Epidemic and Pandemic

1878 Avian Flu and Yellow Fever

1889-1890  The Russian Flu 

1881-1899 Cholera Epidemic

1899-1923 Cholera Epidemic-Clifford Moody wrote in his book about a family that lived in the old part of Knoles School Building that was very sick with Cholera.

1900 Local Small Pox

1900  Major Epidemic

The 1914 and 1918 flu epidemic killed a tremendous amount of people.  Most graves at Knoles are pre 1930's.  It is possible that the majority is from the epidemic time frame.  If you can confirm a death in the Linden/Little River area prior to 1970, please contact me.

1916 Polio

1917-1919 Spanish Flu-The majority of the people who are buried at Knoles are said to have died during this epidemic.  This would explain how the cemetery area between Luther and his father Horace Flint was filled between 1907 and 1937.

1952 Polio

1961-1970 Cholera Pandemic

1962-1965 German Measles (Rubella)

1968-1969 Hong Kong Flu