sabotaged by Grogs ["Echoes of Distant Guns" (MKW12)]. This is inconsistent with other Man-Kzin Wars stories, which describe Sol being attacked by four fleets launched from Alpha Centauri. Also, given that Kzin is 30 light years from Earth (RRPG: Explorer Book p. 49, Ringworld's Children p. 62),and that Angel's Pencil was about 3 light years from Earth when it encountered Tracker in 2360 (see 2360), any message rent by Tracker would not reach Kzin until 2387. After which, a fleet sent from Kzin would take at least another 18 years to reach Down, 12 light years from Earth (RRPG: Explorer Book: p. 36). Furthermore, the story also states that the fleet contained ships from "all over the empire", which would push back the arrival at Down by decades, if the ships did not begin to be assembled until after the Kzinti learned of humanity.   . 


The Pierin learn that Kzinti are assembling a fleet to attack a newly discovered alien race, and that the Kzinti force facing them will be contributing the largest number of ships ["Echoes of Distant Guns" (MKW12)].Note: Description of the Pierin in this story is inconsistent with that in the RRPG. 


The slowboat carrying Ingrid Raines arrives at Sol ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p 137, 156)] 42 years after her slowboat left Wunderland, three subjective years have passed for her, so she was en route in suspended animation for 39 years. Note: At one point Ingrid states that her slowboat took "30 years"  to reach Sol (MKW2 p. 167), and The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5 p. 14) states that it took 20 years. 

A secret shipment of Pak Tree-of-Life reaches Wunderland from Earth, and is buried by resistance forces in the Hohe-Kalkstein Caves ["Catspaws" (MKW11 p. 138)] "about 14 Earth years before liberation"


The slowboat R.P.Feynman arrives at Sol ["Trojan Cat" (MKW6 p. 259)].Trip takes 40 years   


Fourth Fleet reaches Sol and is just barely destroyed, at the Battle of Ceres ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 139), "The Survivor" (MKW4)].

First Battle of the Caves. Kzinti units enter the Hohe-Kalkstein cave system to root out human resistance fighters.  Corporal, later Raargh-Sergeant, allies with Nils Rykermann and Leonie Hansen against the Morlocks ["The Corporal in the Caves" (MKW10)]

c. 2409

In order to produce less aggressive Kzinti, Puppeteers intervene in the First Man-Kzin War, using a starseed lure to draw an Outsider ship towards We Made It [Ringworld] Note: In Ringworld Engineers (p. 38), Hindmost claims that he was responsible for both this intervention, and the tampering with Earth's Fertility Laws, which cannot be reconciled with information in Fleet of Worlds (See Continuity Notes: Hindmost, Puppeteer history according to)

Outsiders pass Ramscoop Robot #144 in interstellar space, follow it to We Made It [A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 543)].

Outsiders exist "in every arm of the galaxy" and have previously sold the secret of the hyperdrive to alien races "hundreds of times" [A Gift From Earth (Three Books of Known Space p. 543)].


Outsiders contact the humans of We Made It, and sell them instructions for building the hyperdrive, with which a ship can travel one light year per three days (120 times lightspeed) [Ringworld p. 82] Date according to Sigmund Ausfaller in Destroyer of Worlds (p. 285). Date is 2406 in RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 48)_.  . 

Dimity Carmody is able to understand the hyperdrive manual. Stefan Brozik begins building a prototype, Brobding Shaeffer is one of his engineers ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6), "One War for Wunderland" (MKW10)]

The ramscoop Yamamoto/Catskinner is launched from Sol to Alpha Centauri, carrying Capt. Jonah Matthieson and Lt. Ingrid Raines ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 137)]. Story states that Yamamoto is launched 42 years after the Kzinti took Wunderland, which is consistent with the statement in The Survivor" (MKW4) that Yamamoto was launched in 2409. 


Some sort of "Longest War" incident on Kdat ["Fly-By-Night" (MKW9 p.291)].


Two years after the Outsider contact with We Made It, a hyperdrive ship arrives in Sol System. The crew had not known of the war {Ringworld p. 82, Inter-story notes (Tales of Known Space p. 153)] RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 30) refers to hyperdrive armadas of 2410-2420. 


News of the Fourth Fleet's fate is received back at Wunderland ["The Survivor" (MKW4)]


 Yiao-Captain leaves Wunderland with Peter Nordbo on a quest to a distant star ["Inconstant Star" (MKW3 p. 190)].


Vaemar-Riit, son of Chuut-Riit, is born ["Catspaws" (MKW11 p. 172-173)]. Vaemar's son Orlando, at less than 4 years old, is older than Vaemar was when he was adopted by Raargh-Sergeant


Outsiders negotiate a lease on Nereid [Ringworld p. 49] Date based on 14-year travel time from We Made It to Sol at standard Outsider ship speed of 0.8 C.  Ringworld says this occurred "500 years" before 2850, but that must be erroneous. Science Note: Story specifies "Nereid, Neptune's larger moon". However, Neptune's largest moon is actually Triton. 


Yamamoto/Catskinner reaches Alpha Centauri, launches relativistic velocity kinetic weapons, 500 lb. iron eggs traveling at 0.99 C, at targets throughout the Centauri system.  While shielded by a stasis field, the ship brakes by colliding with the star ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2)]. As they they arrive in the Centauri system, Ingrid Raines states that her first-hand information about Wunderland is "56 years" out of date (p. 168), but this is apparently erroneous, since they departed Sol system 42 years after Wunderland fell (p. 137), and the trip took 5 five years (p. 167). Although that would place their arrival in 2414, the "The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3) says they arrived about a year before the liberation of Wunderland by the hyperdrive armada, which according to "The Survivor" (MKW4) and subsequent stories, took place in 2420.  Note: In "The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 182) this attack is said to have killed 5,000 Kzinti and 30,000 humans, whereas in "The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 76)  it is said to have killed 1 million humans. .  

Raines and Matthieson are smuggled onto Wunderland, Raines is reunited with Harold Yathkin-Schotmann. Raines and Matthieson sabotage the computer network on Chuut-Riit's estate.  Chuut-Riit is eaten by his children ["The Children's Hour" (MKW2)]

An ARM agent awakens from 50 years in stasis and lands on Wunderland, on a mission to test a secret weapon against the Kzinti ["Tomcat Tactics" (MKW13)] Date stated in story

The Ruling Mind, containing the Thrint Dnivotopun and his family, is released from stasis in the Serpent Swarm.  Dnivotopun takes over a Free Wunderland Navy ship commanded by Ulf Markham. Jonah Matthieson learns that ARM General Buford Early stowed away in stasis ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3)].

Origin of Kdapt-Preacher at the hands of Harold Yathkin-Schotmann and Catskinner's sentient AI ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3)].  This date is inconsistent with canon information in Ringworld (p. 237) that Kdapt-Preacher founded his religion "following the Fourth Truce with Man". 

Marham uses Slaver technology to destroy Kzinti ships. Kzinti in Centauri system begin fighting each other. Dnivotopun uses an Amplifier built by enslaved humans, his power is briefly felt throughout the Wunderland system before Catskinner's AI rams the Thrint vessel, while enclosed in a stasis field. Fifth Fleet destroyed in intra-Kzinti fighting ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3)].

A moon of Wunderland is destroyed ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 163)]."Catspaws" (MKW11), set in 2433, states that  Wunderland has many small moons (p. 156). RRPG: Explorer Book (p.44) states that a captured asteroid is Wunderland's sole natural moon. 

The Shark, the first FTL scout ship to reach Alpha Centauri, is attacked and destroyed. Lt. Nora Argementine is captured and turned over to the kzin "Trainer-of-Slaves" ["The Survivor" (MKW4)].

The We Made It hyperdrive warship Outsider's Gift leads a "reconnaissance in force" of at least 12 ships to the Centauri system ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 166)]..

The hyperdrive armada liberates the Centauri system. . 

During the Liberation, a Kzinti unit commanded by Raargh-Sergeant holds up in the Abbey, protecting a human collaborator and the young Vaemar-Riit ["His Sergeant's Honor" (MKW9)]

Trainer of Slaves' Jotoki rebel with help from Nora Argamentine, and kill all but Trainer aboard the NestingSlashtoothBitch [The Survivor" (MKW4)]

At this time the population of Wunderland is more than 2 million humans and fewer than 100,000 Kzinti ["The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 164)]. It is also stated in "The Children's Hour" (MKW2 p. 143) and :"The Asteroid Queen" (MKW3 p. 161) that at this time the population of the Centauri system is 300 million. but the 2 million estimate is more consistent  with the canon information, that Wunderland's population was 1 million only 75 years earlier (see 2345).


Jonah Mattheison travels to the Jotun Mountains, on a gold mining expedition with two Kzinti and an experienced human prospector. They find the ship containing the tnuctipun Durvash, and are joined by Tyra Nordbo ["The Hall of the Mountain King" (MKW5)] 2 years after Yamamoto/Catskinner arrives 


Human assault wipes out the Kzinti presence on Hssin [The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6 p. 91)]


NestingSlashtoothBitch arrives at Hssin ["The Survivor" (MKW4)].


We Made It forces are badly beaten in failed assault on Ch'Aakin [The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6 p. 90)].

The Battle of Down is a costly victory, with a loss of three humans for every Kzin.  Other than Hssin, it is the only successful assault on a Kzinti world during the First War ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6 p. 93-.94)].

