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I have moved the blog from the blog site to here.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  The oldest post is at the bottom.

     Thursday, July 14, 2016
     A man named Gerald Meyers that lives near the cemetery nominated me for KFOR's Pay It Forward.  I am very appreciative.  He even weed eated the same day the news came out.  I had mowed for several hours when the news crew came out.  It was great to meet Linda Cavanaugh and her camera man Steve.  Thank you so much to First Fidelity Bank for sponsoring this program.  The money will be going to sharpen the mower blade, add a better west fence and make a change to the water hose holder.  Any remaining funds will be used to make tombstones.  

      Thursday, July 14, 2016
      It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog, though it is never far from my mind.  I went out to start my truck so I could tow the mower out to mow.  The battery has died.  I will have to get it jumped before I can mow.  It seems it is always something.  This summer has rained what seems to be record rainfall for a summer.  Every day I have off from work it has been too wet to mow.  I am sure the grass and weeds are taller than it has been in years.  I do have to say that even though this is the case, Knoles Cemetery is really starting to take shape.  The grass is coming in so thick I need to buy a grass catcher for my mower.  I never thought I would say that.  For years grass clippings have been hauled from my yard to the cemetery in hopes of starting some good grass.  Years later, I nearly have all grass. 

      May 2014 
      Making Tombstones and growing grass

      April 2013 
      Burial at Knoles
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
I worked hard at the cemetery yesterday.  I moved the irises down to the fence line from Horace Flints grave.  They should be healthier at this location.  I had fertilized them last year and they were so tall they covered his birth and death date and nearly his name.  It was time to move them.  I also planted some small 36"x36" cypress bushes that will help with the soil erosion that is such a problem.  I had already planted some knock out roses and some azalea's.  I am using grass clippings to hold down the soil in that area.  The grass I planted at the top is still living and the bermuda grass at the bottom is starting to look good.  We had tremendous storms last night and I did not know they were coming.  I left the cemetery with the flags up.  I will have to go out and make sure they are still up.
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Thanks to Jeff Tullis at Reynolds Ford for finding me a great truck that was needed for the cemetery.  I wasn't able to get a trailer and riding mower without it.  It is a beautiful truck.  Reynolds has a great employee that went above and beyond to find a dependable truck.  It is so nice that it is hard to get into it when I am so dirty from all day working at the cemetery.  I will have to work extra hard to keep it clean.  If you need a good vehicle see Jeff at Reynolds Ford.  They will treat you right.
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
I have finished nursing school and now have time to work more on the cemetery restoration and research.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for restoration of the one acre.  I will be out Memorial Day Weekend to welcome any visitors that stop by.  Feel free to stop by any time you wish even if it is not that weekend.  I have scheduled a day for an Eagle Project with a group in July.  I have been told that there may be 100 volunteers.  Yay!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2012
Classmates and I spent the day cleaning at the cemetery.  It was perfect weather for it.  I really enjoyed the day.  Thank you to Dale, Justin, Danielle,  Michelle Moore and her son Jayce, Brian Ragain, and Jade.  Come out again anytime.  Leaves were raked and burned, weeding was done and some seeds planted.  We added crosses and angels to blocks and some laminated photos to the blocks.  The cemetery is really coming along.  I forgot to mention the small 5 car parking lot that was added by the County a few months ago.  It came in handy today while we were there.  No on had to park on the Wilson's drive.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have seen the name of the school and cemetery misspelled "Knowles School or Knowles Cemetery".  This is not the correct spelling.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

School starts on Monday so my blog may not have frequent additions.  I will blog when I can and add items when I get the chance.

Parking at Knoles is finished!

I would like to extend my thanks to the County Commissioner and his road crew for all of their hard work today.  They came in and added a parking lot for the cemetery in the county easement.  It will hold about 5 cars.  Now those visiting the cemetery can safely park off the road and not on the Wilson's driveway.  I am so excited.  The guys worked so hard.  It was a beautiful day for it.  I am thrilled to have the parking lot!  I will add photos taken today under the Knoles Cemetery Photos to the left.  The cemetery is starting to shape up.  A few more trees were removed and chipped up.  I was able to use it as mulch under a tree.  My next project is to pour a stem wall and start to add a retention wall.  Then will be a side walk and a new white fence.  I am hoping to get a lot of mulch put down on the south end to hold the dirt and prevent erosion.  Then I can plant roses or something there.  Thanks again to all the guys and their hard work!  You are the best!


Parking at Knoles

Tomorrow a small amount of parking is going to be added to the south west end of the cemetery. It will be a small 4-5 car gravel parking spot. Yay!


New School Records

I found some early school records that show my family were officers of the school up until their death, then the Knoles and Winegarners took over along with a few others. See my google site and look for the school photo link to the documents.


Blog problem

Sorry for the problem with the blog site.  I am not sure what happened that my photograph is messed up on the top.  I am working to fix it.

Mr. J.H. Reed

Interesting:    (05/09/1905)
Old Peddler Died Suddenly.

Muskogee, I.T., May 8.—J.H. Reed, a stranger, an old peddler, died very
suddenly here last week and his body is being held for instructions from
supposed relatives in New York.  Immediately after his death, a woman,
Mrs. W.W. Bass of Shawnee, appeared in the city.  She claimed to have
known the old man in Shawnee and to have befriended him.  She wanted to
have him buried and to take charge of his personal effects.  It appears
that she believed he had property and that he had made a will in her
favor.  She consulted a lawyer here and was told she had better let the
matter alone; that the old man had relatives and if she took the action
she proposed it was likely to cause trouble.


Resource Books posted on Cleveland County Genealogical Sit

Cleveland County Local History and Genealogy Sources

  • The Annals of Cleveland County, OK, 1889-1959, from the Norman TranscriptBy John Womack, 1981. Excerpts from the August 27 1939 Norman TranscriptGolden Anniversary Edition, and the 75th Anniversary edition of Sept 13, 1964.
  • Cleveland county Newspapers, including the Norman Transcript, from July 13, 1889 to the present, and many shortlived newspapers from the time of the land opening to the present.
  • Cleveland County, Oklahoma: Historical Highlights, by John Womack, 1983. Collection of brief stories on various events of Cleveland County history, includes index and appendix of women who took up early land claims in Cleveland County, as well as articles on the land run.
  • Cleveland County, Oklahoma Place Names, by John Womack, 1977
  • 1890 Norman, Oklahoma Census, by John Womack, 1981
  • Foreign Born Residents in Cleveland County, Mid-June 1890, by John Womack, 1981. Taken from the Oklahoma Territorial Census of 1890.
  • History of Moore Oklahoma, by Hugh E Cosby, Cosby Publications, 1977. Includes chapters on churches, school system, law and order, fire department, clubs and organizations, businesses, and some biographical profiles, includes index to biographical profiles.
  • Norman: An Early History, 1820-1900, by John Womack. A detailed, illustrated history for the time period names.
  • Norman Criss-Cross Directories, 1940 to present.
  • Pioneers and Early Settlers of Cleveland County, 1889-1925, by the Cleveland County Historical Society, Laird Publishing Company, 1973. Biographical essays on ninety-seven settlers, some including genealogical information.
  • This is Norman, by the league of Women Voters, 1955. Contains a very brief look at Norman's past.

