I am having 6 bridesmaids.  My two sisters, Seth's two sisters, my best friend who I met in high school, and my awesome roommate.  I wanted them to wear something that they all were comfortable in and felt they looked good.  If that meant different dresses, I was open to picking a designer and color and letting them pick a style.  However, after looking online at a lot of dresses, we found a dress that everyone really likes.  The dress they all agreed on and I love is Jasmine B2's 1050.  Three of the bridesmaids have tried it on and really like it.  Originally, I was going have them wear turquoise dresses like the picture below.  However, they all like the chocolate brown color better so I'm going to be one of those brides that have brown dresses with black tuxes.  I'm really excited because I think it will look really elegant.

I ordered the dresses from netbride and they came in over a month early!  



1050B.jpg 1050back picture by sarahloraeB2_1050TA.jpg 1050front picture by sarahlorae

S7300405-1.jpg picture by sarahloraeThe front and back of the dress.

<--Here is one of Seth's sisters in the dress.  She didn't realize we were taking a picture!

The dress in espresso.  --->










I found a picture of brown dresses with black tuxes on google for those that are interested.  My dresses are a darker color but you get the general idea.





 Another picture from knottie ayamm1123.