Raargh and Vaemar-Ritt are captured by a secret army comprised of humans still loyal to Chuut-Ritt, and young kzinti, who plan to launch attacks against the Wunderland government and steal a hyperdrive ship.  Dimity Carmody returns to Wunderland, is reunited with Nils Rykermann ["Music Box" (MKW10)].

At this time transfer booths are luxuries not available on Wunderland ["Music Box" (MKW10 p.221)]. See 2500.  


Margrave (27 Serpens/Lambda Sepentis), 31 light years from Earth, discovered by J. Margrave Julland [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 40]

Arthur Guthlac is stranded in a storm during a hunting trip on Wunderland ["Three at Table" (MKW11)]


Monkeyshine and Furlessface are born to Nora Argamentine ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6)].

Vaemar-Riit enters Munchen University ["Music Box" (MKW10 p.297)].


A small group of human and Kzinti explorers, including Vaemar-Riit, investigate a series of disappearances in Grossgeister Swamp on Wunderland, near the wreckage of an old Kzinti ship. Vaemar meets the intelligent kzinrett Karan ["Grossgeister Swamp" (MKW11)].

2430 ? 

Vaemar's son Orlando is born. Vaemar meets Orlando's mother in "Grossgeister Swamp" (MKW11), dated 2430, and Orlando first appears in "Catspaws" (MKW11 p. 172-173), dated 2433.


Commander Shimmel takes the Virgo Volunteers to 59 Virginis in 12 hyperships, and loses 780 men when he orders them to come out of hypersapace too close to the star. Yankee Clandeboye is charged with mutiny for having refused to obey Shimmel's orders ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6 p. 10, 14, 100)]


"Baphomet", a weapon capable of overturning a tectonic plate, is tested on a lifeless world orbiting Proxima Centauri ["Catspaws" (MKW11 p. 183-184)].


MacDonald-Rishaii Treaty ends the First War ["The Survivor" (MKW4)].

Two thirds of the male Kzinti population has been killed in the war [Ringworld p.19]

Kzinti population has actually increased during the First War, for the first time in a long time, due to Kzinti having stopped fighting each other and killing surplus kittens ["Aquilia Advenio" (MKW12 p. 29)]

Over a million Kzinti have been killed in the First War ["String" (MKW12 p.191)]

Two Kzinti worlds are confisticated [Ringworld p. 18] It is stated that this occurs after each Man-Kzin War.

Down is one of the worlds confisticated at this time? "The Handicapped" (Neutron Star) describes Down as a former Kzinti colony world, but does not say in which war it was taken. Note: According to inter-story notes in Three Books of Known Space (p. 236), Down was one of five human interstellar colonies founded by 2100.  However, this should arguably be disregarded, in favor of the strong implication in "The Handicapped"  that the Kzinti colonized the planet first. 

Vaemar and Dimity Carmody search for the Tree-of-Life cache missing from the Hohe-Kalkstein Caves.  They are captured by a Morlock Protector, and taken to Wunderland's Hollow Moon ["Catspaws" (MKW11)].

Dolphins begin migrating to worlds with oceans [RRPG: Explorer book p. 30] Game also states some dolphisn had migrated to Wunderland before the Kzinti arrival (Explorer Book p. 45).

The Interworld language, originally a rudimentary tongue for human convenience in time of military emergency, grows in sophistication, and comes into widespread use [RRPGL Explorer Book p. 31] See also c. 2500. Note: In "Fly by Night" (MKW9 p. 271, 291) it's implied that the Sheathclaws kzin Fly-by-Night speaks Interworld as his native tongue, even though Sheathclaws was colonized by the Angel's Pencil, which left Earth c. 2350, and the colony has been isolated until very recently before the events in the story. 

The star, a currency unit originally based on Jinxian colony credits and We Made It military scrip, begins to displace the UN mark as the standard in human space interworld transactions [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 30] See also c. 2500.


After awaiting rescue on on Margrave for eight years, J. Margrave Julland and the rest of his party all disappear [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 41]

Trainer-of-Slaves and his Jotok slaves complete rebuilding of Shark in the ruins of Hssin.  Trainer alters Nora Argamentine's brain to make her more like a kzinrett, by removing her memories and ability to use language. The Shark travels to W'kkai, Trainer assumes the name Grraf-Nig ["The Survivor" (MKW4)]. 


Major Yankee Clandeboye is ordered to track down his cousin, Nora Argamentine. Clandelboye recruits the Kzin Hwass-Hwasschoaw to help him find Nora. Grraf-Nig suspects the W'kkai Kzinti of treason against the Patriarch ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6)].

At this time the Kzinti are still using Warhead as a  forward base in an ongoing war against the Pierin ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6 p. 93] See also c. 1350. 


Graff-Nig's plans to escape W'kkai are thwarted, and he becomes "Conundrum-Prisoner". An expedition led by Major Clandeboye finds Nora Argamentine's diary on Hssin ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6)].


Major Clandeboye is assigned to Barnard's Starbase. Hwass-Hwasschoaw finds Nora Argamentine on W'Kkai, purchases her and her children, and rescues Graff-Nig.  Clandeboye travels to W'kkai. picks Nora and her children, and transports Hwass and Graff-Nig to Kzin.  Nora and her children are taken to Barnard's Starbase. Graff-Nig meets with the Patriarch, and begins to translate stolen hyperdrive information from Ulf Markham ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6)].


Major Clandeboye and others establish a semi-covert training center on Barnard's Starbase, where unconventional officers devise plans for fighting hyperdrive-equipped Kzinti in a second war. Clandesboye publishesThe Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine  ["The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine" (MKW6)].


The Rover and her crew travel to an unusually old star, along with Ulf Markham. They learn that Markham is a  traitor, and that the Kzinti have obtained the hyperdrive ["Iron" (MKW1)]  10 years after the war (p. 35) 

The Rover and her crew are hired by Tyra Nordbo, to learn the fate of her father Peter Nordbo. They discover a powerful Tnuctipun weapon built around a microscopic black hole, and rescue Peter Nordbo ["Inconstant Star" (MKW3)]  20 years after liberation of Wunderland, 10 years after the war (p. 184)

c. 2445

The Patriarch seeks out female relatives of Kzinti with the ability to navigate hyperspace for his harem, to breed the ability into the Ritt bloodline ["Fly-by-Night" (MKW9 p. 316)].

Human and Kzinti expeditions to Pele ["Pele" (MKW9)]  Tyra Nordbo is about 40

On Tiamat, an ARM captain and the police kzin Hunter-of-Outlaws conduct a murder investigation ["Windows of the Soul" (MKW9)].

On Ceres, a singleship pilot is approached by a woman and her kzin bodyguard, who hire him to fly a secret cargo to Jinx, on the condition that his memories of the job are scrubbed.  Later he wakes with a month's gap in his memory, to find that the woman is missing and he is suspected of her murder ["Independent" (MKW12)]. 


Second Man-Kzin War begins with diversionary attacks on Sigma Draconis and Barnard's Starbase, followed by attempts to retake Down, and a second major offensive against Earth [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 21].


Com laser messages bring rescuers to Margrave, where they find Julland Margrave's ship, but not Jullan or his party,  The log entries end abruptly, 8 years after the party landed [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 41] 


Angel's Pencil  founds the joint human/kzinti colony of Sheathclaws on the other side of Kzinti space, 90 light years from Earth ["Fly-by-Night" (MKW p. 282)]. "106 years had passed on Earth" .  


Second Man-Kzin War ends. The Kdatlyno are freed [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 31, RRPG Creatures Book p. 7].

Two thirds of the male Kzinti population has been killed in the war [Ringworld p.19]

Two Kzinti worlds are confisticated.[Ringworld p. 18]

c. 2490 

Humans aboard the Hopewell make first contact with the Pierin near Zeta Reticuli [RRPG: Ringworld Companion p. 18]. "just before the onset of the third Man-Kzin War"


Third Man-Kzin War begins. Date stated in Juggler of Worlds p. 4. RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 31) gives date of 2491. "Aquila Advenio" (MKW12 p. 23, 28) indicates the Third War has not yet been fought as of 2554.

Human negotiators are sent to Kzinhome in an attempt to avoid a war over continuing Kzinti raids. The Patriarch's First Son survives an assassination attempt, but the Patriarch is assassinated by his Second Son.  The ruling Riit dynasty is challenged by another "Great Pride", the Tzaatz, to an Honor War, in which only primitive weapons are allowed.  The Tzaatz army wins, using genetically engineered battle beasts, and the traitorous Second Son is installed as a puppet Patriarch.  First Son escapes into the jungles of Kzinhome with a female human negotiator, where he joins a tribe of primitive Kzinti, which includes sentient females. The Third Man-Kzin War begins. First Son and his new allies challenge the Tzaatz to an Honor War, which they win.  First Son becomes Patriarch, and ends the Third Man-Kzin War, in time to prevent humans from using the Wunderland Treatymaker against Kzinhome, and Kzinti from using relatavistic weapons against Earth [Destiny's Forge]. 