The Annals of Cleveland Co. Okla. 1889- from the Norman Transcript1959

This book is a review of the Norman Transcript by John Womack.  He looks at the 1939 articles that had reviewed the older papers and then reviews the papers from 1964.  These were the golden anniversary and the 75th anniversary.


I am putting angels on the tops of the markers for the children and infants graves.  I have set out five so far and still need about 10 more.  I will eventually get these set out.  Ground radar was able to detect those and tell if they were infants or children.

"Tombstones" in place

My wonderful husband and I finished setting out the "tombstones".  I am short about 9 markers.  I am not sure what happened there.  I will get some more and get those out before too long.  Those graves are still marked by smaller blocks.  Yippie!
My husband and I will be at the cemetery today to finish setting all the "tombstones" (the 40lb blocks) at all the stakes that mark the graves.  If you are not busy, stop by and say hello.  I would love to chat.


"Houses" over indian graves

I found a photo today in some archives that shows "houses" over graves in a cemetery.  I think this is what was described by the Knoles family when they said this was "over an indian chief.  If you information on this please let me know.


Brent said...

Though originally all of Oklahoma (except the panhandle) was "Indian Territory" (IT), later the northwestern half of the state was split off as "Oklahoma Territory" (with Pottawattomie county being appx the SE corner of the new Oklahoma Territory. The purpose of the division was to open up the new oklahoma territory to settlers. The land runs were the method of distribution of that land. The remaining portion of the former Indian territory was not settled by land runs, but was retained as Indian nations under common ownership and tribal rule. However, when Oklahoma petitioned to become a state, (over the objection of the tribes in IT) the lands in IT were distributed to individual tribe members by allotment. This allowed whte settlers to then obtain ownership of the IT territory lands by purchase (or marriage.) The distribution of IT was completed prior to Oklahoma becoming a state in 1907.

January 2, 2012 12:22 PM 
Brent said...

For more on the subject of Oklahoma and treatment of Indians in that time period, check out the books by Angie Debo, especially her book "And Still the Waters Run: The Betrayal of the Five Civilized Tribes" (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1940; new edition, Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1984), ISBN 0691046158.

January 2, 2012 12:26 PM 
2inoklahoma said...

Thanks Brent for your info.

January 3, 2012 9:02 PM 

Cleveland County Land Tracts

I found some microfilm for the Cleveland County Land Tracts.  I am going to add photos of this microfilm for T9NR1E.  It is very fuzzy and difficult to read.  It is informative.  It appears that when the Land Run of the Absentee Shawnee-Pottawatomie Land happened in 1891 the Absentee Shawnee were able to homestead their land.  It is crazy for me to think that they had to follow the same homestead rules an apply for a patent after 5 years.

Updating Knoles Google Site

I am reworking the Knoles Cemetery Google Site.  It is a lot of information with more to come.  I am adding more as fast as I can.  There are links on it to Picasa photos.  Please look for them.  If you have photos of the area, families or the school please add them or call me, email me and I can add them.  Enjoy.


Google Site

I made some changes to my google site.  I hope you like it.  It is not finished yet.  Please be patient.  Let me know if there is something missing that you would like to see.
More trees cut down today.  A few more blocks set out.  A little at a time.  It is slowly coming a long.

I had two visitors today inquiring about the cemetery.  They were shocked to see it was there.  I am glad they stopped by.


Links to this post
There is a child that was born in 1918 and died in 1921.  I was looking at the 1920 census knowing one of these 2 year olds was that child.  There were so many. 

1920 Little River Census children of 2 yrs

Harry Houser
Elevena M. Stewart (Morris) *
Dorothy M. Hammer
Vilva Henson *
Ralph Brendle
Allen R Avent
Abe L Sackey
Rhoda Fhencin
Edwin W. White *
Walter Graham
Vergel N Huggins
William D Ingle
Arthur R Miller
Louis Torlega
Mary F Campbell
Carroll Garikson
Bobbie L Sawyer
Mamie Wilson *
Jennie Gibson 

The * marks the names that are not on the census of 1930.  They may be one of those buried in Knoles.  The others I have not found their whole family on the 1930 Census.

More trees are down and burned.  The cemetery is slowly starting to clean up.  We still have about 13 trees to remove and lots of weeds.  There are still blocks to put out where the graves are and the tombstones use to be.  I raked some of the areas to remove weeds and smooth the large holes that are there.  It is a lot of work.  My hands are tired.  We are trying to remove all of the small saplings that are growing.  The ground was covered with acorns.  I sighed thinking of all the new saplings that will grow next year!  I hope all the squirrels get them.  :  )  I still have the wood for a nice sign.  After my hand surgery my penmanship is not the neatest.  That will have to wait.


Google Maps

Google Maps has a new aerial view of the cemetery!


Anonymous said...

My name is Harold J. Knoles. I happened onto this site only by chance and was actually surprised at what I found on here. I do have Family,on both sides, from the Ok.,Ks.,Mo.and Ar. area dating back to before the Civil War. My question for you is ... Do you by chance know who is the founder or original benifactor of this cemetary for which was named? I would be extreamly interested in finding out at that you could help me with.
You can reach me via Email at 
I will also call the number from above and leave you my personal home phone number. PLEASE reply shortly. 
Thank You Harold J. Knoles Indianapolis, In

December 19, 2011 7:17 PM 
I am so excited.  It is Christmas time and that is when I can easily get more crosses for the cemetery.  Yay!


