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Farnsworth Family

Irvin Elsworth Farnsworth was one of twenty-two children.  He was born in New Hampshire to a very devoted Seventh Day Adventist.  He along with his siblings migrated to various states all over the United States starting churches.   He married Ermina Arvilla Flint 23 May 1889 in Washington County, Arkansas.  Her parents lived in Springdale, Benton County, Arkansas. Irvin started the first two Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Cleveland County.  One church he founded was Pleasant Ridge Church and School in 1893 (later called Knoles).  This building was built by his brother-in-law Luther Flint, who was a carpenter.  According to Clifford Moody, the back of the building was the original part of the building, it was a simple log structure.  The Cemetery was chartered on 5 June 1893.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald

Feb 12 1895 OKLAHOMA. Vol 72 No 7

• LINDEN.— Jan. 11 I began meetings near this

place, which is only a country post-office. It is

located about thirty-five miles southeast of Oklahoma

City, and is within the border of the

allotments of the Shawnee and Pottawatomie

Indians. For this reason there are but few

white settlers on one side of the neighborhood.

I found five old Sabbath-keepers. They had

organized a Sabbath-school, and were doing considerable

missionary work ; three or four had

already decided to keep the Sabbath. I continued

the meetings until Jan. 27, when I had to

close to attend the General Conference. Eight

adults signed the covenant, including those who

had recently decided to obey. Others are troubled

over the matter, who could not refrain from

tears while I conversed with them upon the truth.

There are thirteen Sabbath-keepers there now.

I expect to return soon and organize them into a

church, hoping to see others take hold of the

truth and unite with them. R. H. BEOOK." (Brook?)

"Vol 72 no 46 Linden School 1895

Brother Kraft is laboring among the Germans

in the western part of the Cherokee Strip. He

reports four new ones who have embraced the

truth. He labors under difficulty, having to

work from house to house, as the country is as

yet too new to have school-houses. Sept. 5-81

visited the Linden church, where four were baptized

and received into the church. This is a

new church, and the interest is better to hear

than at any time in the past."

He served as an elder for eleven years before he died.  He left Ermina with five children.  According to the Advent Review and Sabbath Harold


"FARNSWORTH.— Died at his home near

Norman, Okla, Jan. 25, 1907, of pneumonia,

Irvin E. Farnsworth, aged 43 years, 4 months,

and 24 days. He was brought up in the truth

and lived a consistent Christian life. His

oft-expressed desire was to see his Saviour

come in the clouds, but he was called to lay

the burden down and rest a while. His last

words were praises to God. The testimony

of all who knew him is that he was a kind,

loving husband and father, an exemplary

neighbor and a faithful church worker.

Twelve years ago he was chosen elder of the

Linden, Okla., church, which position he ably

filled till his death. He was one of a large

family of children among whom are Elders

E. W. and O. O. Farnsworth, and Mrs. A. T.

Robinson. These, together with his wife and

five children, are left to struggle on till the

Life-giver shall come. To a large congregation

which had assembled at the cemetery,

words of consolation were spoken by the

writer, the text used being Job 14: 14.


Ermina's father died just five days later.

11 Apr 1907  Advent Review and Sabbath Herald


FLINT.— Died at his home in Cleveland,

County, Okla., Jan. 30, 1907, Horace R. Flint,

aged 64 years, 9 months, and 15 days. He

loved to study his Bible, and was always

ready to give every one a reason for the hope

he cherished. He embraced present truth

through the labors of Elder R. M. Kilgore at

Denison, Tex., in the spring of 1879. He

leaves a wife, a son, a daughter, and grandchildren,

besides other relatives. As no minister

of our faith could be secured to conduct

the funeral, a Methodist brother held a short

service at -the grave, offering prayer, and making

a few remarks based on Job 19: 25, 26.


His youngest son, Horace Farnsworth, died just a few short years later and was buried to the right of his father.

Vol 86 No 12 25 Mar 1909



FARNSWORTH.— Died near Norman, Okla.,

Feb. 9, 1909, of brain fever, Horace W. Farnsworth.

He was five years old February 4, the

day he was taken sick. Although young, he

was a loving, obedient child, and we laid him

to rest beside -his father, who was called from

us two years ago. We miss our loved one,

and our sorrow is great, but we hope to see

him again soon, when the Life-giver comes.

Psalm 90 and i Corinthians 15 were read at

the grave by a Methodist minister.


Brain fever is now thought of as encephalitis or meningitis.  

Minnie remarried for a short time to A.B. Simpkins on 10 Oct 1911 but divorced about six months later.  The reason for this divorce is not known but I found many marriages for A.B. Simpkins.

Minnie inherited he parents home that was homesteaded by her brother.  She sold it to her daughter Lottie Mack and moved to Tecumseh.  She died in her Tecumseh home and was buried to the left of her husband in Knoles Cemetery.

"FARNSWORTH–Seventy years ago last July, Minnie Arvilla Flint was born near Milton, Wisconsin. It was the privilege of her family to attend the meetings conducted by R. M. Kilgore at Denison, Texas, where they united with the people keeping the commandments and looking for the return of Jesus.

She was married to Irwin E. Farnsworth in 1889, and their union was blessed with five children, one dying in childhood. Bereft of her husband in 1907, she continued to train the children for the Kingdom.

She quietly fell asleep Jan. 10, 1937, at Tecumseh. The service was conducted by Wesley Amundsen and the writer, and she was laid to rest beside her husband near Linden.

C.J. Dart"

It was cold and snowy the day she was buried.  Her son in law Allie Messick had a Model A Ford that he drove the family to and from the funeral.  In Little River he blew a piston going up a hill leaving the funeral.

They all once had tombstones.  They are now missing.