Reception Time line


The Reception is at Scoular Ballroom.  The ceremony is starting at 4:15 with me walking down the aisle at 4:30.  It should take 30-45 minutes.  We won't be having receiving line or a special exit of any kind.  Seth and I will be heading to the reception in a rented town car and stopping at Memorial Park on the way to take pictures.  We anticipate getting to the ballroom at 6:00-6:15.  I'm going to use 6:15 as an estimate for the time line.  For an overview of possible song selections click here.

5:30 Guests start to arrive

It's about a 20 minute drive to the reception location so I'd anticipate that people start to arrive around 5:30.  We are not having a cocktail hour.  We'll have the guest book available in case anyone didn't sign it earlier.

6:10 Announcement for people to take their seats

6:15 Grand Entrance with wedding party.

Because Seth and I are avid Husker fans, our grand entrance will encorporate the Nebraska Tunnel Walk.  We are looking for a horseshoe that will be engraved with our names and the date.  The horseshoe will be held by wedding party members or possibly hung from an arch.  The wedding party, Seth, and I will go under the arch to the music of the tunnel walk.  

6:20 Dinner

From the grand entrance, the wedding party, Seth, and I will go straight to the buffet line.  We want everyone to eat right away for numerous reasons.  One, because we will be hungry.  Two, there will be kids there who will be hungry (and tend to act up if they can't eat). 

For the menu click here.

6:40 Greet Guests

As soon as Seth and I are done eating, we will start greeting the guests at their tables.  We'll have about 30 tables to get to so we will get to as many as we can.  I think we'll start with the ones who are most likely to leave earlier.  I have no idea how long it will take to get 270 people through the buffet lines.  I think we are setting up two lines so it will go a lot faster. 

6:50 Toasts

Sometime in the dinner time, we'll head back up to the head table to do the toasts.  After the toasts, we'll just go to the dance floor for our first dance.

7:00 First Dance

Seth and I will do our first dance after the toasts.  We are thinking about starting our slideshow during the first dance.

7:05 Other Special Dances

Instead of having separate dances for the other special dances, we'll be kind of combing them.  My dad and I will dance for 2 minutes, Seth and his mom will join us on the dance floor and the four of us will dance for another 2 minutes.  Then, Seth's dad will cut in on Seth and his mom, Seth will cut in on my dad and I, and my dad will go get my mom.  So, my parents, his parents, and Seth and I will all dance for another 2 minutes.  After this, everyone can join us on the dance floor.

7:45 Cake Cutting

We'll take a break from dancing to cut the cake.

More Dancing

8:15 Bouquet/Garter then Anniversary Dance

After a while, we'll pause the dancing for the bouquet and garter.  Instead of doing the bouquet toss, I'm going to present the bouquet to my Grandma O ('s a surprise) in appreciation for the good example of a marriage shown to me by them and for being such great grandparents.  Seth will be doing the traditional garter toss (he will not be using his mouth, though).  Depending on what kind of crowd we still have there, I'd like to do an anniversary dance where the longest married couple stays on the dance floor.  Actually, I think we'll switch the dance and bouquet because I'm pretty sure my grandparents will be the longest ones married at the wedding.  So, I'll just present them my bouquet and then Seth can do the garter toss.

More Dancing

The rest of the night will be dancing and socializing. 

11:00 Last Dance/Grand Exit

Seth and I will be leaving around this time.  Not sure if we are going to do a grand exit or just leave.  I really like the sparkler idea but not sure how practical it will be so we'll have to look into that.

11:30 Reception Over

We have the place booked until 11:30 so everyone has to be out by then.