Sigmund Ausfaller is born  Date stated in Juggler of Worlds p. 15


Kzinti warship Righteous Manslaughter is fatally damaged in battle ["At the Gates" (MKW13)] "Humans had come a long way in the three wars"


Third Man-Kzin War ends after use of Wunderland Treatymaker against Warhead/Canyon [Ringworld Engineers].  RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 31) says this war ends in 2531, but Fly-by-Night"  (MKW9 278, 279-280) establishes that date must  be erroneous. 

Two thirds of the male Kzinti population has been killed in the war [Ringworld p.19]

Two Kzinti worlds are confisticated.[Ringworld p.18]

Fafnir is one of the worlds that changed hands after the third war [Juggler of Worlds p. 15] Note: According to "Procrustes" and "Fly-by-Night" (MKW9), Shasht was annexed and renamed Fafnir after the Fourth War (see 2505). 

Pierin recapture their ancestral star system, relying on resources of unconquered colony worlds, and using ships outfitted with General Poducts hulls [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 31, 50]

c. 2500 

Interworld has become the dominant language throughout human space by this time, and English is no longer in common use. See also 2433. Note: Sigmund Ausfaller is born in Earth in 2490, and has difficulty recognizing English when it is spoken to him on New Terra in 2658 (Juggler of Worlds p. 264). Note: This is inconsistent with the Puppeteer speaking English to Beowulf Shaeffer in "At the Core" , dated 2645. Also, in Ringworld (p. 5), dated 2850, the 200-year old Louis Wu has recollections from his youth of memorizing lists of Interworld vocabulary, and "the sound and taste of English". 

Possibly the "star" has also become the dominant currency by this time. The earliest chronological mention of this currency in canon, is in a portion of Juggler of Worlds dated 2637 (p. 18).  See also 2433. 


A human named Pierson makes contact with Puppeteers. Date stated in Juggler of Worlds (p. 15).  RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 30) says that Puppeteers revealed themselves to humans between the First War and Second War, but this must be disregarded.

First General Products hulls sold in human space, no earlier than this date. RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 50) says humans used ships outfitted with General Products hulls during the last three official Man-Kzin wars, but this must be erroneous.

Underlying technology for transfer booths is leased from General Products, no earlier than this date [Juggler of Worlds p. 162].  "Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 68), dated 2645, states that Gregory Pelton's great-to-the-eighth grandmother "invented" the transfer booth.  Possibly this means she was the one who developed the leased technology. RRPG: Explorer Book (p, 28, 31) states that Pelton Industries began research that led to the first transfer booths in the early interstellar era, but that after the Man-Kzin wars General Products acquired interests in Pelton Industries and introduced vastly improved transfer booths.  Some Man-Kzin Wars stories depict transfer booths existing much earlier than 2500 (see 2367, 2425).  

"Border incident", which does not rise to the level of a numeral in official reckoning of the Man-Kzin Wars, erupts between humans on Fafnir, and the Kzinti settlers who remained behind when the planet changed hands. Sigmund Ausfaller's parents vanish during the hostilities [Juggler of Worlds p. 15] Note: According to "Procrustes"  (Crashlander p. 223) and "Fly-by-Night" (MKW9), Shasht was annexed and renamed Fafnir after the Fourth War (see 2505).

Between 2500 and 2505

A team of human mercenaries employed by Puppeteers are secretly dropped on Meerowsk to abduct a kzin with knowledge of an exotic wormhole ["Zeno's Roulette" (MKW13)]

2501 ? 

Fourth Man-Kzin War begins no later than this date. The Fourth War has not yet begun during the incident on Shast/Fafnir in 2500, which was described in "Juggler of Worlds" (see 2500).  RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 31) says this war lasted from 2560-2684. but Fly-by-Night" (MKW9 p. 278, 279-280) establishes that those dates must  be erroneous. MKW stories by Matthew Joseph Harrington place the beginning of the Fourth War c. 2609.

Fourth War begins with Kzinti kamikaze attacks on human ships guarding the Eridani worlds [RRPG: Explorer Book p. 31]

Locklear is captured by Kzinti looking for the Eridani worlds, and stranded on "Zoo", where he encounters Kzinti and Neanderthals who have been in stasis for 40,000 years [MKW "Cathouse", MKW2 "Briar Patch"].  

The Callisto  is on a spy mission behind the "Chord of Contact" when it crashes on the planet "Beanstalk", and encounters a Kzinti ship scouting for the "Last Fleet", headed to attack Margrave.  The Callisto crew free the Pruntaquilan Balladeer Coquaturia from stasis [MKW5 "Hey Diddle Diddle"].


Harvey Mossbauer 's family is killed and eaten [Ringworld Engineers p. 21]. "War and Peace" (MKW11) places this c. 2615. 


Sinbad Jabar lands on Meerowsk, and invades the harem of the Patriarch's Voice. The human alliance takes Meerowsk, and renames the planet Jabar's Prize, until a later, pacifistic generation takes power ["Procrustes"]


Human Space Trade Alliance and Kzinti sign Covenant of Shast on Shast/Fafnir, ending the Fourth Man-Kzin War.  All habitats under the Patriarch's command are barred from certain acts, including killing of Legal Entities ["Fly-By-Night" (MKW9 p. 278, 279-280, 300)]

Two thirds of the male Kzinti population has been killed in the war [Ringworld p.19] 

Shast and another Kzinti world (Meerowsk?) are annexed, Shast is renamed Fafnir ["Fly-By-Night" (MKW9 p. 278, 279-280)]. However, see 2500.

Kzinti are placed on probationary status, during which they may possess and use police restraint devices, but are allowed no weapons of war.  "The Soft Weapon" (Neutron Star p. 82), dated 2657, says this has been in effect since the last war.


Kdapt-Preacher founds a heretical new religion, which teaches that God made man in his image. He is executed by the Patriarch in single combat [Ringworld p. 237]  Following the Fourth Truce with Man. "War and Peace"  (MKW11) places this sometime between c. 2616 and c. 2637 


Harvey Mossbauer lands on Kzin, and plants a bomb in the harem of the Patriarch. His body is taken intact and stuffed for display [Ringworld Engineers p. 21] "War and Peace" (MKW11) places this c. 2637

2514 or 2415

ETA of the first Pak emigration fleet, which never actually arrives [Protector p. 162]  "They won't be here for a hundred and seventy-two or -three years"

c. 2517

By this time, the 100,000-500,000 human Protectors from Home have destroyed 3 of the 19 fleets in the invasion force of 50-300 million Pak Protectors, and are about to engage the fourth ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 338, 344)] view is 120 years old c. 2637. 

c. 2550 

Nessus enters human space [Ringworld p. 38, Fleet of Worlds p. 91]

Hillbury solves the mystery of the quasars ["The Borderland of Sol" (Crashlander)]


A Wunderlander and her Wunderkzin partner find the descendants of Rome's Ninth Legion on the Kzinti colony world of Kzrral, and arrange for their evacuation to Wunderland ["Aquila Advenio" (MKW12)].

Kzinti are still fighting the Pierin at this time  ["Aquila Advenio" (MKW12 p. 122)].

c. 2560

On Canyon, a Kzin telepath rescues three sentient Kzinretti with the help of an ARM agent ["Bound for the Promised Land" (MKW13)] "about 200 years" after "The Warriors" (MKW13 p. 360, 365)

c. 2566

Sheathclaws colony detects the Kzinti warship Righteous Manslaughter entering its system ["At the Gates" (MKW13)] 100 years after Sheathclaws is colonized (p. 295)

c. 2567

Major stock market crash ["A Relic of Empire" (Neutron Star p. 43)] Half of Richard Schultz-Mann's lifetime before 2644

c. 2570

On Pleasance (70 Ophiuchi), birth of Peace Corben, last in the line of Charlotte Chambers clones ["War and Peace" (MKW11)] Corben is "nearing the end of her fertility" c. 2609.  

c. 2597

On Pleasance, Peace Corben's mother Charlotte Chambers/Jan Corben is committed to Rehab for paranoia.  While there, she is treated by the psychist Harvey Mossbauer ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11), "War and Peace" (MKW11)].Date based on statement in Teacher's Pet" (MKW11 p. 287), set c. 2609, that this occurred 12 years earlier

c. 2600 ?

Beowulf Shaeffer is born.  Date is a guess. According to "Ghost"  (Crashlander p. 7), Shaeffer begins flying starships in the 2620s, and no earlier employment has been mentioned. 

c. 2607 

The second Pak fleet passes 70 Ophuichi, its ram engines having been destroyed by Protectors from Home during the Second Man-Kzin War ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 343)] "30 years ago" c. 2637

c. 2609 

Fourth War begins with Kzinti attack on Pleasance ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11)] Note: This date is incompatible with canon information from Fly-by-Night" (MKW9 p. 278, 279-280), that the Fourth War ended in 2505.  It cannot be explained by a difference in categorizing wars vs. incidents, because "Fly-By-Night" also states that the Covenants of Shast, which ended the Fourth War, were still in effect in 2656.  

Charlotte Chambers/Jan Corben is killed in attack on Pleasance. Peace Corben battles Kzinti attackers in her mother's ship Cockroach, then flees to Home, where she becomes a Protector. Kzinti ship Fury pursues Corben to Home. Corben destroys Fury, rescues four surviving crew members including Gnyr-Captain, Manexpert, and Technology Officer. Corben manipulates Manexpert into becoming Kdapt-Preacher ["Teacher's Pet" (MKW11)].   

c. 2609-1615 

Peace Corben uses a Sinclair inertia reduction field to penetrate the most secure areas on Kzin, and steals the entire Kzinti military database. Afterwards Kzinti suspect that someone had gotten in undetected, when they notice that things worked too well, and upgrade the Patriarch's Palace defenses with their own inertia reduction field generators ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 349), "Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 204, 218)].

