Knoles Cemetery photos

Knoles Cemetery is now owned by me and I am considering opening it up for new burials.  If you have a desire to be buried in a historic cemetery please let me know.  It is rough right now but I am very dedicated to making it nice.  I will at some point be buried here myself.  I will have both traditional burials, cremations and vaults.  After I have fixed some erosion problems, there will be some concrete work done to add steps, parking and retention walls.  After that I will put in plants, shrubs, and possibly statues.

Knoles Cemetery Burials-both confirmed and possible.
Knoles Cemetery at Find A Grave-Knoles was listed on Find A Grave by someone and I have updated it.
Knoles Cemetery Documents-Various documents regarding the cemetery are listed here.
Knoles Cemetery Grid-This is a grid that shows the grave locations in the cemetery.
Knoles Cemetery Layout-This is a layout of the original four acres and where things are located currently.
Knoles Cemetery Photos-Photos as they are taken are listed here.
Knoles Cemetery Tombstones-Photos of the existing tombstones are pictured here.  

Thanks so much to the anonymous donor.