Vendors & Reviews


Ceremony Location - Christ Community Church

I've been a little frustrated with their wedding coordinator so hopefully, communication improves as the day gets closer.  My uncle does sound there and is doing it for free for our wedding present which is really nice of him.  We are doing our pre-martial counseling through CCC and one pastor has to be a part of the ceremony so he'll probably do the opening prayer.


Officiant - Don Moore

Don Moore has been Seth's pastor since Seth was young.  Don is the pastor of Hope Evangelical Free Church in Omaha.  We won't be doing much with him other than the ceremony (other than an organizational meeting or two) because we are doing our pre-martial counseling through CCC.

Reception Location - Scoular Ballroom

I have had a good experience with Lisa so far.  She agreed to meet with Seth and I on our Thanksgiving break even though she had family coming into town later that day.  I haven't communicated with her too much other than the initial booking.


Caterer - Wheatfields

Kurt has been very helpful so far.  They seem very willing to work with us and adjust to our needs.  Their food was really good at our tasting but I haven't heard too much about their catered food.


Cake - Wheatfield's

Our cake is included with the catering price so we can't really complain.  We had our cake tasting on September 20th.  The meeting went really well and I'm feeling good about doing our cake through Wheatfield's even though another knottie had a minor problem with them.


Photographer - Bill Norton

So far he has been great to work with.  We just did our engagement pictures and he knew what he was doing and was really professional.  When we were going to take our engagement pictures in May, he was willing to drive down to Lincoln so Seth and I wouldn't have to drive to Omaha which was really nice of him.  He is willing to amend his menu options for us which I really appreciate.  If you want to see his work, page me.


Videographer - Hamilton Video Productions

Chris Hamilton is a recent broadcasting student from UNL who is starting his own business.  I wanted a nice video of the ceremony and reception without spending a lot of money and I found exactly what I was looking for.  So far, Chris has been great to work with.  

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DJ - Mark with Bandstand Music

Mark has gotten rave reviews from the Omaha knotties so I have no worries and am really excited about this vendor.


Invitations - DIY

I'm making my own pocketfold invites.  See my  DIY-Paper page for more information.

Jewler - Roger's Jewlers

Seth got my engagement ring here and we recently went in and ordered my wedding band.  I gave Seth a picture of what I wanted and their jeweler custom-made my ring and it turned out even better than the picture.  We had to go back and resize it and he did it while we were there and did a 4 3/4 size for me.  We recently ordered my wedding band from there and their service was great.  


Paper for Invites - Anchor Paper

I contacted Tom through the website (which is kind of confusing) and he was so easy to work with.  I ordered all of my invite paper through them and they pre-cut it for me.  The paper and evenlopes cost me about 45 cents each!


Florist - Basement Blossoms

I was going to do my own flowers but decided I didn't want to stress the week of the wedding because I had to make 30 centerpieces, the bouquets, corsages, etc.  So, I contacted Basement Blossoms.  Neta is fabulous and helping me out by making the 15 tall centerpieces (even though she is busy with Mother's Day flowers) that I was the most worried about.

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Transportation - Luxury Limo

Seth has arranged the transportation for us.  He rented a trolley from Luxury Limo for 1 hour for the whole wedding party (and guests) to get us from the ceremony to the reception.  I think communication has gone well between them but I can ask if someone wants more info.