"How To" for the Knot

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Some of the most frequently asked questions here. 

How do I put a picture in my signature?

     Upload your picture to a web-hosting site.  Photobucket works the best.  Choose the direct link to the picture, you will know you have the direct link because it will end in .jpg (or other picture file).  Another way to verify is to right click on the picture and go down to properties to see the URL.

     Then go to www.tinyurl.com or www.snipurl.com to make your URLs small. 

     Use this code for your signature:  <img src*="YOUR TINY URL HERE" width="180px">  Take out the * and then you can change the size of the picture by adjusting the "180" up or down.  Make sure the URL is not bold.

   ***Please keep the size reasonable.  Huge pictures are annoying***

How do I post a picture in my post?

     Use the above directions for uploading and making the tinyurl. 

     Use this code for the post:  [img]YOUR TINY URL HERE[*/img]  Take out the *

How do I make a bio?

     I found the easiest way to make a bio was to go to http://www.stlwed.com/help/bio/ and use their template.  You will still need to have all your pictures uploaded to a web hosting site.  The instructions at STL Wed should walk you through creating one.  When you are finished, enter your email and they will email you the code (and also display it on the screen).

     Copy that ugly HTML code and paste it into your bio (where it says edit). 

Google page instructions:

     1. Make your googlebio all on one page and in one text box (the big one). You can't import it (to my knowledge) otherwise.
       2. From the editable version of your googlepage, click in the text box where your bio is, then click
"edit html" in the lower right corner of the screen. 
       3. Copy the html from the pop up window.
       4. Paste into your knot bio.
       5. Save.
       6. You can make edits in google and repeat from step 2 to update!

How do I link my bio in my signature?

     Make the URL to your bio short by using tinyurl or snipurl. 

     Use this code for a clickable link in your signature (take out the *): 

     <a target="_blank" href*="YOUR TINYURL HERE">My Bio</a>

How do I find out how many posts I have?

     Scroll down to the bottom of the message board.  Enter your screen name into the box that says "search message boards".  Use the drop down menu to select "find knottie / nestie bio" and hit Go.

How do I make the URL in my post clickable?

     The easiest way is to hit space and/or enter after the link.  The code to make it clickable is:

     [url]YOUR URL HERE[*/url]   (with the * removed).

Where is the Trash to Treasure board?


How to I put my invitation count in my signature?

Change the red:
Number Invited<img src="http://tinyurl.com/2sdozd">
Number Attending<img src="http://tinyurl.com/32ch7p">
Number Declined<img src="http://tinyurl.com/2ts57r">
Number Not Replied<img src="http://tinyurl.com/3capks">
RSVP Date September 27