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Alls, John Family

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The Alls family and the Knoles family merged by the marriage of their children, Sarah Alls and Fred Scott Knoles.  Letters written by Margaurite Knoles, tells of the move from Texas to Oklahoma.  Oklahoma land records records the land purchased by Sarah's father.  He purchases his land on 9 Feb 1892 and received a homestead certificate on 8 Feb 1901.  Fred Knoles ran the school around 1917.  His wife cared for the cemetery in the 60's before her death.  They have at least one child buried in the cemetery.  Her name is Jennie Vietta Knoles.  Sarah would insist that after church everyone help clean up the cemetery then they would have a picnic.  Sarah was angered by the sale of the school land to the Wilson's.  She felt they were "squatting".  Fred and Sarah lived to the east of the cemetery, across Harrah Newalla Road.  Later they moved to Tecumseh and are now buried there.