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Davis Family

The Davis Family was from New York and had moved to Wisconsin and to Illinois.  The Davis Family married the Knoles, Dunbar, McAtee, and Dickinson (Dickenson) Families.  All of which have a name sake buried at Knoles Cemetery.

James Madison Davis is possibly in Knoles Cemetery.  He died sometime after June of 1880.  He may have been on the 1890 Census for Little River but it is too difficult to read.  His wife Mary Jane Gregory Davis is in the cemetery.  She was born 25 Dec 1817 in New York.  She died sometime before the Census that was taken on 14 June 1900 in Linden, Oklahoma at 83.  She had a temporary marker that was noted in 1992. 

James and Jane had seven children.  Their daughter, Melena "Lena" Francis Davis married Martin Van Buren Knoles.  Lena's sister, Laura was married several times and it is assumed that several of these husbands are in some of those graves in the cemetery.   She also lost a child that was born and died between the census' of 1900 and 1910.  Some of Laura's spouses were;
Gates,  John  "Dudley" McAtee, Sylvanion "Vannie" Clinton Van Dunbar, David Sims Dickinson.  Husband #1 was dead by 1882.  #2 Sylvanion Dunbar is buried in Nebraska. He and Laura were married about 1882 and their first child was born the following year.    She was married to Dudley 1 Nov 1891 and Jud McAtee, had died by 5 Sep 1895 and is at the Dale Cemetery.  18 Nov 1894 she married David Sims Dickinson, so at some point she had divorce Jud McAtee.  By 20 Nov 1897 she was filing for a widow's pension under Laura Dickinson for a widow of Dudley McAtee of K 14 Ill Inf on 31 Jan 1921 after Mr. Dickinson's death.
There was a large Davis tombstone that sat in the middle of the Davis graves.  There was a small tombstone with the initials "A.C".  Both are now missing.  It is assumed that "A.C" was a Davis.