DIY Bouquets

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I'm planning on doing my own bouquets so I took a floral design class at my state university this fall.  We just did the class on bridal/bridesmaid bouquets so I thought I'd type up the instructions in case anyone else wants to make their bouquets.

Bouquet Instructions

I went through this with a small bouquet of flowers.  You can make any size you want.  

You'll need flowers, scissors or floral knife, pot/waterproof tape (not pictured, example here) and ribbon (not pictured.

First, cut the ends of the stems at an angle.  This cuts off the clogged end of the stem so the flower can drink more water.  The angle cut gives the stem more surface area.

Next, take off all the leaves.  If there are more than one flower on a stem, take off the lower flowers.  If you have roses, you'll want to take all the thorns off.  You can do this with a knife or by popping them off.

To start the bouquet you'll want three stems.  Put them in a tripod formation as picture above.  I hold the flowers in my left hand as I'm right handed.  See the picture above.

The above picture is an exaggerated look of the three stems in a the starting position. 

Then you want to add in your next stem.  You want to angle it so the bottom of the stem goes in first and the head ends up next to the other heads.  This isn't a very good picture but this is the view from above when I added in the first stem.

You'll want to rotate the flowers before you add in the next stem.  Keep rotating and adding in stems until you've added in all of your flowers and foliage.  Treat your foliage like a flower when you are adding it in.  Below I'm adding in some foliage.

When you have added all of the flowers and foliage you'll want to tape the bouquet with the pot tape at the spot where you held the bouquet when you put it together.  I taped this one twice where both my top and bottom hand is because I knew it would all be covered with the ribbon and then the bottom of the stems won't flare out like they did with my rose bouquet below.

Here is the bouquet taped.

There are several ways you can finish the bouquet.  You could tie a bow at the top with the ribbon or braid the ribbon or wrap it with fabric.  I braided the ribbon here.  To braid the ribbon start out with the ribbon behind the bouquet.  The length of the ribbon depends on the width of your bouquet.  I started with about 1.5 to 2 feet.  

Bring the ribbon to the front and twist it twice and wrap the ribbon around the back again.  Keep going until you get to at least your tape.

 Here is the finished front and back.  I attempted a bow but it didn't turn out too well so I ended up just knotting the ribbon in the back.

Last, you want to cut the stems to about 3 inches below where you hold the bouquet.

The last two pictures here are the side and the top of the finished bouquet.  This bouquet has carnations, pom pom mums, and some foliage that I'm trying to ID.



Rose Bouquet

I made this bouquet in my floral design class.  I took the picture kind of late so the roses are really open.  I used Vendela Roses and Bear Grass.  Vendela Roses are a pretty ivory color.  You could also use Lily Grass which has a shorter, broader leaf.  The ribbon is in a braid design.  












Bouquet Wraps