The 13th East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics
January 29-February 1, 2018, KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea 

Objectives : 

The purpose of the conference is to help promoting the academic exchange and the friendship among researchers of three East Asian countries in the area of knot theory and related topics and encouraging graduate students of the three countries to study in this fascinating area of mathematics. 

Booklet : 

Click here to download the booklet which contains the program, abstracts of the talks, and other useful informations about the conference venue and hotel. 

Program Committee : 

Jae Choon Cha (POSTECH, Korea), Boju Jiang (Peking University, China), 

Gyo Taek Jin (KAIST, Korea), Seiichi Kamada (Osaka City University, Japan), 

Akio Kawauchi (OCAMI, Osaka City University, Japan), Ki Hyoung Ko (KAIST, Korea), 

Toshitake Kohno (University of Tokyo, Japan), Yukio Matsumoto (Gakushuin University, Japan), 

Tomotada Ohtsuki (RIMS, Kyoto University, Japan), Shicheng Wang (Peking University, China), 

Ruifeng Qiu (East China Normal University, China), Jiajun Wang (Peking University, China). 

Local Organizing Committee : 

Ki Hyoung Ko (KAIST), Gyo Taek Jin (KAIST), 

Jae Choon Cha (POSTECH), Hyungryul Baik (KAIST).