Arizona Ontology Conference

Organized by L. A. Paul in Tucson 

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Kris McDaniel, Ted Sider and Brit Brogaard embedding tense operators

Michael Strevens, Laurie Paul and Benj Hellie

Jessica Wilson, Benj Hellie, Brit Brogaard David Chalmers and Jonathan Schaffer

saddle up for the long haul

Susanna Siegel, Helen Beebee, Jessica Wilson, Kristie Miller and Uriah Kriegel

David Chalmers and Antony Eagle

Hall, Hellie, Wilson, Schaffer, Brogaard, Crisp, Bennett, Chalmers

Hey look a real cowboy! No, really, it's just Strevens

Notice the striking resemblance to the guy in the next photo

 David Carradine

Brit brings a sack of references that she'll need on the ride

Steffi Lewis

Cian Dorr

Steffi, Brit and Helen

backround: Cody Gilmore, Ned Hall and Thomas Crisp

Boris Kment, Kathrin Koslicki

Benj and Ned

Ned Markosian and Brit kickin' up some dust

Helen Beebee

Michael Fara, Carolina Sartorio and Steffi Lewis

consider "Ommissions and Causalism" in front of Panther Peak

David "Josey Whales" Chalmers

The Delia Graff Fara with daughter Clarissa and Karen Bennett

Background: Bernard Nickel and Michael Glanzberg haggle the bar tab 

You say Tomato; I say no fact of the matter.

Thomas Kelly, Jonathan Schaffer and David Chalmers

Bernard Nickel and Zoe. Terry Horgan thinks Carnap is in the picture.

Nothing up my sleeve, except this trick rope.

Where did it go, Terry?

Laurie Paul

Zoe had no idea ontology could be this fun...

...and neither did Clarissa Graff Fara.

Kris McDaniel wonders whether he could furnish his home with extended simples.

Brad Skow

Cian Dorr

 Background: Karen Bennett, Andy Egan and Tyler Doggett

Dave explains how to model epistemic possibility without dialetheism

Andy Egan and Eric Swanson


with Boris "Hyperintensionality" Kment

with Steffi, Brit and Karen

with Susanna Siegel

Cody Gilmore, Kris McDaniel and Antony Eagle


 Liz Harman                                    Mark Heller

Michael Rea

Brit with Adam Arico


Agustin Rayo prefers the whip.

Juan Comesana, Carolina Sartorio, and Brit Brogaard,

once upon a time in the west

Kathrin Koslicki ponders species and natural kinds

Kris McDaniel and Brad Skow

Cian Dorr attempting a collapse of the state vector.

Jill North and Cody Gilmore join him.

Juan, Benj and Jessica.

Juan and Tomas Comesana

background: Laurie Paul

Oh good, I think I "perplected" Kathrin, Ned and Agustin.

Michael "Equines" Glanzberg



more ontologists

My horse, Cowboy, was actually purchased by the ranch at a DEA auction

after being confiscated at the Mexican border smuggling drugs.

Ted Sider and Jonathan Schaffer limb the structure of reality

Susanna shows Brit how to carve nature at the joints

Brit, Michael and Dave

Jill North, Brit Brogaard and Thomas Crisp

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