The Kzinti do not win another battle during the Fourth War after the surprise attack on Pleasance, every attack force they send anywhere is ambushed by human fleets ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 349)].War lasts "less than 6 years"

c. 2615

Major incident between humans and Kzinti, sometimes called a "war", during which humans, including "Hellflare" troops, fight on Kzin ["Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 57)] "thirty years ago". See Continuity Notes: Man-Kzin Wars, number of.

Harvey Mossbauer 's family is killed and eaten. 22 years before the events of "War and Peace"  (MKW11 p. 347). This same event occurs in canon, but about 100 years earlier, following the canon Fourth War end date of 2505. 

Forces guarding Kzin are drawn off by diversions, allowing individual stasis capsules of Hellflare troops to hit the planet at hundreds of miles second, unmolested.  The Patriarch calls for an amistice about a week later ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 349)]


Comet dweller/Rilchuk Pak fleet is about 50 light-years from Gw'oth homeworld (Jm'ho), leading edge of the fleet is moving at approximately .4 C and accelerating.  Within the time period later observed by the Gw'oth, it has been moving at speeds of up to .9 C [Destroyer of Worlds p. 97]. Fleet is observed by Gw'oth at a 50-light year distance c. 2670.  Note: Phssthpok's average speed during his 35,000-year trip from Pakhome to Earth, must have been 0.9994 C, because relativistic time dilation caused him to age only 1,200 years during that time (Protector p. 4).  So in order for Thssthfok's fleet to have covered virtually the same distance, and arrive only hundreds of years after  Phssthpok, they too must have had an average speed of better than .99 C.

c. 2620-2670

Comet dweller/Rilchuk fleet strikes at least a dozen inhabited worlds in its path, with kinetic planet-killers, after detecting their radio signals [Destroyer of Worlds p. 117]. 


Beowulf Shaeffer becomes a commercial starship pilot ["Ghost", (Crashlander p. 7)] Shaeffer spends 15 years "flying passengers between the worlds" before Nakumura Lines goes bankrupt, 2 years before "Neutron Star" . 

between 2624 and 2639

Outsiders find runaway Lazy Eight slowboat, and put out message that they have info to sell, which is heard by Beowulf Shaeffer as he is piloting a ship to Wunderland ["Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 73)] See c. 2145? 

c. 2627?

Kdapt-Preacher arrives at Kzin, founds a heretical new religion, which teaches that God made man in his image.  He is executed by the Patriarch in single combat ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 334)]  Kdapt-Preacher leaves Home/Epsilon Indi for Kzin by ramship c. 2609, canon sources establish that Kzin is 30 light-years from Earth, and Earth is 12 light-years from Home. This same event occurs in canon, but about 100 years earlier, following the canon Fourth War end date of 2505.  


Richard Schultz-Mann begins to track Stage Trees across Known Space ["A Relic of the Empire" (Neutron Star p. 32)] 12 years before "A Relic of Empire"

c. 2635?

 A single Kzinti ship attacks the Solar System ["Prisoner of War" (MKW7)] Date is a guess. Story takes place after the sixth Kzinti invasion of human space (p. 341). See Continuity Notes: Man-Kzin Wars, number of. 

c. 2635

Harvey Mossbauer commits the last of his 51 assassinations of officials who collaborated with Kzinti during the occupation of Pleasance ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 343)].c . 2637 it has been two years since Mossbauer killed his last collaborator. 


Sigmund Ausfaller is recruited by ARM [Juggler of Worlds]

c. 2637

Transfer booths become cheap enough to be used for non-emergencies ["War and Peace" (MKW11 p. 329)]. 

Peace Corben sells the Outsiders mass conversion ["War and Peace" (MKW11)].

Harvey Mossbauer is captured by Peace Corben and her cyborg Kzin companion Felix Buckminster (formerly Technology-Officer of Fury) when he intrudes on Corben's 70 Ophiuchi base ["War and Peace" (MKW11)]. Corben has known Buckminster for "28 years" (MKW11 p. 333).

Harvey Mossbauer lands on Kzin, and plants a bomb in the harem of the Patriarch. His body is taken intact and stuffed for display ["War and Peace" (MKW11)]  This same event occurs in canon, but about 100 years earlier, following the canon Fourth War end date of 2505. 


Nakamura Lines goes bankrupt ["Ghost" (Crashlander p. 7)] Two years before "Neutron Star".  Note: In "Neutron Star" (Crashlander p. 10) Shaeffer states that it has been 8 months since Nakamura's bankrupcy, and in "Grendel", dated 6 years after "Neutron Star", Shaeffer states that it has been 7 years since Nakamura's bankruptcy (Crashlander p. 108).  

Institute of Knowledge on Jinx finds first old, cold neutron star, BVS-1 ["Neutron Star" (Crashlander p. 12), "Ghost" (Crashlander p. 30)] 2 years before "Neutron Star"

Someone named Miller puts a hyperdrive in a ramscoop, and sets out for the edge of the universe, using hydrogen from space to power the hyperdrive ["Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 90)]


Beowulf Shaeffer is hired by the Puppeteers to investigate the neutron star BVS-1 ["Neutron Star"]  Date stated in Juggler of Worlds.  Note: Although this story contains a reference to "the new 2603 Sinclair intrasystem yacht"" (Crashlander p. 9), it must be assumed the number 2603 does not refer to the year. 

The Isolationist Party of Wunderland may be interested in purchasing a warship at this time ["Neutron Star" (Crashlander p. 18)]

Shaeffer hires a ghostwriter, Ander Smitarrasheed ["Ghost" (Crashlander p. 29)]


"Captain Kidd" finds the Puppeteer home world, becomes a space pirate  ["A Relic of the Empire" (Neutron Star p. 36)]. "just over a year ago"


Richard Schultz-Mann encounters "Captain Kidd" and his crew on Mira Ceti-T ["A Relic of the Empire"] Science Note: In reality, the star Mira is located more than 200 light years from Earth, well outside the area of Known Space. 


Beowulf Shaeffer is hired by the Puppeteers, to test-fly the Quantum II hyperdrive vessel Long Shot, which can propel a ship one light year per 1.25 minutes (420,480 times lightspeed) to the galactic core. He discovers that the core is exploding ["At the Core"] four years after "Neutron Star" (Crashlander p. 33), date also stated in Fleet of Worlds.

Ander Smitterasheed is Shaeffer's ghostwriter a second time ["Ghost" (Crashlander p. 54)].

Puppeteers depart their home system aboard the Fleet of Worlds, headed for galactic north [Ringworld p. 77] 

Among the debris that Puppeteers leave behind in their abandoned system is an unopened stasis box, containing the Thrint Gnix and several Tnuctipun slaves.  At some point during the next 315 years, the box is found by Kzinti ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 224)].

The Puppeteer Exodus causes a massive stock market crash in Known Space ["At the Core"; Fleet of Worlds]. 

Richard Schultz-Mann finds the Puppeteer home world, at the location given to him by the dying Captain Kidd.  However before he can blackmail the Puppeteers, he discovers that they are gone, and that his knowledge has become outdated due to the Puppeteer homeworld leaving its sun ["The Color of Sunfire"] Note: When relating his story to a guest 40 decades later (see c. 2685), Mann only mentions seeing the Puppeteer home world, not the other five worlds of the Fleet,.  

Beowulf Shaeffer visits Earth, meets Gregory Pelton and Sharrol Janss. Pelton purchases the location of the most unusual planet in Known Space from Outsiders, and he and Shaeffer travel there ["Flatlander"] Note: In this story, Pelton has to purchase a ride from the Outsider ship, because the mystery planet is moving through the galaxy at 0.8 C, and according to Pelton "No hyperdrive ship can go that fast in real space".  However, in the 2300s, Kzinti gravity drive ships could reach 0.8 C  ("The Warriors", "Madness Has Its Place"), and it is unclear why three centuries  later, there would be no human ships equipped with both hyperdrive, and a gravity drive equal to that of the Kzinti. In Juggler of Worlds (p. 86-88), Carlos Wu says he does not know of any way to accelerate a ship to 0.8 C in less than 3 months, but the kzinti ship which attacked Angel's Pencil could accelerate at 200 gees (The Warriors"), at which it could reach 0.8 C in 4 days.

Human space is a maximum of about 30 light years across at this time. The Kdatlyno sphere is half the size of human space, the Kzinti sphere slightly larger.  Together all those regions are about 60 light-years across ["At the Core" (Crashlander p. 35-36)]. See 2850.

Outsiders are offering to sell their reactionless drive for a trillion stars ["Flatlander" (Crashlander p. 74)]

Thrusters (a reactionless drive) have begun to be used in human space [Juggler of Worlds p. 87, Destroyer of Worlds p. 75]  See also 2700-2800 


Garvey establishes contact with Grogs on Down ["The Handicapped']. "Timeline for Known Space" (Three Books of Known Space) places this story between "Flatlander" and "Grendel", and it must take place before "Grendel", as Grogs are interstellar passengers in that story (Crashlander p. 109). Note: A drink called "Blue Fire 2728" is mentioned in this story, but that cannot be the vintage year.  


