The Evolution of Galaxies - Dr Richard Beare

posted 2 Dec 2014, 03:03 by Philip Green
At our December 14 meeting we achieved our first 'virtual' presentation - linking to Dr Richard Beare (an ex-KAS member) in Melbourne, Australia via Skype! 

All the technology worked (well the important bits!!) and we could watch and listen to Richard on one screen while displaying the presentation about his research thesis on another!  Richard's in-depth knowledge of the latest theories was evident from the detailed analysis he has undertaken during his Research Fellowship at Monash University and his presentation conveyed the reasoning beautifully. Trying to work out how galaxies have evolved over the past 8 billion years from 'snap-shots' of what we can currently see in the night sky seems truly amazing!

Richard's full thesis can be found at:

At the end of the meeting Richard was made an honorary, lifetime member of the Knowle Astronomical Society - another first!