Chairman Chatter

Good news for the village.

Road repair:
Recently the committee approached the principal landlord Berkeley Homes to ask for a financial donation in assisting with the repair work at the Bollard location. I am happy to report that Berkeley Homes paid directly for all of the road repairs that were needed to the road as well as some remedial work to the Bollards. This contribution has really helped the expenditure which would otherwise have been paid from the maintenance funds. I personally would like to congratulate the committee member who took this proposition to Berkeley  and resolutely secured the negotiation.


Over the winter months a substantial amount of necessary work was carried out within the boundaries of Knowle village. As this is a costly business, the committee have asked First Port to contact the owner of the ransom strip with a view to obtaining some financial assistance. We await their reply.

Potential new office space for the Estate Manager (Bill Matthews):

No final decision has been made regarding this project, regardless of rumours to the contrary, we are currently discussing this expenditure with Berkeley Homes and First Port. Our goal is to get the best long term financial outcome for the village.

Please note:
The KVRA is a voluntary committee within the village that is re-elected on an annual basis at the AGM. However, new members are always welcome to get involved at any time. Should you wish to join us or you  have any issues or concerns regarding the village, please get in touch by directly contacting the KVRA at the following email address.

Chair KVRA