KVRA Members


Matt Waterman

Engineer and retired Weapon Engineer in the Royal Navy.

How long have you lived in Knowle Village?

Having lived in various locations around Fareham as a child and adult, I moved to Knowle Village in 2014.

Why did you join the Residents Association?

I put my hand up; seriously, that is genuinely what happened! 

Having attended the AGM in February in 2016, it was evident that new volunteers were required to to augment those Members who had chosen to stay; without a certain number of Members, there would have been no Committee to represent the residents of Knowle Village to the wider world, including Wickham Parish Council and FirstPort.

I looked around the room and saw that those who expressed an interest in joining the Committee, along with those who had chosen to stay, had some really good ideas and skills; all that was needed was a little bit of leadership to bring everyone together and someone to tend to the associated admin! I therefore volunteered my spare time to help the Community, in order to ensure that residents of Knowle are provided with a voice.

Committee Member

Adrian Brown

Committee Member

Barry Causer

Committee Member

Margaret Causer


Kirtsy Raggett

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Sue Snow