50days until
our next meeting on 1st Sept. when we will welcome back Dr Paul Roche, of the University of South Wales, talking about Neutron Stars.


This Yahoo group enables members to receive notices intended for all members (skynotes, meetings, visits, etc). It also enables a member to send messages of general interest to all other participating members by sending to one address only - knowleastro@yahoogroups.com . Sending messages via the group also helps to prevent our email addresses falling into the hand of "spammers ". In order for this system to work effectively however, all members, with email addresses should join the group.

Please note that membership of the Yahoo! group "KnowleAstro" is open to Knowle Astronomical Society members only.


Normally, when you join the society, providing you have agreed to receive email messages, the membership secretary will send a request to the group moderators to add you to the group.

Otherwise you can send a request to Tony Jenks at  awjenks@btinternet.com or John Downing at john@dukedog.plus.com , preferably BOTH in case one of us is away, asking to join the group. Please put "Join Knowleastro Yahoo Group" in the subject line.

We will then enroll you on the group.

You will receive an email message similar to below.

You can unsubscribe anytime by sending an email to knowleastro-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

To send a message to members of this group, simply send email to knowleastro@yahoogroups.com

IMPORTANT - If you receive a message via the Yahoo Group and wish to reply please note that if you just click the reply button your message will ONLY go to the person who posted the message.

If you want to reply and wish all the Group Members to see your reply then you will have to put knowleastro@yahoogroups.com in the "To" box