Riverdale Sunday School 1894

In possession of a Knoles Family Member is a book that was published in 1888.  In the inside cover, Lena Knoles wrote the date of 1894, her name and Riverdale Sunday School, Linden, Oklahoma.  The book was the Episcopal Methodist prayer book.  The Seventh Day Adventist Church that my family started used the church on Saturday and the Riverdale Sunday School used it on Sunday.  Monday-Friday it would be used as Pleasant Ridge School (Knoles School).  If you have any information about this please post a comment here or email me.

Linden Corner

Visiting with a Knoles Cemetery neighbor this weekend, he stated that he had heard this area was called Linden Corner.  I did find that Mr. Gill had given a small portion of land just north of the Knoles Cemetery as Little River Township at the turn of the century.  There is also some documentation of a Dr. buying some land there.  I am tracing some of the other land purchasers in this area to see what type of employment that they were involved in.  Slowly but surely I am getting a picture of the area.


Little River Township established by warranty deed

Book 22 pg 541  G.W. Gill and wife sign a warranty deed for 1 pt of SE 1/4 NW 1/4 Twp 2 R 9 1 E to Little River Township.  I haven't looked up the date of the deed yet but I will.


End of a grave exposed?

Along one of the rough edges of the cemetery is an area that the dirt is made of a strange composite.  I think it is a very old coffin that is completely deteriorated.  That would make the grave prior to 1937.  The erosion is totally out of control.

Do you have bags of grass?

If you have bags of grass to get rid of you can drop them off at the cemetery.  I will use it to slow down the washing away of the sand.  It will deteriorate and can be worked into the soil.  Just set it near the fence and I will take care of spreading it around.

I wish I had a wood chipper so I could chip up the trees that we have cut up.  They would make great mulch. 

It was a beautiful day and it was nice to spend it out at the cemetery.  Stop by to say hi next time you drive by.

Trees are being cut

My husband and I spent the day cutting trees.  We are only half finished.  I pulled two 5 gallon buckets of sand burrs.  There are still more.  The lower half of the fence line is clear.
I have a person who is looking into helping me with some of my projects.  He has some contacts that have some special talents.  WooHoo!  I would be so happy if I had help with these projects.

The cemetery has lost about 3-6 inches of dirt on the top of the hill.  Grass hasn't grown and the weeds do.  I would like to kill the weeds but it would leave nothing left but sand.  Then it would blow away or wash away with the rain (if we ever see any.)  So killing weeds will have to wait until I have some grass in place.



If you have photos that have anything to do with this community, school, families or the cemetery please contact me and I will post them for you.

Winegarner Photos

I had some trouble with Picasa when I posted the Winegarner Photos.  I am working on it.  If you are wanting to see them before I get it fixed let me know.



I have been contacted by the descendants of the Winegarner/Knoles Family.  They had a few photos to share.  I posted them on the Knoles Cemetery Google Site.  Enjoy.  I was so excited to see them.  If you know who any of them are, please post or contact me.


happygma said...

Is there anyway to file charges against the Wilsons for destroying the graves for his personal use. Native Americans feel cemeteries are sacred. Notifying the Absentee Shawnee tribe may help expedite this. They have lawyers that might help with legal fees.

November 23, 2011 10:34 AM 
2inoklahoma said...

I am looking into it. Have you visited the cemetery?

December 21, 2011 8:24 PM 



More blocks are set.  I still have over 30 to set.  It is hard strenuous work.  Especially hauling them uphill.  They will get done.


small pieces of tombstone found and another makeshift marker

Yesterday my husband and I went out to weed eat and check on things.  The storms had blown down a few crosses.  I decided to drive them in a little deeper and pick up all the silk flowers that had blown off.  When I pounded in one of the crosses, it bounced back at me.  I was a little apprehensive digging in a known grave location but I needed to know "what" I was hitting and whether to stop,  so I started gently digging with a small garden spade.  I found that I had crumbled a palm size remnant of a tombstone in pulverized bits.  It had been buried about 4 inches under the dirt.  There was nothing to read.  It was very eroded.   It was the concrete type that was made about the turn of the century of local material.  I have found pieces of this type in several locations now.  I am the rest of it is spread around the area but I hate to dig up every inch of over 43,000 square feet to find pulverized eroded bits.  The years of being under moist ground have not been kind to these pieces. 

I also found another makeshift tombstone that was placed by the Wilson's that must have had either a regular tombstone or a fieldstone there.  The dry weather had blown away some of the dirt and the rain had washed it.  I raised it up a little higher and placed my 8x8x16 concrete block by it to further mark it.  According to Wade, the ones like this that he did not find, are so old that there is nothing left to detect by radar.  With this in mind, the oldest one that I am sure of is 1896 and Wade found this one so the new one I found must be older.  It is up near the Powell's tombstone.

With the really long hot days the area looks dry and brown like fall.  All the leaves we had cleaned up have been replaced with more.  This year just isn't a year for a nice lawn out there.  The scrub oaks just want to keep springing up all over the place.

I picked up what I could with it being so hot but I need to purchase a trash can and haul off the limbs that have been cut down.  There is still a lot of work to do.  I working on getting an estimate for a retaining wall but that will be very expensive.

I have finished the row grave detail that tells where the graves are and will post it on the google site.  I am having trouble with posting an excel spreadsheet.  I doesn't want to show the whole document, but I will get it.  Also I finished the 4 acre overview document of the old school land and cemetery so you can get an idea of what is there now and what was there.


Pecan Family

If anyone has information on the Pecan family of the Linden/Little River area please contact me.  I have several names of the family but have not found them buried anywhere.  Could they be at Knoles?


I have made some changes to my blog

I have made some changes that will hopefully make it easier to read my blog.  Photos can be found on the google site.  The link is at the top of this blog.


Knoles Cemetery has an address!!!!!

Knoles Cemetery has an address!!!  It is 19135 East Franklin Road, Newalla, Oklahoma 74857

No mail box yet.  Continue to mail you correspondence to PO Box 6207 Moore, OK 73153 until I give you notice that there is a mail box.  The cemetery can now be found on mapquest and is part of the 911 system!  Yay!!!

Thank ACOG!



Tornado near Linden 8 Apr 1896
418968 Apr300PF303unknownG,L
    Three homes were destroyed and three others were damaged as a tornad passed 4 miles west of Linden. One report stated "It took everything of one house except the foundation." The historic Linden town site is near present-day SE 164th Street and Harrah-Newalla Road. [Path width 100yd, length 12mi]


FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011

Oklahoma Constitutional Convention Photo

While doing research at the Oklahoma Historical Society Library, there was posted a photo of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention.  Martin Knoles was in this group of men.  It was neat to see it so large.  I just had to purchase a copy.