Beowulf Shaeffer and Sharrol Janss want children, but Earth’s Fertility Board denies Shaeffer a parenthood license, due to being an albino, and Flatland Phobia prevents Sharrol from leaving Earth.  They ask Carlos Wu, a friend of theirs and a registered genius with an unlimited parenthood license, to father children for them with Sharrol.  Sharrol marries Carlos on a two-year contract, and Bey leaves Earth, intending to return in two years to marry Sharrol himself and raise their family ["Grendel" (Crashlander p.129-130)]. 

As Shaeffer is traveling to Gummidgy aboard the Argos, another passenger, the Kdatlyno artist Lloobee, is kidnapped during a sightseeing stop.  The Argo continues to Gummidgy, where Shaeffer helps track down the culprits ["Grendel"] Six years after "Neutron Star " ("Grendel", Crashlander p. 134).  Science Note: "Grendel" (Crashlander p. 110) states that Gummidgy orbits CY Aquarii, which in reality is located about 1300 light-years from Earth, well outside the area of Known Space. RRPG; Explorer Book (p. 37) states that Gummidgy orbits Fomalhaut. 


Tanya Wu is born on Earth to Sharrol Janss and Carlos Wu ["The Borderland of Sol" (Crashlander p. 161-162, 169), "Procrustes" (Crashlander p. 218)].

c. 2650?

The variable-sword, discovered in a Slaver stasis box, revolutionizes human society, bringing back swordplay and dueling on many worlds ["The Soft Weapon" (Neutron Star p. 83)] "recently" in 2657

c. 2650

Thssthfok is stranded on Drar world of Mala. In 2670, the Drar world is at least 10 light-years behind the leading edge of the Pak fleet (Destroyer of Worlds p. 127), which is traveling at about .5 C .


At this time the Fleet of Worlds is 10 light-years from the Gw'oth homeworld of Jm'ho, moving at  0.017 C, and will have reached O.3 C when it passes Jm'ho in 2720 [Fleet of Worlds p. 28, 35]  Note: This means the Fleet is accelerating at a rate of 0.004 C per year, which is inconsistent with information in Ringworld (p. 9, 98, 99) regarding the Fleet's location and speed in 2850. See 2780. 

At this time, a Conservative Hindmost is in power [Fleet of Worlds] Note: This is inconsistent with statements by Hindmost in Ringworld Engineers (see Continuity Notes: Hindmost, Puppeteer history according to)

Aboard the Explorer, Nessus leads a team of human Colonists on an expedition to the Gw'oth world, 10 light years from the Fleet of Worlds [Fleet of Worlds].

Nessus heads a project to create lucky humans by secretly manipulating Earth's Fertility Laws.  After a Fertility Board corruption scandal, the Fertility Laws are revised so that everyone is entitled to at least one birthright, while additional birthrights can be granted based on desirable characteristics, awarded for achievements, purchased, fought for in the arena, or won by Lottery [Ringworld p. 28-29, 184-185, 188]. "two hundred years ago". Notes: (1) In Ringworld (p. 29), Nessus states that the purpose of this manipulation was to produce lucky humans, via the Birthright Lotteries. However, in Fleet of Worlds, the stated purpose is simply to distract the ARM from its search for the Puppeteer homeworld. (2) In Ringworld Engineers (p. 38), Hindmost claims that he was responsible for both the Puppeteer intervention in the First Man-Kzin War, and the tampering with Earth's Fertility Laws, but this cannot be reconciled with information in Fleet of Worlds (See Continuity Notes: Hindmost: Puppeteer history according to)

The Puppeteer Adonis/Achilles collapses a moon into a compact mass of neutronium, creating the first of his neutronium traps in the wake of the Fleet [Juggler of Worlds p. 13-132] 

Nessus helps Dr. Julian Forward create neutronium [Fleet of Worlds]

Ship disappearances around Sol, due to Dr. Forward using microscopic black hole for piracy ["The Borderland of Sol"]

Two human hyperdrive ships disappear at the edge of human space towards galactic north, bringing the total to only 12 such disappearances, excluding those associated with incidents of warfare, since humans obtained the hyperdrive.  Presumably they fell victim to Achilles' neutronium traps [Fleet of Worlds p. 184] 

Explorer's Colonist crew find a hidden recording aboard Long Pass, made by the ship's navigator, which reveals the truth about Colonist history.  They destroy the General Products hull encasing Long Pass, and use the comandeered ramship to threaten Hearth. The Puppeteers are coerced into granting the Colonists their independence, and allowing NP4 to leave the Fleet of Worlds.  NP4 is renamed New Terra.  Conservatives are removed from power on Fleet of Worlds.  The Experimentalist Nike becomes the new Hindmost [Fleet of Worlds].

Louis Gridley Wu is born on Earth to Sharrol Janss and Carlos Wu ["The Borderland of Sol" (Crashlander p. 161-162, 169), "Procrustes" (Crashlander p. 218)] In "There is a Tide", dated 2830, Louis is 180 years old. (Three Books of Known Space p. 544) 


While stranded on Jinx, Beowulf Shaeffer encounters Carlos Wu at the Institute of Knowledge. Sigmund Ausfaller gives Shaeffer and Wu a ride to Sol system aboard his ship Hobo Kelly . Near Sol, they unexpectedly drop out of hyperspace, and discover their hyperdrive motor has vanished.  After some investigation, they contact Dr. Forward, who invites them to Forward Station ["The Borderland of Sol", Fleet of Worlds, Juggler of Worlds]  Date specified in Juggler of Worlds (p. 151).  


The Puppeteer Baedeker discovers the Explorer crew's method for destroying General Products hulls. ARM agents aboard Hobo kelly locate the Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds.  Puppeteers destroy the ship's hull, killing the agents, but not before they have transmitted a visual image of the Fleet [Juggler of Worlds] 

At this time the Fleet of Worlds is traveling at just under 0.03 light speed [Juggler of Worlds p. 200] According to statement by Sigmund Ausfaller, based on information from Hobo Kelly. Note: In "Ghost" (Crashlander p. 55), set in 2655, Ander Smitterasheed claims that according to Ausfaller, ARM cameras have recorded the Fleet flying by at .8 lights.  See also 2650, 2670, 2685, 2720, 2780


Beowulf Shaeffer and Sharrol Janss secretly emigrate to Fafnir with Carlos Wu and ARM agent Feather Filip. Upon reaching Fafnir, Feather shoots Shaeffer in the chest, but Carlos manages to escape to Home with Tanya and Louis, and Sharrol kills Feather. Sharrol then removes Shaeffer's head and places it in Carlos Wu's nanotechnology-based autodoc, which reconstitutes his body, sized to Carlos Wu's smaller body proportions ["Procrustes"]. 

Carlos Wu tells Louis and Tanya that their names are now Nathan and Tweena [Betrayer of Worlds p 23].


Beowulf Shaeffer is found by Ander Smitarrasheed, who shoots Sigmund Ausfaller in order to gain Carlos Wu's nanotech autodoc ["Ghost" (Crashlander)]. Date specified in Juggler of Worlds.  Note: In "Ghost" (Crashlander p. 4-5), Schaeffer says that Smitarrasheed was seeing him for the "first time in 12 years", which would place the story in 2657. 

Nessus saves Sigmund Ausfaller's life by placing him in stasis in his ship, while he searches for Wu's autodoc [Juggler of Worlds].

Beowulf Shaeffer and Sharrol emigrate to Home ["Ghost" (Crashlander)]

Ander Smitterasheed is killed in a shootout with Fafnir police ["Fly-by-Night" (MKW9), Juggler of Worlds]

At this time, Earth is still experiencing an Ice Age, and would be "pretty cold" if not for all the power it is receiving from orbiting satellites ["Ghost" (Crashlander p.103)].See 2155. 


Beowulf Shaeffer, using the alias Martin Graynor, travels to Home aboard Odysseus, along with a pregnant Sharrol and their child Jeena in cryogenic suspension. En route, Odysseus is boarded by hostile Kzinti, who seek Shaeffer's fellow passenger Fly-By-Night, a latent Kzinti Telepath from the joint human-Kzinti colony of Sheathclaws ["Fly-by-Night" (MKW9)].


Nessus hires Jason and Marie  Papandreous to transport him from Jinx to an Outsider ship, where he purchases a stasis box ("The Soft Weapon" (Neutron Star).

Nessus also purchases the location of Pelton's antimatter planet from the Outsiders. The Outsiders tell Nessus they have observed New Terra leaving the Fleet, and remind him the Puppeteers agreed not to share the planetary drive [Juggler of Worlds]. 

While returning to Jinx, Jason Papandreous makes a sight-seeing stop at Beta Lyrae, where a deep radar search discovers another stasis box. Landing on the frozen planet Cue Ball to investigate, the Papandreous and Nessus are taken prisoner by the Kzinti crew of Traitor's Claw, who were using an empty stasis box as bait ["The Soft Weapon" (Neutron Star)]. Science Note: In reality, Beta Lyrae is located about 900 light-years from Earth, well outside the area of Known Space. 


Nessus obtains Carlos Wu's nanotech autodoc by this time [Juggler of Worlds]. Note: In Ringworld's Children (p. 43), Hindmost states that Nessus obtained Wu's autodoc 6 years after Wu disappeared, which would have been 2660. 


