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Knoles, Martin Van Buren and Fred Knoles

The Knoles family was primarily from Illinois.  Martin Van Buren Knoles along with one of his brothers migrated to Oklahoma about 1893.  Martin was born in 18 Oct 1844 and married Melena "Lena" Francis Davis.  He joined Co A 152 Regt Illinois Infantry as a private.   Martin patented 156 acres around the cemetery and was accidently given the 4 acres that belonged to the school and the church.  He purchased lots of land in the area and befriended and benefited financially from them.  He was a lawyer and found ways to gain financially.  January 23, 1898, 160 acres to include the land with the Pleasant Ridge School and Cemetery are recorded sold to Martin.  He received the whole section of 160 acres for $14.72.  He received his patent on it 7 Jan 1902.

Martin was part of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention.  He helped vote that Oklahoma become a state.  In 1902 the newspapers pleaded for candidates for the "Primary Convention" to be selected from members of the County Central Committee.  Martin was listed as a member of the County Central Committee for 9-1e.  On 15 June 1906 he is listed as the representative of the Democratic County Central Committee again for 9-1e.

A young boy named Lucian Truscott lived in the area and wrote a letter to Martin's son Fred asking for a teaching job.  Mr. Truscott later went to West Point and became one of our great Generals.  Yes, this was the WWII  General Lucian Truscott.  

Sometime after 1910 Pleasant Ridge School and Cemetery were renamed Knoles School and Knoles Cemetery.