New Essays on the Knowability Paradox 

edited by Joe Salerno, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.


List of Contributors

Editor's Introduction

I. Early History

  • Referee Reports on Fitch's "A Definition of Value"                          Alonzo Church                 (appendix)
  • A Logical Analysis of Some Value Concepts [reprint]           Frederic Fitch                  [reprint]
  • Knowability Noir: 1945-1963                                                     Joe Salerno

II. Dummett's Constructivism

  • Fitch’s Paradox of Knowability                                        Michael Dummett
  • The Paradox of Knowability and the Mapping Objection              Stig Rasmussen
  • Truth, Indefinite Extensibility, and Fitch's Paradox                     José Bermúdez

III. Paraconsistency and Paracompleteness

  • Beyond the Limits of Knowledge                                           Graham Priest
  • Knowability and Possible Epistemic Oddities                                JC Beall

IV. Epistemic and Temporal Operators: Actions, Times and Types

  • Actions that Make us Know                                                 Johan van Benthem
  • Can Truth Out?                                                                   John Burgess
  • Logical Types in Arguments about Knowability and Belief    Bernard Linsky

V. Cartesian Restricted Truth

  • Tennant's Troubles                                                         Timothy Williamson
  • Restriction Strategies for Knowability: Some Lessons in False Hope                                                                                 Jonathan L Kvanvig
  • Revamping the Restriction Strategy                                        Neil Tennant

VI. Modal and Mathematical Fictions

  • On Keeping Blue Swans and Unknowable Facts at Bay: a Case Study on Fitch's Paradox                                                             Berit Brogaard
  • Fitch’s Paradox and the Philosophy of Mathematics                       Otávio Bueno

VII. Knowability Reconsidered

  • Performance and Paradox                                                          Michael Hand
  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Diamond                           Carrie Jenkins
  • Invincible Ignorance                                                               W. D. Hart
  • Two Deflationary Approaches to Fitch-Style Reasoning         Christoph Kelp and Duncan Pritchard
  • Not Every Truth Can Be Known (at least, not all at once)              Greg Restall


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