Mrs. Anna Lewis

Mrs. Anna Lewis gave a interview for the Indian Pioneer Papers on 18 Feb, 1938.  She was a teacher at the Knoles School.  She stated that she arrived in Tecumseh, Oklahoma in 1900 and that fall she taught at a country school district in Linden, near Newalla (Pleasant Ridge School, aka Knoles School).  I was so excited to see this interview I just couldn't stand it but this was the only reference to the school.  The rest of the interview was about her exposure to the Indians of the Kickapoo tribe.  She photographed them and spent time with them.  She even attended the burial of Chief Oscar Wild (Wile).  It was interesting to read but did not disclose anything for me about the school.  Mrs. Anna Lewis was the wife of J.H. Lewis.


Link to Eric Knoles post

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011

Please contact me

If you know your family was from New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, or Dennison, Texas then came to Linden/Little River, Oklahoma please contact me.  I am interested in looking at your family trees, photos or information.

Armitia Arminda Crouch

A photo was provided  courtesy of one of her descendants of Armitia Crouch.  Her tombstone was one that was stacked up to be removed by the neighbor in 2009 when I went out to put flowers out one day.  This is what helped prompt me to pursue finding the owner of the cemetery and eventually I ended up owning it.  Her tombstone is now placed back in its spot. See the link to her photos on my google site.


110 degrees and no end in sight

All of the plants and grass I have planted have died. We are on day number 20 over 100 degrees, usually 105 plus. Some places in the states made it to 114. The ground at the cemetery is sand just like a beach.


105 Degrees

We are having our 11th day of over 100 degrees.  Most days are 103.  I went out to water at the cemetery with gallon jugs of water.  I took 15 for the few shrubs and plants that I have but it isn't going to be enough.  It is just too hot.  I will have to try to plant again in the fall. The dirt is dry like sand at a beach.  All the grass I planted died.  It makes me so sad.  I don't think I will ever be able to make the cemetery pretty without a well and a sprinkler system.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011

Agnes Spaulding, teacher of Knoles School

Ms. Agnes Spaulding was a teacher at Knoles School.  See her photo under Knoles School/Church on my google site.

Happy Birthday to me! I spent it at the cemetery half the day! : )

I spent first thing this morning, on my birthday, working at the cemetery.  I put up some crosses and my husband set some more blocks.  We still have more to set. The dolly blew a tire. Thanks to the person who mowed the entrance.  I really appreciate it. The grass seed that had sprouted is shriveling and turning brown.  I am so sad.  It is just too hot.  I will have to try again this fall.  The sand burrs are still trying to grow.  It was a great birthday.

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011

New Grass!

I planted grass seed a few weeks ago and prayed for rain.  We got the rain and now I have a little bit of grass growing.  Soon it will be shades of GREEN!  See my photos on my google site.

Washburn Story

As we were cleaning up and getting ready to leave Mr. Washburn stopped by.  He grew up in the area and his father grew up just east of Harrah Newalla Road.  Mr. Washburn was born in 1933 and attended Knoles School 5-8th grade (1943-1945) and went to church there also.  He said he remembers people being buried in the cemetery (if he were at least 5 then that would have been at least 1938 and after).  He asked if the cemetery use to go all the way to Harrah Newalla Road.  He said he remembers it did.  He told me the front of the school faced east.

He said there use to be a sign about where Mr. Wilson's gate was and it said the name of the school.  He said that the preacher got mad (probably because the school was sold and being moved.)  He and some kids put a pole in the back of a truck and knocked the sign down.  The preacher was Mr. Hooley.  I will have to investigate this further.

He was surprised that after so many years, so many graves could be found.  He said he might like to be buried there.  His parents, and daughter are buried at Tecumseh.

Mr. Washburn said the cemetery had been in terrible condition and was now starting to look good.

What I found today is that some graves are 4 feet apart and others are just over two feet apart.  There are several sunken areas.  I am thinking these must be from the 1930's because the one for John Powell (1930) just sank this winter.

Mr. Washburn is a nice guy and had been friends with Mr. Wilson.

Thanks for the flowers and flags!

When we arrived this morning, people had placed flowers on some graves.  They were really pretty!  Thanks everyone! 

Mary Jane,  I am glad you got to come out yesterday.  Thanks for putting out flags and flowers!

The Veterans group came out a few days ago and put out some flags on the veteran's graves.  It is looking great!  It makes me proud!


Horses like my grass better!

HaHaHa!  Mrs. Wilson's horses like my grass better!  This horse was working hard leaning over the fence to eat my grass.  I may have to put up another row of wire.  He might tear down my fence or get hurt.

More blocks set

Mowing and weed eating done for the day.  Some more blocks are set. See photos under my google site

My gloves have had it!

These were new gloves three months ago!  I may have to take stock in leather gloves at this rate! LOL!

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011

Make shift tombstones

The cemetery received the donation of the blocks that are 16x8x8 and weigh 37.8 lbs each.  Thanks again to the generous donor!!!!!  I will use them as tombstones.  I set 35 of them this morning and my husband set 25 of them this afternoon.  There are still 149 left to be set in place.  I am not sure the three and a half pallets are 209.  My deliver ticket said 301.  Hmmm? It is hard to tell how many there are until I started setting them.  I will stencil on the number (location) of the grave and then remove the orange stakes.  I was hoping to have it completed by memorial day but that is not going to happen.  I will get it done.  Sunday will be a mowing day along with setting blocks.  So much to do!  Grass is peeking through!  I am so excited!  It will be nice to have the blocks in place and some nice grass.  The flowers are struggling.  This fall I will bring some from my garden.  The ticks are still going strong.  I counted 18 bites from last weekend.  I found three ticks on me this time but they had not bit yet.  Deet doesn't seem to phase them!  See the photos under the PICASA section of my google site.


Pray for rain

I prayed for rain and asked everyone to pray for rain because I planted grass seed and flowers.  I didn't mean a gully washer.  Careful what you ask for.

TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011

I added a visit counter

This counter does not include my visits.  We are nearing 1000!  Yippie!

Cellar and Tornado's

There were lots of tornados here today.  They spread all over central Oklahoma.  One was over the cemetery.  I am sure the Wilson's were wishing they hadn't filled in the Knoles School Cellar so they could have used it as a hiddie hole!  I'm not sure why you would fill in a cellar anyway.