Sigmund Ausfaller awakens on New Terra in Wu's autodoc, as Puppeteers destroy all General Products hulls in the New Terra fleet, and attempt to reestablish control there. Ausfaller and Nessus strike a deal with the Outsiders, who guarantee New Terra rights to its planetary drive, in return for the Puppeteer starseed lure. Achilles attempts to disable New Terra's planetary drive, risking catastrophe, and is stopped by Baedecker [Juggler of Worlds].

c. 2665

Nathan Graynor/Louis Wu runs away from Home to Fafnir [Betrayer of Worlds p. 24, 54]


Comet-dweller/Rilchuk fleet is about 25 light-years from Jm'ho, about 15 light-years from the Fleet of Worlds and New Terra. Pak vanguard is approaching at .5 C (Destroyer of Worlds p. 294), Pak were 50 light-years away from Jm'ho in 2625, and Fleet of Worlds is about 10 light-years from Jm'ho.

At this time the Fleet of Worlds is traveling at approximately 0.1 light speed  [Destroyer of Worlds p. 310]  See also 2650, 2653, 2685, 2720, 2780

Louis Wu studies the Puppeteers in college [Ringworld p.5] "180 years" before his 200th birthday


In response to an urgent communication from the Gwo'th, Sigmund Ausfaller and the former Explorer crew travel from New Terra to Jm'ho, aboard the Don Quixote. From the Gwo'th discovery of a light-years-wide disruption in the interstellar medium, they learn of the incoming fleet of ramships, and the kinetic strikes on inhabited worlds in its path. While conducting recon behind the fleet's leading edge, they investigate the Drar world and capture Thssthfok. Ausfaller makes contact with an Outsider ship, and while failing to obtain aid, does acquire a salvaged singleship, containing Alice Jordan in stasis. While attempting to duplicate the Outsider planetary drive, Puppeteer engineer Baedeker creates a bomb, which causes planets to fly apart at near light speed. Thssthfok escapes from Don Quixote in Jordan's Brennan-modified singleship. Following the detonations of two planet-busters in their path, the Pak veer away towards galactic south. The Gwo'th obtain the hyperdrive [Destroyer of Worlds].  According to Juggler of Worlds, Ausfaller arrived on New Terra in 2658. It is stated in Destroyer of Worlds (p. 33, 37) that a New Terra year is 90% of an Earth year, and that Ausfaller has lived on New Terra for 13 local years.  Therefore, Destroyer begins in 2670.  On p. 148 of Destroyer, which takes place a few months later, Ausfaller estimates that the year is approximately 2675.  However, if Ausfaller doesn't know how long he was in stasis before waking up on New Terra, he wouldn't know what year it is. 


Louis Wu begins taking boosterspice [Ringworld p. 317] 170 years before Ringworld

c. 2675? 

"A few years" after Nathan Graynor/Louis Wu leaves Home, "everyone" in his family allegedly dies in an accident.  However, Nathan/Louis appears to have known, or subsequently learned, that his parents did not actually die at that time, because in 2870 he assumes they are still alive and in hiding, despite a lack of contact with them for "decades" [Betrayer of Worlds p. 29].

c. 2685

Richard Schultz-Mann tells his story to a visitor to Silvereyes ["The Color of Sunfire"]

By this time, the average citizen of Earth uses more power in a day than "a citizen of Russia, at its peak of power, used in a lifetime" ["The Color of Sunfire"].  

Population of We Made it is nearly a billion  ["The Color of Sunfire"]


Fleet of Worlds leaves Known Space at this time? ["The Soft Weapon" (Neutron Star p. 103-104)]. Nessus tells Jason Papandreous that "My people will be in Known Space for another 28 human years", and Nessus describes Known Space as a "60 light-year volume" .  See also 2650, 2653, 2670, 2720, 2780

between 2700 and 2800 

Thrusters largely replace fusion drives ["Timeline for Known Space" (Three Books of Known Space)] See also 2645

c. 2710 

Louis Wu takes the first of his four "sabbaticals", in a singleship to the edge of Known Space [Ringworld p. 8] In Ringworld (p. 8), dated 2850, it is stated that Louis takes such sabbaticals "every 40 years or therebouts", and that he returned from the most recent, his fourth, 20 years earlier. See also c. 2750, c. 2790, 2830. 


The Fleet of Worlds passes the Gw'oth home world of Jm'ho at approximately this date, moving at 0.3 C [Fleet of Worlds p.35, Destroyer of Worlds p. 54]. See also 2650, 2653, 2670, 2685, 2780

c. 2750

Louis Wu receives laser weapons training, for a war that never happens [Ringworld p. 318] Note: It is also stated in Ringworld (p. 151) that Louis "never had war training" 

Louis Wu takes the second of his four singleship  "sabbaticals" [Ringworld p. 8] See also c. 2710, c. 2790, 2830


At this time, the Fleet of Worlds has traveled more than 30 light years and reached 0.5 C [Betrayer of Worlds p. 56, 57]. Note: It is well established that the Puppeteer home system lies within Known Space, which has a radius of about 40 light-years. Therefore, by 2850, the Fleet must be less than 140 light years from Earth.  This is inconsistent with information in Ringworld (p. 9, 98) and Fate of Worlds (p. 59) that in 2850, the Fleet is two light-years from the Ringworld, which is about 200 light-years from Sol. See also 2650, 2653, 2670, 2685, 2720, 2893. 

At this time, Baedeker is Hindmost of the Puppeteers and leader of the Experimentalists. Achilles has been released from rehabilitation and is now Minister of Science [Betrayer of Worlds


Louis Wu proposes marriage to Paula Cherenkov. She says no, and tells him they should just be friends [Ringworld p.24] Date is from Betrayer of Worlds p. 54-55. Note: In Ringworld (p. 24), Louis Wu says that he was "young" when he proposed to Paula, and that he had known her for years before that time.  However, in 2780 Louis is 130 years old, and it is also stated in Betrayer of Worlds (p. 54-55) that Louis had met Paula only months earlier.

Nathan Graynor/Louis Wu has "finally made it" to Earth, where he spends months considering whether to provide local authorities with a sample of his DNA. While Nathan/Louis waffles, he meets and loses Paula Cheronkov [Betrayer of Worlds p. 54-55]. Note: Louis Wu being absent from Earth from age 4 through 130, is inconsistent with Ringworld  (p. 60) which states that "City lights drowned the starlight over most of the Earth. Louis Wu had been raised a flatlander, he had not seen a star until he was twenty-six."  

Nathan Graynor/Louis Wu leaves Earth to become a blockade runner delivering supplies to rebels on Wunderland [Betrayer of Worlds].

Louis Wu is caught up in a revolution on Wunderland, and fights as a guerilla for three months until he can get to a ship [Ringworld p. 151].

Nessus rescues Nathan Graynor/Louis Wu on Wunderland, in return for information that will help him locate Beawulf Shaeffer. and recruits him into the Puppeteers' cold war with the Gw'oth, on the condition that his memories will be edited. Achilles instigates a war between two Gw'oth worlds, in order to create a Gw'oth fleet that would pass near Hearth, so that he can destroy the apparent threat and become Hindmost.  Louis Wu infiltrates Achilles' operation and sabotages his plans. Treachery by Achilles results in the Gw'oth installing Achilles as Hindmost, and creating the projection Chiron to represent their interests in the Hindmost's cabinet. Louis Wu rescues Nessus from his imprisonment with Baedeker, and learns that he has conceived a child with Alice Jordan [Betrayer of Worlds]. Dates specified in Betrayer of Worlds (p. 147)


Nessus returns Louis Wu to Known Space with edited memories, in an "amazing" singleship which Louis intends to sell for a fortune [Betrayer of Worlds].


Isolationist New Terran regime veers away from the Fleet of Worlds.

c. 2790 

Louis Wu takes the third of his four singleship "sabbaticals" [Ringworld p. 8] See also c. 2710, c. 2750, 2830


Louis Wu is chasing Paula Chernenkov, who wants children. Louis has a vasectomy reversed on Jinx, then Paula leaves Earth because she wants a large family [Ringworld's Children p 190]. Louis says, "I had the habit of bugging out of human space from time to time (...) This time I went to Jinx (...)" , after which Paula left Earth "a few years" before he found the Trinocs. Notes (1): In Ringworld (p. 37-38) Louis  implies that his relationship with Paula when he was "young" (Ringworld p. 24, 37-38) was their only time together.(2)  Ringworld (p. 27) states that birth control has long been easily accomplished by inserting a crystal under the arm, which prevents conception for a year while it dissolves.   


Achilles removed from power, Baedeker becomes Hindmost again [Fate of Worlds p. 91]


On his fourth "sabbatical", Louis Wu makes first contact with Trinocs ["There is a Tide"] Date stated in story (Three Books of Known Space p. 544).

Birth of Teela Jandrova Brown, great-great-granddaughter of Paula Cherenkov.  Teela is born by reason of a winning Birthright Lottery ticket, as were all of her ancestors for five generations [Ringworld p. 16, 29]. In Ringworld (p. 16, 165), Teela is stated to be 20 years old. Note: In Ringworld's Children (p.119), Louis Wu says that she was in her 30's.

