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Indian Chief

Martin Van Buren Knoles was a friend to an indian chief of either the Pottawatomie Tribe or the Absentee Shawnee Tribe.  He was a representative for this tribe in Washington DC when they needed a white man to fight for them.  Even though he did these things he would cheat them in business.

The Knoles family passed down the fact that this chief was buried in the cemetery.  His grave had a stack of logs around it and over it.  It may have made a type of "Shed" to give a roof over it.  This building is now gone and the grave area has been dug out by the neighbor that destroyed the cemetery.  It is not known if there is anything left of it.  The ground survey shows a grave very near where this grave was but it is not known if it is the same grave.  There was no tombstone that I know of.

I know it is not Frank Sloan, he is buried at Rock Creek Cemetery (Central State Hospital Cemetery).  The Chief Little Jim had land in this area, along with many other indians.

It is documented that the very first burial in this cemetery was an old indian man that lived "at the river bottom".  This river might have been Little River.  Depending on which direction you go it could either be the Pecan Family or the Welch Family.

I have been told that there was a lot of indians buried in Knoles Cemetery but I have not found proof yet.