Leaves to burn 5/21

I spent last Sunday working at the cemetery with my husband.  We planted a few more flowers and raked the leaves and burned a bit of them.  I was covered in ticks.  I forgot to spray and have bites all over.  Ick!  It is slowly starting to take shape but it will still be while.

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

Speech at the Cleveland County Genealogical Society

Thanks again for the invitation to speak to your group about the cemetery and its restoration.  I am working very hard at making it a respectful place.  It was in very bad condition and it still has a long, long way to go!  Thank you for your support!  The encouragement is wonderful. I would loved to have talked to you all day.  As you can see the cemetery subject gets me very chatty.  :  ) Let everyone know that there are so many graves without names.  If they suspect someone is there please have them contact me.

Site Hits

There has been over 848 hits on my site since I started it just a short time ago.  :  )

SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011

Tired Now

It has been a tiring but productive weekend.  Mom and  I have raked leaves, mowed, ran the weed eater, planted flowers and grass seed.  It is nice spending so much time with her.  I appreciate all the help.  Lunch and Sonic dinner just isn't enough to repay her for her help.  Pray for a light rain, one that will start the seed but not wash it away.  I put down some stuff to kill the sand burrs.  I hope it works.  Since Judy sent me the money for the seed and flowers I concentrated them around George Frazey and his sons graves.  His sons are buried in the same lot, head to toe.  A small fieldstone marks their graves and of course Mr. Frazey has a government Civil War tombstone.  I noticed that the grass seed I planted in the early spring is coming up in the center.  I will need several more bags of seed to cover one acre.  Time for my homework.  Time to shift to nursing school work.

Clean up day today

I will be at the cemetery today planting flowers and grass seed, mowing and raking if anyone wants to come by.

Knoles School and Church was Pleasant Ridge first

Pleasant Ridge Seventh Day Adventist Church
12 Nov 1895 Advent Review and Sabbath Harold
Vol 72 no 46
Brother Kraft is laboring among the Germans in the western part of the Cherokee Strip. He reports four new ones who have embraced the truth. He labors under difficulty, having to work from house to house, as the country is as yet too new to have school-houses. Sept. 5-81 visited the Linden church, where four were baptized and received into the church. This is a new church, and the interest is better to hear than at any time in the past  
Pleasant Ridge Seventh Day Adventist School

Feb 12 1895 OKLAHOMA. Vol 72 No 7
• LINDEN.— Jan. 11 I began meetings near this place, which is only a country post-office. It is located about thirty-five miles southeast of Oklahoma
City, and is within the border of the allotments of the Shawnee and Pottawatomie Indians. For this reason there are but few white settlers on one side of the neighborhood.  I found five old Sabbath-keepers. They had organized a Sabbath-school, and were doing considerable missionary work; three or four had already decided to keep the Sabbath. I continued the meetings until Jan. 27, when I had to close to attend the General Conference. Eight adults signed the covenant, including those who had recently decided to obey. Others are troubled over the matter, who could not refrain from tears while I conversed with them upon the truth.  There are thirteen Sabbath-keepers there now.  I expect to return soon and organize them into a church, hoping to see others take hold of the truth and unite with them.
                                    R. H. BROOK.

Donation received!

209 concrete blocks 8x8x16 that weigh 40 1bs.  Yay!  These will be used in place of tombstones.

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011


Little Axe has deeded the cemetery to me officially!  See the document on my google site under the Picasa section.

FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

It appears my family started the school, church and possibly the cemetery

Interesting.  I noticed that the cemetery was called Pleasant Ridge in 1896 when George W. Frazey was buried there on his tombstone document from the government.  I found some records that my family started the school as a Seventh Day Adventist School in 1895 (Advent Review and Sabbath Harold).  They then started the Pleasant Ridge School (Advent Review and Sabbath Herald).  They may have started the cemetery also since it was called the same name as the school they started.  It was still called Pleasant Ridge in 1910.  I guess the name changed to Knoles later. 

Feb 12 1895 OKLAHOMA. Vol 72 No 7
• LINDEN.— Jan. 11 I began meetings near this
place, which is only a country post-office. It is
located about thirty-five miles southeast of Oklahoma
City, and is within the border of the
allotments of the Shawnee and Pottawatomie
Indians. For this reason there are but few
white settlers on one side of the neighborhood.
I found five old Sabbath-keepers. They had
organized a Sabbath-school, and were doing considerable
missionary work ; three or four had
already decided to keep the Sabbath. I continued
the meetings until Jan. 27, when I had to
close to attend the General Conference. Eight
adults signed the covenant, including those who
had recently decided to obey. Others are troubled
over the matter, who could not refrain from
tears while I conversed with them upon the truth.
There are thirteen Sabbath-keepers there now.
I expect to return soon and organize them into a
church, hoping to see others take hold of the
truth and unite with them. R. H. BROOK.

Linden, OK 1895

Vol 72 no 46 Advent and Sabbath Harold
Brother Kraft is laboring among the Germans
in the western part of the Cherokee Strip. He
reports four new ones who have embraced the
truth. He labors under difficulty, having to
work from house to house, as the country is as
yet too new to have school-houses. Sept. 5-81
visited the Linden church, where four were baptized
and received into the church. This is a
new church, and the interest is better to hear
than at any time in the past.

Advent Review and Sabbath Harold

FARNSWORTH.— Died at his home near
Norman, Okla, Jan. 25, 1907, of pneumonia,
Irvin E. Farnsworth, aged 43 years, 4 months,
and 24 days. He was brought up in the truth
and lived a consistent Christian life. His
oft-expressed desire was to see his Saviour
come in the clouds, but he was called to lay
the burden down and rest a while. His last
words were praises to God. The testimony
of all who knew him is that he was a kind,
loving husband and father, an exemplary
neighbor and a faithful church worker.
Twelve years ago (1895) he was chosen elder of the
Linden, Okla., church, which position he ably
filled till his death. He was one of a large
family of children among whom are Elders
E. W. and O. O. Farnsworth, and Mrs. A. T.
Robinson. These, together with his wife and
five children, are left to struggle on till the
Life-giver shall come. To a large congregation
which had assembled at the cemetery,
words of consolation were spoken by the
writer, the text used being Job 14: 14.


SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2011

Grave Markers

These grave markers (orange stakes placed by ground radar) are now missing.  That is illegal to remove grave markers, even if it is on your property.  Shame!  What do you have to hide!

Heavy Earth Moving Equipment

What on earth are you going to do with such heavy earth moving equipment back on the back of your 18 acres.

