Welcome to Knotts Island Market - Your neighborhood store

Open for business for over 161 years.

First owner: Andrew Jackson Spratt, born 17 May 1837 and died 3 Jan 1913

*  July 1855 – Knotts Island Market first opens for business. Store owned by Mr. Jackson, (Andrew Jackson), Spratt. (The market was originally located at the corner of  Cason and Woodleigh Roads).  The store was actually in business much earlier and was located on False Capes.  After a powerful tropical storm damaged the store, within a day, Jackson Spratt ferried what he could across Knotts Island Bay and opened the store for business on Knotts Island - never stopping more than a day in providing merchandise to this community.  
* A young John Malachi Jones worked for Mr. Spratt, some years later Jackson Spratt sold his store to John Malachi Jones.
*  Herman Jones, worked with his father John Malachi and Herman eventually took over operation of the store .
*  Preston Jones, son of Herman assumed operations from his dad.  Preston Jones eventually sold the store to David Dennis.

*  On October 31, 2007, David Dennis sold Knotts Island Market to Tim and Bev Gilliam, who will proudly carry on the tradition of serving the folks that live here on Knotts Island. 2016 - Nine years and counting up.  Still loving the store and the island we call home. The business and our customers are a blessing for sure.

You need it - We have it!

 Knotts Island Market offers visitors an endless variety of groceries, fresh-cut meat, produce, beer and wine.  Fresh baked goods, a full service deli with pizza and subs made to order.  We Also offer non-ethanol gasoline.  Hunting and fishing licences and a wide variety of fishing tackle and baits.  Try your luck at the North Carolina Education Lottery.  A one-stop location for all your needs.  Please stop by and pay us a visit.  The slide show on the right shows you what you can expect to find when you visit here!

Unformulated NON-Ethanol Fuel Sold Here!

We proudly offer unformulated unleaded fuels.  Regular, Mid, and Premium Gasoline.  This fuel is not combined with ethanol or other additives found in the fuels you might purchase in more urban areas.

Many experts claim less than optimum gas mileage using ethanol combined fuel.  Boat, Aircraft and other high performance vehicles have also discovered serious issues with ethanol mixed fuels and poor "In tank," fuel storage quality.

We make no claim for a better product, but offer this information to INFORM our motor fuel consumers.

The price:  Our prices reflect .45 a gallon N.C. Gas Tax, we don't get a nickel per gallon ethanol incentive, and to offer non-ethanol gasoline, we are required to pay additional shipping for this product from as far away as Selma, N.C., or Roanoke, VA.

Good news is the local Fishing Industry, the Virginia Beach Aviation Museum, and countless motorcycle groups and pleasure boaters demand this product.  We are only one of two retail outlets for this fuel in Northeastern North Carolina.  

Do you travel up to Virginia Beach to shop at the Major Grocery Stores, or Big Box Stores to save money?

"I can save a bunch at the Big Box Store up the road!"

Do you really think you can save tons of money?  Well, as I see it...  
  • It takes approximately 60 plus minutes to drive the 54 miles up to the closest chain store.
  • You WILL save on some products, although there are many products that THEY sell, that WE sell, at or near the same price.  Sometimes THEIR prices are less, sometime OURS are less.
  • Ok - that aside, you drove 54 + miles to get there and back.  You dedicated more than an hour and a half of your time.  You spent more money than planned, as we tend to over buy at major chain markets, or super market sections in the Big Box Store.
Oh and I almost forgot the 3 to 4 Gallons of gasoline at $2.76 plus a gallon. The way I see it, it just might make good sense to SHOP AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE!