After over 20 months of planning, I finally have the final decision made.  Half will be square vases with square floating candles.  Half will be round vases with round floating candles.  The rocks will be 1/3 red and 2/3 turquoise colored.  Click here for more pictures.


Tall Centerpieces

At first I was going to do all of my flowers.  After thinking through the week of the wedding, though, I decided I didn't want the stress of doing all my flowers.  So, I found a florist who is going to do my 15 tall centerpieces.  At first, she was going to do centerpieces like the picture below (white tablecloths/chair covers) using Star of Bethlehem.  However, I have found a new centerpiece that I absolutely am in love with.  So, the centerpieces will now look like the picture to the right (without the ring of flowers on the bottom and in effiel tower vases):




My inspiration:



The top left is the look we were going for.  I love the orchids in the middle top but too expensive for me.  We thought about doing pussy willows like the top right but I'd rather have flowers.  The bottom left is a pretty one with some willows in it.  The picture to the right is the Star of Bethlehem flower.





 Short Candle Centerpieces

I'd the the 15 short centerpieces to be primarily candles with no flowers.  I haven't decided for sure what I'll be doing but below are some inspiration pictures.

This centerpiece to the right is Knottie: Stefibeth's:

Centerpiece Trial - August 6, 2008

Here are some pictures from our centerpiece trial.

We tried 4 votive candles first and then 5 candles.  I think we are going with the centerpiece with 5 votive candles because it has more of a candle look to it.  We will be using a larger floating candle.  Our colors are red, turquoise, and chocolate brown.  So the rocks in the centerpieces will vary.  A third will have these rocks in the pictures, a third will have a turquoise/brown mix, and a third will have red rocks.  Below is a trial with red rocks and a bigger floating candle.

I think instead of using mirrors underneath, I want to use fabric like the pictures below.  I'd use fabric in my colors (red, turquoise, and chocolate brown).

Centerpiece Trial - January 24, 2009

Here is the centerpieces with the fabric underneath. 

Ignore the tablecloth.  We'll use this color and type of fabric.  It's hard to tell from the pictures but the big vase and one votive are raised a bit.  We are going to put a piece of wood underneath.  The middle will look like vases above with the big, ivory floating candle and the different colored rocks in the vase.  We won't be using any mirrors.

Bouquet Flowers

I really like carnations because they are less expensive, they last awhile, and are just as pretty, so the bouquet flowers will be all carnations.  Click here for a link with a bunch of inspiration of pictures of carnations used in bouquets, centerpieces, etc.

I'd like to have an all-white bouquet with a wrap (not as much of a wrap as the picture above).The bridesmaids will have red carnations like the other picture above.  I like the wrap much better in this picture to the right without the ribbons hanging down.  Mine won't have the brooch pin that is in this bouquet, though.  The bridesmaids' bouquets will be about the size of the pictures on the right.  Mine will be a little bigger like the picture on the left.



Bridesmaid Bouquets

So after taking my floral design class I was considering a second option for the bridesmaid bouquets.  I was going to have them carry a different, red bouquet of flowers: carnations, dahlias, gerbera daisies, tulips, ranunculus, anemone.  

But, I've decided to stick with the carnations as they are cheaper, last longer, and it should be easier to DIY.

Left: Dahlias

Right: Tulips

Left: Carnations


I like the ribbon shown in the picture to the left.  The picture to the right shows the look I'm going for.  I think Seth will have a white carnation and the groomsmen will have red carnations.








Ceremony Decorations

So the ceremony decorations have become much more simple than I originally planned.  I kept all my previous ideas below for inspiration.

Guest book table

The guestbook table will have a chest for cards, the guestbook, and a red vase with white linear flowers.

Front of the Chapel

The front will have a table for the unity candle that will have the candle and maybe a small decoration.  There will be silver, angled candelabras next to the unity candle table.  There will be two pillars with clear, hurricane vases with a candle and possible white fabric around the candle.  


The pews will have 3-4 sets of aisle candles that will have organza around the poles.

Outside the Chapel

Depending on time and motivation, I will probably make two pomanders to hang from the handles.  I also might do our monogram with wooden letters and flowers.

Previous Ideas

I'd like the ceremony flowers to be simple.  Partly, because I will be doing them and mostly because I just want the ceremony to be simple and pretty.  I'm planning on ordering the bulk (20 stems) white hydrangeas from Sam's Club and then just splitting them up between two arrangements.  I really like the vase in the picture on the right so I'll have to keep my eyes open for those.

I like the wreaths in the picture above.  I'll have to look at the doors to the chapel to see if wreaths would even work.  It also depends on if I'll have time to make them or not.  I haven't decided what flowers I would use, definitely white flowers, though.

Some inspiration pictures can be found here.

Some other ideas I'm considering for the ceremony from the the inspiration pictures below.




These pictures were taken from an Omaha bridal show in October.  I'm leaning strongly to doing this look with white carnations and Israeli ruscus foliage.



Pew Decorations

Inspiration pictures for pew decorations from The Knot Real Weddings.

My favorites are these bottom three.  I really like the white fabric on the right.  The pews in the church are close to that color of brown.  I'm not sure about the flowers on top.  I like the flowers in the bottom middle picture the best. 


Inspiration pictures that I've taken or found but won't really be using.

  Red carnations and roses.