Covered Wagon

Yesterday while out at the cemetery a man drove by in a covered wagon.  It is strange to see now days but it was similar to what you might have seen back in the day that most buried in the cemetery might have seen or had.  It was interesting to see.  See the photos of it on my google site under the Picasa Photo section.

A visit from Mr and Mrs Dittmar

It was nice seeing Mr. and Mrs. Dittmar at the cemetery yesterday.  I am glad to see people interested in my preservation work.  He is donating blocks for the retaining wall.  As soon as I have someone to help me get them with a truck or trailer I will be building a retaining wall.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Dittmar for coming by.

A Penny for your grave

A collection of pennies for the graves has been started.

Marble found

I forgot to add the photos of the grave where I found the marble tombstone piece.  It is the grave next to Mr. George F. Pittman.If anyone knows who is buried next to Mr. Pittman, please let me know.  Removal of these pieces is illegal and punishable by law.  This marble is white with light green veins.  There is no writing visible.  It was under the dirt 2-3 " and under this larger flat stone.

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011

Marble found

Saturday April 23, 2011 I found two pieces of marble and part of the concrete base that once held it.  The other pieces were not found.  It did not have any writing on it.  I found it in the grave next to George F. Pittman's grave. It was under a large rock and 2-3 inches under the dirt.  The photo is the seventh down on the post of April 23.  There was also a portion of the top of one found the week before made of a concrete type substance.  It also did not have any writing left.  There were two pieces of glass buried with it.  The glass looked like the edge and bottom of a vase.  One was purple and the other clear.  They were buried about 18 " deep.  There were all of these field stones with it.  I found several piles of buried field stones.  These stones were all close to the same shape in different holes.  See the photos under my google site under Picasa Photos.

Knoles Cemetery Rumor

A lady that has lived near the Knoles Cemetery for over 10 years told me Saturday that people had told her that Mrs. Wilson owed Knoles and that the tombstone of Mr. George F. Pittman was Mrs. Wilson's husband, Mr. Floyd Wilson.  She was told that she buried him in her front yard.  Hahahahaha!  NOT!  None of this is remotely true!  No wonder people did not challenge the destruction of the cemetery!

Thanks To the Annonymous Donor!

Someone is donating 209 blocks to serve as grave markers!  WooHoo!  Thanks!

Newpaper Article in case you haven't seen it! Front Page!

The article is posted under the Norman Transcript section of the Picasa Photos on my google site.


Encroached fence is down!

Yes!  The encroached fence is down!  See more photos on my google site.  They are posted under the Picasa Photos.

Bucket List

Peggy Shepard stopped by the cemetery today.  She is from Florida and said she has always wanted to put flowers out at a cemetery.  She said in Florida they are not able to do that.  She had bought two wreaths to put out at a cemetery and asked if she could put them out at Knoles.  She adopted John and Nellie Powell's graves.  She placed the wreaths on them.  She said she will come at Memorial Day and put out some new ones.  This is so exciting!  I wish other people would adopt some others.  This was part of her bucket list she said.

Thanks Peggy!

FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2011

Knoles School Class 1913

There are more children in the census than there is in the photograph
Charles 19
George  17
Fay 19
            Allie 14
            Nina 13
            Iris 10
Kirby 8
Jacob 6
            Lynn 6
            Joseph H 18
            Benjamin 7
            Zella 18
            Velmer 16
            Mary 13
            Henry C 10
            Barto 8
            Ruby 6
            Luther 14
            Aaron 12
            Darse 10
            Carol 9
            Elva 7
            Daisy 20
            HT 15
            Willie 17
            Alta 13
            Asa 13
            Clehanan 10
            Clemen 10
            Mary 8
            Samuel 18
            Beulah 16
            Jesse 12

            Claud 13
            Martin 11
            Purt 9
            Harold 6
            Walter 20
            Mable 18
                                                16 White males
                                                13 White females
                                                6 Colored Males
                                                4 Colored Females
                                                39 Aggregate


powered by


Knoles Cemetery 
Knoles Tombstones

FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2011

Latest Photos

This is just one of the photos taken after the ground survey.  I forgot to add it.  Enjoy!  Remember each orange stake is a grave! You will have to hold your jaw.  It will drop! LOL!
See more of these photos on my google site under the Picasa Photos section.

Bibliography Experts?

I am completing the papers to send the Washington D.C. for the nomination by Oklahoma Historical Society for the Knoles Cemetery to be added to the National Registrar.  I have to proof it and write the bibliography.  Saving lives as a Respiratory Therapist and Nursing are my calling, not writing bibliographies.  Can anyone help?

Does anyone know someone that was on the Cleveland County Road Crew that widened Franklin Road in the 1970's?  Was Mr. Wilson on this crew?  Most people would not have tackled the project of removing 6 feet x 43,560 feet or 29,040 square yards of dirt!  That is a lot of dirt!  A very large project!  To removed the top 6 feet and stop?  Why?  What could possibly have been in that 6 feet depth?  Where did it go?  Did he sell it?  Is it spread over someone's yard?  In a ditch as fill bones, I mean fill dirt?  Dumped at the lake?  Anyone by dirt from Wilson's?  I think he may have sold it my the half ton since that is the size of his dump truck?  I will have to look for advertisements!  Contact me at if you have answers to any of these questions or if you have photos of this area.
George Francis Pittman's tombstone toppled last Saturday due to the erosion from the Franklin Road widening.  I will need to reset it and hopefully it is not too damaged.  It was broken in three pieces already and is in need of repair.  I am researching the best way to repair it.  It seems that there is a possibility of doing more harm.  Yikes!  There are several graves that with a good rain might become exposed!  The Veteran, George W. Frazey's grave, is also in danger!  I can't believe the County Commissioner's office is not willing to build a retaining wall to hold back the slope since their project caused the damage!  Shame on you!  Everyone call Mr. Skinner and make a complaint!  Maybe we can inundate his office with calls and get something done!

Cemetery Clean Up Day Saturday April 23, 2011 I need some help!

I am having another cemetery clean up day this Saturday starting early.  Bring your rakes and some garbage bags.  If anyone has a chain saw there are still a few more trees to trim and haul away.  The burn ban has not been lifted so burning will be later.

Many hands make light work and social fun too!