2830 to sometime before 2851 

Louis Wu serves as the first ambassador to the Trinocs [Ringworld's Children p. 190] 


UN-Trinoc Treaty [RRPG].


Roxany Gauthier is born [Ringworld's Children p. 70].

c. 2850

Known Space is 80 light years in diameter [Ringworld p. 218]. See also 2645. Note: RRPG: Explorer Book (p. 41) says human space is 40 light-years in diameter at this time, the Introduction to Three Books of Known Space says 60 light-years. 

Total human population is slightly more than 30 billion, including Earth's 18.5 billion [Ringworld Engineers p. 308, RRPG: Explorer Book] Note: "A Relic of the Empire" , set in 2644, states that human space contains "nearly 50 billion readers", and in "At the Core" (Crashlander p. 53), set in 2645, Beowulf Shaeffer says that humans number 43 billion.  However, these statements must be disregarded. 

There are 3.2 billion humans on Wunderland (Alpha Centauri A), 2.1 billion on Jinx (Sirius A), 950 million on We Made It  (Procyon), 851 million on Home (Epsilon Indi), 360 million on Down, 172 million on Silvereyes (Beti Hydri), 105 million on Plateau (Tau Ceti), 19 million on Gummidgy (Fomalhaut), 8.5 million on Canyon (Eridani.A) and less than 500,000 on Margrave [RRPG: Explorer Book]. See also 2345, c. 2685.

For 200 years, 10-13% of Earth's population has been born as the result of a winning Birthright Lottery ticket. [Ringworld p. 24]

Total Dolphin population is 8-10 billion [RRPG: Creatures Book p. 5]

The Kzinti population is less than an eighth of what it was when Kzin first met man [Ringworld p. 13]. 

Ringworld population is estimated to be about 30 trillion [Ringworld Engineers p. 309, RRPG: Gamemaster Book]


By this time, Louis Wu has lived enough years on each world of human space to be known as a native [Ringworld p. 9]

By this time, Louis Wu has had four children, one by lottery [Ringworld p. 28] Note: This presumably does not include the child he fathered with Alice Jordan in Betrayer of Worlds

The UN wants to award Louis Wu a birthright for finding the Trinics and serving as ambassador. Doctors are waiting to reverse Louis' vasectomy, which shouldn't have already been reversed [Ringworld's Children p. 190].

While celebrating his 200th birthday, Louis Wu is contacted by Nessus, who recruits Louis and the Kzin diplomat Speaker-to-Animals for an expedition to the Ringworld, 200 light-years from Earth, in exchange for the Quantum II hyperdrive ship Long Shot   Nessus also recruits Teela Brown, a young woman Louis has just met at his party, who Nessus believes has been bred for luck. Initially Teela refuses, but changes her mind days later [Ringworld].

Teela decides she wants to have Louis Wu's child.  Without telling Louis, she has her sterility treatment reversed [Ringworld's Children p. 252].Speculation by Louis Wu.  Note: The story refers to Teela using a "five-year patch", however Ringworld (p. 27) describes a different standard means of birth control. 

One day after Teela agrees to join, the first Ringworld expedition departs Sol system aboard Long Shot. Two light-years from Ringworld, they briefly stop at the Fleet of Worlds, before departing again aboard the Lying Bastard [Ringworld].

At this time the Fleet of Worlds is moving at "nearly light speed" along galactic north [Ringworld p. 99] 


After being fired on by the Ringworld's meteor defenses, the Lying Bastard crashes on Ringworld, near Fist-of-God mountain.  The four expedition members begin exploring in flycycles, heading for the rim wall. Nessus reveals the Puppeteer involvement in the Man-Kzin Wars, and in the creation of the Birthright Lotteries which produced Teela Brown. Speaker is injured by Sunflowers, and they visit the floating castle "Heaven", before passing through an "eye storm" created by a meteor puncture, where Teela is separated from the group. Five days and 150,000 miles after their arrival, the remaining three encounter Ringworld native Harloprillalar.  While returning the way they came in Harloprillilar's floating building, they are reunited with Teela, now traveling with Ringworld native Seeker.  As they are gathering fallen shadow square wire beneath Heaven, they are attacked by natives and one of Nessus' heads is decapitated.  Teela remains behind with Seeker, while Louis, Nessus, Speaker, and Harloprillilar leave the Ringworld in Liar, through a puncture atop Fist-Of-God [Ringworld] Date of expedition's arrival on Ringworld specified in Ringworld Throne (p. 3). Note: It is stated in Ringworld (p. 334, 341) that they traveled across the Ringworld for 2-3 months, but Ringworld Engineers (p. 34) states that their travels lasted "almost a year".   

Louis returns to Earth with Harloprillilar [Ringworld Engineers]

Louis and Speaker give Long Shot to ARM and Patriarchy with the understanding it will be shared [Ringworld's Children p. 46]

Teela and Seeker take the rim transport system halfway around the Ringworld to Ocean Two.  Teela gives birth to Louis Wu's son, Wembleth [Ringworld's Children p. 252] 

Nessus recovers, shocked into sanity by the trauma of his beheading. Hindmost mates with Nessus, once according to their contract, and then a second time for love. They have two children [Ringworld Engineers p. 28]. 

c. 2853

Harloprillalar dies while in ARM custody [Ringworld Engineers p. 28-29] "A year and five months after reaching Earth", or 18 years before the beginning of the Second Ringworld Expedition, which Ringworld Engineers places in 2872 (see Note for 2880-2881).


Hindmost is deposed by the Conservative faction [Ringworld Engineers p. 38-40, Ringworld's Children p. 59] [Fate of Worlds p. 66]

c. 2874

Louis Wu vists the House of the Patriarch's Past and a hunting park on Kzin [Ringworld Engineers p. 20, 284]  "20 years ago"

Louis Wu becomes a current addict, living on Canyon under an assumed name [Ringworld Engineers p. 9] 19 years before beginning of Second Ringworld Expedition

c. 2871

Wembleth sees Teela for the last time [Ringworld's Children p. 253] "I was near 80 falans when she disappeared"  


According to speculation by Louis Wu: Teela finds the Tree-of-Life patch in the Penultimate's Citadel, and becomes a Protector, before reaching the Repair Center [Ringworld's Children p. 231, 253-254] Speculation is based on the presence of Teela's skirt at the Penultimate's Citadel


According to speculation by Louis Wu: Teela, now a Protector, captures the Kzinti sailing ship Hidden Patriarch while visiting the Map of Earth to see how the archaic Pak are faring, and sails it to Map of Mars [Ringworld's Children p. 254]. Date based on Hidden Patriarch's travel time from Map of Mars to Map of Earth in Ringworld Throne (p. 77). Note: In Ringworld Engineers (p. 306) Teela claims that she and Seeker captured Hidden Patriarch before she became a Protector, but details of this claim are inconsistent with statements by Wembleth (see Notes for 2874).     


Teela reaches the Repair Center under the Map of Mars in the Great Ocean. Teela later tells Louis it is at this time that she eats Tree-of-Life, and becomes a Protector [Ringworld Engineers p. 307, Ringworld's Children p. 58, 231, 253-255] Notes: (1) Ringworld Engineers (p. 306, 309, 312) places Teela's arrival at the Repair Center c. 2870. (2) In Ringworld Engineers, Teela states that she entered the Repair Center with Seeker, and that Seeker died there, which is corroborated by Bram (Ringworld Throne p. 326).  But according to Wembleth (Ringworlds's Children p. 253), Teela was exploring alone when she disappeared. In Ringworld 's Children (p. 254-255), Louis Wu speculates that Teela, already a Protector, arrived at the Repair Center disguised as a breeder, along with some older male other than Seeker. (3) Teela claims in Ringworld Engineers (p. 306) that she and Seeker reached the Repair Center after a 16-year journey across the Great Ocean. However, a 16-year absence cannot be reconciled with Wembleth's account.  


A large body impacts the Ringworld sun, causing a flare which pushes the Ringworld off center. During the flare, the shadow square system closes for 2-3 days [Ringworld Throne p. 326, Ringworld Engineers p. 103]. Note: Ringworld Engineers places this flare in 2869 (see Note for 2880-2881)

Teela leaves the Repair Center for the rim to fix the attitude jet system. Anne secretly observes Teela as she unknowingly takes over Anne's job, ready to kill her at the first sign of incompetence [Ringworld Throne p. 326] .

Teela creates three other Protectors to assist her, from the Spill Mountain People, the Ghouls, and the Vampires. They all start pulling motors out of returning ships and remounting them [Ringworld Engineers p. 309, Ringworld Throne p. 331].

Teela through the rim wall above a Spill Mountain, to access a Ringworld spaceport [Ringworld Throne p. 347]. Note: It is stated that Teela returned through the tunnel 40 falans before 2892, and her initial passage was 70 falans before that, which would be in 2864.  However, that does not fit the timeline. . 

The Vampire Protector (later called Mary Shelly by Bram) secretly makes other Protectors of her own Vampire species (who Bram later calls Lovecraft, Collier, and King) [Ringworld Throne p. 384]. 


Second Ringworld Expedition begins, when Hindmost kidnaps Louis Wu and Chmee (formerly Speaker-to-Animals) from Canyon, and the trio depart for the Ringworld in Hot Needle of Inquiry [Ringworld Engineers] Date stated in Ringworld Throne (p. 3) Note: Ringworld Engineers places this in 2872 (see Note following 2880-2881). 


