Setting up your own Knowledge-Building Centre Using Google Sites.
  1. First you need to decide on an idea for your KBC. Build an online KBC to support an inquiry unit. Think of a name for your KBC - one that is concise and will make an easy-to-remember website address.
  2. Log in to your Google account.
  3. From the "more" drop-down menu, select Sites.
  4. Click on the Create new site button.
  5. Name your site.
  6. Choose the template. Click on Browse the gallery for more templates. Enter T4L Inquiry in the search box to find Carol Koechlin's template.
  7. Choose you site options.
  8. Type in the security code, and then click on the Create site button. You're all set to proceed!

We will take some time during the workshop looking at how to edit and manage your Google site. For more help, take some time to review the resources on the Tools and Tutorials page of this site.