Knotty Minutes

Knotty Carvers of the North: Meeting Minutes for November 02,2019

President Barb Hokanson called the meeting to order at 09:05.

Attendance: 26

Membership is open until the endo of December. Current membership is 29

Membership includes Minnesota Wood Carvers Association membership for a total cost of $22.50. Bob Buchanan has filed the membership needed by the NWCA for the current 29 members.

Club Badges are available for $5.00.

Treasurer's Report: General Fund - $3955.52 minus the MN Public Radio bill of $576.00.

Education Fund: - $862.01

Committee Reports:

Scholarship: Barb McDaniel - Who qualifies, why course is taken, when used. Club supplies $500.00 annually to this fund. Club also supplies loaner tools to new carvers during carving classes.


1) Scholarship for a high school student/ shop /advanced school

2) Member - use for a carving class

3) New member

4) Club sponsor: education of a wood carving Technique

Old Business: Club members join Minnesota Wood Carving Association- cost of$15.00 plus $7.50 = $22.50 which covers insurance and Newsletter to new members.

Raffle Report: $761.00 received with 33 objects donated resulting in a nice variety

Donations from raffle earnings: Motion made by Jim Anderson, 2nd and unanimous vote to give $200.00 each to Proctor Schools and City, Hawks Ridge.

Motion made by Bill Majewski, 2nd and unanimous vote to give St. Louis River Restoration $200.00 also.

Next Years Wood Carvers Show: 31 October 2020/need to reserve PACC. For the show. Times of show and items and members can have items for sale.

New Business: Classes possibilities: Bill Ness for Chip Carving is available. John Kranz with wood available for sale and a slide presentation

Scheduled class: 22 November, 10:00-12:00; S'mores meeting; Use of Dremel for carving. Need to bring your Dremel and possibly a dust collector system. Class to be taught by Bill Majewski and Jack Dunbar; approximately 10 signed up.

Wayne St John talked about a class at Grand Marie with Bruce Futerer

Dave Grinnell from Arrowhead Wood Products was introduced and talked about

Next meeting is 07 December 2019 - Treats scheduled by Dave Ciesla any others are welcome to contribute.

Santa chimney ornament blanks are available as a club carving project by Barb Hokanson, use free wood donated by John Kranz and cut by Bob Buchanan.

Meeting adjourned at 09:35

Minutes submitted by:

Acting Secretary Barb McDaniel