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Wilson Family

William (W.P.) Wilson arrived and filed his land purchase 6 Apr 1893 and patented it 25 Jan 1902.  He became post master of the Linden Post Office after Mr. Swailes on 6 Oct 1899. After Wilson was James Moore on 10 May 1903, then another Wilson, Charles W. Wilson 12 May 1905.  The Linden Post Office was then transferred to Newalla 14 Feb 1906.

Lucinda J. Wilson was the postmaster at Stella 16 May 1900 but was not commissioned so mail was on hold until  until 4 Feb 1901.  John D. Bailey was appointed postmaster 23 Nov 1892, Abraham Hulse was appointed 15 Nov 1893, James York 24 May 1900 (not commissioned) Charles V. Thompson 20 June 1900 and John Studholme took her place 6 Nov 1901.  Mail was transferred to Newalla 21 Jan 1906.

Patent Number:
Title:Cotton Picking Sack or Receptacle
Issue Date:6/9/1903
Inventor(s):Wilson, Lucinda J. (Jane), Lawton, Oklahoma Territory Wilson, Charles W. (William), Linden, Oklahoma Territory
Notes:Woman inventor 

Patent Number:776712
Issue Date:12/6/1904
Inventor(s):Wilson, Charles W. (William), Linden, Oklahoma Territory
Notes:Actually spelled "envelop" instead of "envelope" in original patent

These people were related to the Wilson Family that have spent
the last 40 years telling people the cemetery is their front yard
and their private property.

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