Teela finds evidence of a rival Protector, possibly Anne's Tree-of-Life Garden or fingerprints on the rim wall motors [Ringworld Throne p. 338].   

Teela returns through Spill Mountain tunnel [Ringworld Throne p. 347]. See 2875.

Teela returns to the Repair Center, followed by Mary Shelly and the Spill Mountain Protetctor, who then are both killed by Teela.  The Ghoul Protector remains on the rim to supervise evacuation from the Ringworld [Ringworld Engineers p. 309, Ringworld Throne p. 384]. 


Needle reaches the Ringworld. Hindmost informs Louis Wu and Chmee that the Ringworld will impact its sun in a year.  Louis and Chmee explore, while ostensibly seeking a matter transmuter for Hindmost, who remains behind in Needle. Louis meets Herders and Grass Giants, boils the ocean to stop a Sunflower infestation, encounters Vampires and Valavirgillin of the Machine People. While separated from Chmee, Louis visits the library in a floating City Builder city, and when he teleports back to Needle via stepping disk, he is followed by two City Builder librarians, the woman Harkabeeparolyn and boy kawaresksenjajok. Louis and Hindmost rescue Chmee from the Map of Kzin, and Louis destroys Needle's hyperdrive motor. Needle enters the Repair Center under the Map of Mars, and is trapped there by Teela Brown. Louis is forced to kill Teela in battle. Ringworld stability is restored by Hindmost, using the Ringworld's meteor defense laser to create a plasma jet to feed the remounted attitude jets [Ringworld Engineers] Date given in Ringworld Throne (p. 3). Dates stated in Ringworld Throne (p. 3). Note: Ringworld Engineers places the expedition's arrival in 2874, as "23 years"  is given as the amount of time since they first and last saw the Ringworld (p. 32, 41, etc).    

Louis believes that restoring stability has killed 1.5 trillion Ringworld inhabitants, 5% of the Ringworld's population.  However, actually about 10-100 million have been killed, deaths having been limited to the spill mountains along the rim [Ringworld Engineers p. 341, Ringworld Throne p. 12, 136].  

Louis, Chmee, Harka, and Kawa leave the Map of Mars aboard the sailing ship Hidden Patriarch [Ringworld Throne p. 5, 77] 


Hidden Patriarch reaches Map of Earth, Chmee disembarks [Ringworld Throne p. 5, 77] Note: According to Ringworld Throne (p. 5), the distance from Map of Mars to Map of Earth is 300,000 miles. However, according to Ringworld Engineers (p. 211, 213), it is 200,000 miles from Map of Kzin to Map of Mars, and 100,000 miles from Map of Mars to Map of Earth.  . 

Birth of Acolyte, son of Chmee [Ringworld's Children p. 56] Acolyte is 12 in 2893


Hidden Patriarch reaches shore of Great Ocean, Louis Wu, Harka and Kawa disembark [Ringworld Throne p. 77]


Hindmost observes newly manufactured attitude jets being mounted [Ringworld Throne p. 229]

Roxany Gauthier leaves Sol system for Ringworld aboard ARM carrier ship Gray Nurse [Ringworld's Children p. 70] 


Valavirgillin leads a group of Fearless Vampire Hunters, aided secretly by Anne/Whisper. A rapidly aging Louis Wu lives in Weaver Town, in occasional contact with Hindmost in Needle. Louis is secretly observed by Acolyte, who has been sent by Chmee to learn wisdom by "stalking" Louis. Hindmost shows Louis incoming Kzinti ships being destroyed by Bram, and convinces Louis with webeye video of Valvirgillin, that the deaths caused by restoring Ringworld stability were limited to the rim. When Louis teleports to Needle via one of the Hindmost's stepping disks, he is followed by Bram and Acolyte. Bram seizes control of Needle from Hindmost.  Louis is rejuvenated by Carlos Wu's nanotech autodoc. Bram and Anne kill Lovecraft and Collier, then while Anne and King are fighting, both are killed by some Spill Mountain Protectors.  Louis lures Tunesmith, a Ghoul, to the Repair Center to become a Protector. Tunesmith, Louis and Acolyte kill Bram [Ringworld Throne].

Gray Nurse arrives at Ringworld [Ringworld's Children p. 70].In 2893, Gray Nurse had arrived "10 months ago" 

A six-person expedition, including Richard and Gay Guthlac, Charrgh-Captain, and the Wunderkzin Telepath Peter Robinson, takes the ship Whomping Wallaby to investigate a 9 mile wide Slaver stasis box ["Peter Robinson" (MKW10)]. .


ARM ships involved in the "Fringe War" are using antimatter mined from Pelton's antimatter planet. Tunesmith creates servant Hanging People Protectors, begins manufacturing stepping disks, frees Needle and repairs its hyperdrive. Louis learns that Kzinti have stolen Long Shot and are using it in the Fringe War. Tunesmith, Louis Wu, Acolyte, and Hindmost use Needle to capture Long Shot. An antimatter explosion creates a huge hole in the Ringworld floor, Tunesmith prevents the Ring's atmosphere from escaping. ARM agents including Roxany Gauthier capture Louis, Acolyte, the Hanging People Protector Hanuman, and Ringworld native Wembleth. Louis, Roxany, Hanuman and Wembleth are captured by the Protector Proserpina and taken to a Map of Pak in Great Ocean Two. Roxany and Wembleth enter the stepping disk system via a disk found at the Penultimate's Citadel, followed by Proserpina and Hanuman. Louis finds Tree-of-Life at the Citadel and eats it.. Hanuman takes Proserpina to the Repair Center, Tunesmith and Proserpina begin spreading nanomachine dust throughout the Ringworld's scrith foundation. Louis awakens as a Protector. When Louis finds Roxany and Wembleth, he learns that Wembleth's mother was Teela Brown, he is Wembleth's father, and Wembleth has impregnated Roxany. Acolyte is sent to Chmee, on the Map of Earth, with a warning not to look at the sky for two days. Louis and Hindmost escape the Ringworld in Long Shot.  Tunesmith and Proserpina fly the Ringworld about 3,000 light years through hyperspace at Quantum II speed, to another star. Carlos Wu's nanotech autodoc restores Louis to breeder stage. Louis and Hindmost head for Home [Ringworld's Children].

At this time the Fleet of Worlds is traveling at 80% of light speed [Fate of Worlds p. 172]


Events described in Fate of Worlds


Richard and Gay Guthlac are observers aboard Charrgh-Captain's ship Cunning Stalker, investigating another stasis box, which is discovered to contain a catnip-like substance ["String" (MKW12)].

Telepath from the Cunning Stalker expedition is appointed governor of Kzrral.  He and his aide-de-camp, Cunning Stalker's Slaverstudent (formerly Gnyr-Captain of Fury) plan to cool Kzrral, by putting gravity generators on its moon, and gradually dragging it further from its primary over a few centuries. They also plan to improve the health and reliability of the empire's telepaths, by raising catnip ["String" (MKW11 p. 193, 195)].   

At this time, a "large proportion" of Wunderland's human population is descended from the Romans evacuated from Kzrral ["String" (MKW12 p. 169)].


A human guide takes a group of Kzinti ambassadors on an African safari ["Hunting Park" (MKW11)]


Birth of the Kzin Schleer, a telepathic Patriarch's Son. In "Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 223), dated 2965, Schleer states that he is only four years old.  


Schleer learns about Harvey Mossbauer from Felix Buckminster. Peace Corben leads more than half of 200,000 other human Protectors in a project to construct shielding against the Core explosion. The Thrint Gnix and his Tnuctipun slaves are released from stasis. Gnix enslaves most of Kzin, Kzinti begin mining antimatter from Pelton's antimatter planet. Peace Corben attacks Kzin, with the help of the Greenbergs, who have been rescued from the Lazy Eight III, and transformed into Protectors. Gnix and his Tnctipun are killed by Judy Greenberg and Schleer. The Greenbergs tailor plagues which will kill any Thrint or Tnuctipun released in Known Space thereafter ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12)].Date stated in story (MKW12 p. 203)

c. 3000

Expansion. Known Space becomes the Thousand Worlds ["Timeline for Known Space" in Three Books of Known Space].

Longevity strongly effects society ["Timeline for Known Spacein Three Books of Known Space].

3101 or later

Minor incident on Margrave, involving an aircar and a roc ["Safe at Any Speed"]."Your car is perfectly safe, provided it was built later than 3100 A.D." (Three Books of Known Space p. 563)


Altairians emerge from immaterial stasis ["Peace and Freedom" (MKW12 p. 226)] in 2965, Peace Corben estimates that this will occur in ""about 2,000 years". 

c. 23,000

Radiation from the Core explosion arrives in Known Space. In "At the Core", dated 2646, Beowulf Shaeffer states that the radiation will arrive in 20,000 years, or c. 22,646In Ringworld (p. 40), dated 2850, Louis Wu also uses the 20,000 year figure, which would place the radiation's arrival  c. 22,850.  

c. 120,000

Loeffler's ship comes close enough to Hooker's ship to kill Hooker ["The Ethics of Madness"].Date stated in story. Note: Story says that Hooker has aged "tens of thousands" of years, which would give him a maximum time dilation ratio of 12-1, and maximum speed of 0.9965 C.