Confirmed Burials-The burials listed here are confirmed by various records. In 1936 the WPA surveyed cemeteries for veterans and listed a small group of burials.  Then again in 1968 the DAR did a survey.  The last survey was done by James and Naomi Pickard in 1992 for the Cleveland County Genealogical Society.  I have added names if proof is shown to me.

Possible Burials-After eliminating the person by finding their grave in another cemetery of by finding records of the burial in another cemetery, I have come up with a list of possible people buried at Knoles.  These people lived in the Little River area at some point.  The records are confusing and incomplete for the Cleveland County Cemeteries.  Knoles Cemetery Records have not been found.  It is thought that the records were destroyed when the schoolhouse was sold.  I have also been told that one of the children of Fred and Sarah Knoles has the records.  I have called all of those that are living and all of the living grandchildren.  The records still have not been found.  I am cross referencing the census records, tax records, school records, land records and any other records I can find.  This will give me dates of when residents lived in the area and when they can no longer be found.