I am hoping to round up a truck to pick up the donated blocks this weekend.
I am contacting a funerary supply company to see about professional signs and row markers plus grave pins.  $$$$.  I have decided I am not a very good sign maker and the cemetery deserves a much better sign!  :  )
I met Eric Knoles, a descendant of Martin Van Buren Knoles and Lena Davis, out at the cemetery last Sunday.  As I marked rows of graves, he cleaned up the huge pile of brush I had created while trimming trees.  It took up most of his day. 

Thanks again Eric!

FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011


I was asked today a question that I thought I would clarify.  When at the west entrance, I have placed some crosses gathered together with names on them.  These are people that are documented as being buried in the cemetery but I don't yet know where.  Up on the eastern half, the crosses placed at those graves are know graves/locations. The orange stakes are definite graves.  I am hoping to place blocks at each one of these orange stakes.  A grid of the cemetery is complete and if you want a copy contact me at

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems delivered Report Today

I love technology!  Wade delivered the Knoles Cemetery Ground Radar Report.  It is great to see the graves that Mr. Wilson thought he could hide!  What is under #1?  A grave!  What is under # 2?  A grave!  What is under #3-209?  That is right!  Graves!!!  I bet Mr. Wilson is afraid of technology.  When he began destroying the cemetery he had no idea that years later, technology would help discover them again.

Great job Wade!!!

Thanks again!


Donation of some blocks

Thank you Mr. Dittmirfor the donation of 26 8x8x8 blocks and 50-100 ft of fencing. It is very much appreciated.


Knoles has a fence again!

My fence guy put a fence in this afternoon. It is great! The gates are down and the other dividing fence is coming down soon. I'm so excited! Next is marking the graves with stones. I'm going to transplant some flowers from my gardens and make a sign. If you have drought resistant plants you need to thin, let me know. Remember, I don't have access to water out there.

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011

A few corrections

Luther Arthur Flint is my Great Great Grandfather.  He was the father of Ethel Flint Lytle my Great Grandmother.  Horace R. Flint, the Civil War Veteran was his father.  Both Horace and Luther were buried in Knoles.  Luther's death certificate lists him as being buried at Knoles and my Great Grandma Lytle told me he was buried at the corner that is no longer there.  It was graded away in the road widening.  Mr. Wilson told me when he was being nice that after a rain his children would be waiting for a bus in that area and find finger bones and other bones.  Shame on the county!  I guess that is when Mr. Wilson decided to move his drive and take away some more.  If the County did it so could he?  Maybe he thought he could blame it on the County.  He said he did it.  More on that another day. 

Horace Flint's grave is still there.  Along with so many more! 

Also tell me how if you are taking care of the cemetery all these tombstones disappeared and how in 1992 there were more than there are now?  Hmmm?  Shall we define care?  Overgrown trees, neglect, removing tombstones?  Grading away graves?  Hmmm?  I don't think that is the definition of care!  Note that his parents are buried at Sunnylane which costs about $15,000 for two burials.  Not willing to bury them in the cemetery they "CARED FOR" AND THAT WAS SO CLOSE?  WHY?  HMMM?

Knoles made the front page of the Norman Transcript!!!

A few minor inaccuracies but over all great!  I am a Respiratory Therapist and a Nursing Student.  Luther Flint was my great great grandpa.  I have his death certificate that documents that he is buried here at Knoles Cemetery.

WooHOO!  Let's get some publicity on this terrible situation!

From 8 to 209 graves

The ground penetrating radar is amazing!  There were 8 tombstones.  I found some 40 names and it found 209 graves!  Wow!!!  What a day!  I am excited.  Now  if I could just find names for them all. I know!  A tall order.  Mr. Winkler said that in 1995 or 96 he saw a lot of graves on the EAST SIDE of the drive that is now graded down about 6 ft.  HMMMM!  6 ft.  Why would you grade down 6 ft and then stop and plant grass?  Well......

There is a place in hell for people like the Wilson's.  How can someone do such things?! 

It is estimated that potentially 114 graves disappeared when he moved his drive to the west. I have no idea how many out of the lot to the east of the drive.

He first told me he did not grade away any dirt from the drive/cemetery and then when a grave or two was found he said no way because he removed enough dirt that the graves are gone there.  What?!  Graded away graves?!  How could you?!!!  Oh wait!  You thought it was okay since the County did it also!  NOT!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson or their friends, if you are reading this like you said today...Enjoy my blog explaining what a dirt bags you are for grading away graves and getting rid of tombstones even if you did mow for all those years.  It doesn't balance out and NO ONE THINKS SO!!!!  Not even the sheriff you called out to try to get me in trouble with.  It just made you look worse, because I have done nothing wrong.  You have!  See more photos about this on my google site under Picasa Photos.



One of my fellow students said that she may be related in some way to Mrs. Armitia Crouch.  I am anxious to find out.  I have found no info on her so far.


Diane Westesen has offered to do Norman Transcript research for me!  I am so excited!  Thank you so much!  The deaths and obits are scattered all through the paper so the information should be everywhere.  It is very meticulous work.  The volunteering is very much appreciated!!!!!!
Each grave is set at 10 ft long by 4 ft wide.  In one acre this has a potential for 1250 graves.
Each row was 58 graves long and is now 50 graves long, meaning that potentially 8 graves per row were lost by the widening of Franklin road. 8 graves x 25 rows is 206 graves that potentially were graded away.  206!  Wow!  Then when the Wilson's put in their drive there is a possibility that more were removed.  It is unknown how many this might have included.  It is suspected that there were more that extended further on to the corner where he removed dirt.  It is odd that he graded away dirt down to 6 ft and stopped and is now growing grass there.  I had thought there were only 41 graves per row but after yesterday it grew to 50.  50 graves x 25 rows is a possible 1250 graves!!!

I am anxious to see what Saturday brings!


Lost? 162 graves found so far!

Today Ground Penetrating Radar came out and began marking graves found by radar.  The cemetery has potential to have 820 graves.  We have done 1/3 of it and found 162!!!!  We have 2/3 to go!  We will see what we find.  We will do some more Saturday!  I can't wait to see.  We started with the furthest east side and we are working our way north.  There are at least 2 graves right on  the south end of the cemetery. 

I have been told today that when it rained really hard and Mr. Wilson's kids were waiting for the school bus they would find various bones that would wash up.  He said a few finger bones and such.  Never a skull or large bone. It makes me wonder what is under the area that was piled up after the road was widened.

I trimmed some more trees.  There is still so much to go.  If anyone wants to come out on Saturday we will be there at 8 am and probably all day.  I need to rake and trim some more trees.  A chain saw would be amazing.  I need to set the few blocks I bought but I will need at least 150 more for this section and who knows how many more for the other sections.

