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KBC Templates to Try
KBC Examples to Explore
          An elementary example on Bullying https://sites.google.com/site/bullyingelementaryschool/
          A secondary example on Internet Safety https://sites.google.com/site/internetsafetykbc/
Challenges of Climate Change: A KBC for Grade 10 Academic Science (Ontario)
Permissions for this site are protected (we will show it to you in the workshop), but here are some links to student groups culminating task - creating their own Google sites.

Resources about knowledge-building centres.
David Loertscher's School Learning Commons Knowledge Building Center  explore the section on Knowledge Building Centers; the Heart of the Learning Commons 
Ontario School Library Association: Together for Learning
Article to read:
Knowledge Building Centers: The Heart of the Learning Commons. Carol Koechlin, Michelle Luhtala, and David Loertscher. Teacher Librarian, Feb. 2011.
View the article online using Teacher Librarian's Digital Interface: http://www.teacherlibrarian.com/