Day Of Timeline

10:30 am Scoular opens up - Wheatfields sets up tables and decorations.

9:30 am   hair and makeup starts

12:45 pm Bill shows up and takes some pictures of wedding party getting ready

1:45 pm   Bride and Groom pictures

2:05 pm   Wedding party pictures

2:25 pm   Immediate Family pictures (Seth's and Sarah's families)

2:50 pm   Seth's mom's family picture

3:00 pm   Seth's dad's family picture (25 people)

3:10 pm   Sarah's dad's family picture (35 picture)

3:20 pm   Sarah's mom's family picture (50 people)

3:15 pm   Chapel cleared out

3:45 pm   Finish pictures in atrium

4:15 pm   Ceremony Starts

4:50 pm   Ceremony over - depending on how long message is

                   Seth, Sarah and wedding party head for outdoor pictures.  Guests head to Scoular.

5:15 pm   Guests start to arrive at Scoular

5:40 pm    Wedding party arrives and is announced

5:45 pm    Cut cake

5:50 pm   Dinner served (Seth and Sarah do table visits when done eating)

6:50 pm    First Dance and Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Parents/Seth and Sarah

7:00 pm    Dancing

7:30 pm    Anniversary dance/bouquet and garter

8:45 pm    Bill takes off

11:30 pm  Everyone has to be out of Scoular.  Seth and I will leave somewhere between 9:30-11:00 depending on how things go.  (Our flight leaves early!)