our planning bio

jenn and kev
at gasworks park, seattle
 page me on seattle, september 09, or chinese weddings board if you have any questions or want to chat about anything
i'm very friendly! :)
standard knottie disclaimer:
i've collected pictures long before i made a bio
and i may or may not have your name listed as
credit. also, most my pictures come from google, so
i probably didn't even get it off your bio to begin with...
let me know if it's yours, and proper credit will be yours.
05/09 - updated my dress and added veil in wedding day looks, added our vendor reviews thus far page...

04/20 - added our photo gallery page, updated music
04/15 - added last GM! and also descriptions of all the GM's in wedding party 
04/03 - added random picture page, added wedding party pictures, updated cake inspiration, updated honeymoon plans
01/28 - added wedding day jewlery to wedding day looks, updated theme/decor
01/26 - updated wedding party layout, added bm dresses! updated venue, rings, cake, theme
11/30 - added first STD's to paper stuff
10/23 - added my BM cards! check under wedding party
10/21 - updtaed venue info
10/19 - added wedding day looks page. added a picture to our furbabies!
10/16 - added music page
10/10 - added furbabies page, created a chinese weddings bio!
10/09 - added favors page, added possible centerpiece to theme
09/30 - updated venue info
09/26 - updated venue info
09/16-09/26 - random updates throughout :)
09/16 - created bio