Debunking Astrology

The assumption in Astrology is that there is some force from influences life on earth down to the most mundane events such as having an accident of receiving money. It further asserts that this force is dependant on the Sun and the known planets with regard to the constellations they pass through on their journey round the Sun. Incidentally this circular band of stars is known as the Zodiac or in Astronomical terminology, the Ecliptic. In essence it is a flat plane across the solar system drawn at right angles to the Sun’s axis.

Astrology for many centuries did not include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because they were waiting to be discovered. They are included now but as they existed before discovery they should still have had an effect then. Indeed Astrologers should have observed an effect on their predictions due to an unknown cause, they didn’t.

It is now believed that there are many more planet sized bodies within the Kieper belt and the Oort cloud, if so, they too should be having an effect but apparently they don’t. Distance does not seem to be an issue in Astrology either as the stars are many hundreds of light years away in some cases. Also over 250 extra solar planets have now been discovered. There are over a billion asteroids in the solar system with a considerable mass, how is it they have no effect?

All planets are equal in their influence; lowly Pluto to massive Jupiter and of course their distance from earth varies, this does not make any sense scientifically.

There are only four fundamental forces in science. Strong force, Weak force, Electromagnetic and Gravity. The first two work inside the atom and are only effective at a scale of a billionth of an atom. Gravity depends on two things, distance and mass, the closer it is the more gravity affects us. The strongest sources are the Moon and the Sun. Electromagnetic force covers radiation from Gamma rays through to longer radio waves. Effectively the only large source in the solar system is the Sun. The causes and effects of these forces are well researched and documented, and as yet no other force has been discovered either by Astronomers or Astrologers to complement this list.

The earth’s axis wobbles like a child’s spinning top as it slows down, this is caused by the Sun’s equatorial bulge and the Moon’s cycles. The effect over the last few thousand years is that the Constellations of the Zodiac have slipped back by about 30 degrees. So if you were born 2000 years ago under the sign of Aries you would now be considered to be born under Pisces, for Taurus read Aries etc. This in itself makes a mockery of Astrology.

Other inconsistencies exist, such as why is the moment of birth more important than any other time, such as conception? Why have Astrologers never offered any science to back up their art? Also there has never been a single successful laboratory experiment to support astrology.

The constellations (of the Zodiac or anywhere) are accidental line ups of stars lying in the same direction, viewed from earth. In reality they are at vastly different distances from us and from each other. Plotting anything such as the Sun’s apparent position against them is meaningless.

Astrology is probably harmless in the final analysis, and gives some people enjoyment, but it isn’t science and it certainly isn’t Astronomy.