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Lytle Family

Roy Lee Lytle descended from the Ward Family that is on the Mississippi Choctaw Rejected Roll.  Jessee Ward and his family did not know enough of the answers when asked questions by the Dawes Commission.  Jessee's daughter, Cordelia Lee Ward married Jefferson James Lytle Jr.  Jefferson was murdered in Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma in 1913.  

"Lytle, Jeff, white male married, age 38 yrs 25 days. Informant: Mrs. Jeff Lytle, Granite. Date of death, 2 May 1913. Saw him alive May 1, 1913. Cause of death: Gunshot wound. T. J. Nunnery, M. D., 2 May 1913, Granite. Burial: Brinkman, Okla, 2 May 1913. Schave Bros, Granite"

Jeff had put a car in the shop and got in an argument with the shop owner.  The shop owner shot him in front of Roy.  Roy was 18.  He earned a living after this by preaching and taking up an offering with his brother.  He then would gamble it away in the next town.  At one of these camp meetings that Roy was preaching at is where he met Ethel Flint, the daughter of Luther, niece of the founder of two Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Cleveland County.  I am sure the family was surprised when they found out what a scoundrel Roy was.

Ethel was about 4 ft 10 in.  She was nearly as wide as she was tall later in life.  She was a spirited lady.  Ethel cooked for the oil field hands.  Roy was suppose to show up one day and help her cook, when he didn't she put her pistol in her apron pocket and went to find him.  He was playing cards with some workers.  She told him it was time to leave.  He said "Go away woman!"  She went outside and shot all around the door.  The men hit the floor and Roy came out running.  She did not put up with this behavior.

Roy is buried in the veterans cemetery in Los Angeles.  Ethel is buried at Resthaven in South Oklahoma City.  Ethel was the oldest of Luther and Evie's children.  Ethel and her sister married brothers, Roy and Amos Wade.