posted Dec 19, 2011, 11:42 PM by Lisa Westbrook   [ updated Aug 14, 2014, 8:41 AM ]

Donations are needed for future projects and upkeep.   Donations can be mailed to Lisa Westbrook PO Box 6207 Moore, OK 73153

Future Projects:

84 niches are done but there are another 400 yet to be built on the north end.
Another columbarium on the west side will be built

Outhouse finished, I still need to add a second coat of paint.

More Fencing 

Tree Trimming 
Preplacement tombstones-I have been making my own and have 230 or so to make
Flowers Weed Spraying-completed
Wall blocks around flower beds
Grass Seed / Sod
Monument replacement and repair
Lawn maintenance
Drive/parking graveled (since the drive ownership is in dispute with the neighbor)
Lawyer fees

Remove large oak
fix erosion
relocate graves
Columbarium Wall
Gravel parking and loop
Iron Fence
Iron Gate
Iron Arch
wire loops for securing flowers
establish flower beds
plant flowers
dig well
plant sod
level some rough areas
trim trees
burn stump
put in grave loop/drive


Too many to count
I might tally it up later.

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