I had one lady come up and want to bury her daughter that died 8 months ago and has been cremated.  I told her I would have to discuss this after all the graves are marked.

I had another lady come by and say that she thinks her family member was buried there in the early 1900's.  (1900-1910).

The Norman Transcript is going to do a news article on the cemetery.

I think after this and the news article are done I will have a lot of people contact me saying the same thing, about their family members being buried in Knoles.

I am so excited.  This makes more sense why Luther Flint was buried so far from his family.  There are lots of people buried between them.

Also there are a few strange graves.  There are two adults buried right next to each other.  Then on top of the middle of them there is another yet smaller grave.  Then there is a grave that has two buried in the same grave head to so they are small children.  There is one that is huge.  It is about 6 ft wide and 10 feet long.  We found several concrete vaults.  Vaults were not used until somewhat recently.  There are two metal caskets so far.  One of the graves is 12x10 and has three buried in it but has one concrete structure covering them.  It is strange.

There is two buried under the drive and two that begin on the east boundary and go under the drive way.

There is so much more to talk about but I can't think of it.  I am tired and my mind is swirling.  I got so burnt today.  More to follow!!!!!


Possible Person Interred

This is from a family member searching from her relative.  She might also be buried at Knoles Cemetery.

Casewell Gower came with his family to Cleveland Co in about 1892 and lived in 
Little River as a farmer. It appears that they left there and returned to Colorado by 

His twin brother, Calvin Gower and his family came there by 1895 and returned 
to Colorado by 1900.  He and his family had returned to Norman, Cleveland Co. 
by 1910.  He left again by 1920.  

Their sister, Amelia Gower Woods and her husband, Hardy Newton Woods moved 
to Grady County before 1898, living in Twp 5, Chickashaw Nation in 1900.  In 
1910 & 20, they were in Shirley, same county.  

Although there were other brothers and sisters scattered around the country, these 
seemed to be the children that mama Polly lived with and according to family 
tradition, she died and was buried near Linden.  

Polly Amanda Stewart Gower Moore was born in 1827 in Illinios, though some 
sources claim Tennessee.  She was married 3 times: once to Thompson, once to 
Gower and once to Moore-  each marriage ended with the husbands' death, though 
there was a bit of a storm over the last one, meaning that she may have been buried 
under the name Gower or Moore.    She died on 15 Sep 1897.
Don't forget to visit the google site.  There is a lot more to see.  I have changed the Cemetery Bio.

Cemetery Visual Survey

I have combined the visual surveys with various records.  I have attempted to add it to the google site but it is not in compatible format.  I will work on this.  In the mean time, if you want to have a copy please contact me.


Feel free to become a follower.  The "Begin Following" is on the right hand side.

Google Blog updated with Knoles Cemetery History

Take a look at the Google Site to see the new update on the history of Knoles Cemetery.  I am preparing for submission to the National Historic Registrar.


Found Annexation Papers

Goldmine! I found the annexation papers. It lists Knoles property going to Stella School then a few years later, it is annexed to Little Axe. I talked to Little Axe and deed transfer is going before the board. Yeah!

MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011

Simpson Family at Linden

A person posted their ancestry and it said that Martha Jane Cummins Simpson died and was buried at Linden.  This was possibly when Knoles Cemetery was Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.  She had a few children that died young and her husbands second wife also was noted to have died in Linden.  She could also be at this cemetery.  If you have information on this please let me know.

Linden Township was on the corner by the Knoles Cemetery

Linden, Cleveland County, Oklahoma was established on 7 Oct 1893.  The Post Master was James L. Swailes
It was discontinued by order dated 24 January 1904 effective 14 February 1906
Mail to Newalla

Cleveland County Assessor

Today I made a trip to the Cleveland County Assessors office after talking to the Board of Education regarding land ownership.  The Assessors office did not have an owner listed, no contact info, etc.  This is a frustrating process.  It is my goal to make sure this cemetery is protected.

I contacted the Norman Transcript to see if they will run a story on the cemetery.  I am hoping to hear that a story will be published.

I am writing the biography of the cemetery and of its significance to Linden and Little River.  Knoles Cemetery is the only thing left of these towns and the Knoles School.  Feel free to send me ideas or anything that will be useful in the bio.

School Records at the County Court House

I have found that the records at the Cleveland County Court House often refers to Knoles School or cemetery with the spelling as "Knowles".  This is the same school or cemetery but it is misspelled in this case.  Martin Van Buren Knoles established the school and renamed Pleasant Ridge Cemetery after himself.  He signs his name and his tombstone is spelled without the "w".

Affidavit has been filed

I am happy to say the affidavit has been filed. I hope this helps.


Knoles Cemetery Name

Per George W. Frazey Military Tombstone document, Knoles cemetery was first called Pleasant Ridge. Hmmmmm  more to search for.

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2011

Today, I went out to do some metal detecting to see if I could find some old metal grave markers that were documented in 1992.  They have been missing for a while.  Of the three that were there then, I found one.  It was old and rusted and the information was missing.  I was broken in two and spread a few feet apart and under a couple of inches of dirt.  I could tell it had just been kicked out of the ground, because it was not bent.  I believe it belongs to Floyd Dickinson who died in the 1960's.  If anyone knows this family from the Newalla/Stella/Pink/Little Axe area let me know please.  I also could see where the iris and daffodils were coming up at locations where grave markers no longer exist.  I put some field stones back in those locations.  Any information on this cemetery or these families would be greatly appreciated.
Knoles Cemetery: Knoles Cemetery Cleveland County, Oklahoma Endange...: "Knoles is an endangered cemetery that I am now the trustee of. It is nominated for the National Historic Registrar. I need help ..."


Knoles Cemetery Cleveland County, Oklahoma Endangered Cemetery Nominated for the National Registrar

Knoles is an endangered cemetery that I am now the owner of.  It is nominated for the National Historic Registrar.  I need help trying to find all of those that are buried in the cemetery.  Tombstones have been removed by a neighbor that identified who the graves belong to.  I am looking for photos of the cemetery or of anyone in it.  Also, I am looking for information about the school and church that was there.  It was called Knoles School or Pleasant Ridge School.  Contact me at


Reviving Knoles Cemetery

I am working on reviving the Knoles Cemetery in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.  I could use as much help as possible.  There are Civil War soldiers and Pioneers here.  It has been nominated for a National Historic Places site.  LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!