In the mid Seventies the  KDA launched the Thatch Cottages, a quote appeared on their brochure - “When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember  that great world ideas all begin in some home neighbourhood” Konard Adenauer. Fifty years on the KDA strive for creating great ideas to make Knocklong better.


 A New Dawning

In 1970 Knocklong Development Association was formed with a purpose to create jobs and getting real life back to the village. The association had considerable success during the following 15 years. Tom Fitzpatrick was the chairman of the Association for most of that period.

Their first venture was “Rent an Irish Cottage”. Rent cottages were built in the village and were very successful for the following ten years and were sold mostly to local families. The next venture was an IDA factory creating 15 jobs. The purchase and development of a community sports field was the next project. This was followed by a modern community hall. The hall was built members of the Aneco group, with help from all members of the community. Later a plaque to commemorate the rescue of Sean Hogan at the Station of Knocklong, was unveiled by the famous John Malone. The unveiling attracted over a 1000 people from the length and breadth of Ireland. Later the Community Games committee was formed and the Credit Union branch was opened.

1970 Committees Members included:

J.J. O’ Reilly, Dan Ryan, Bridie Moore, Tom Fitzpatrick, Pauline Ryan, Martin Moore, Stephanie Hennessy, Tom Gainey, John Ryan, Tadgh Keogh, Eily Carroll, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Eily Ryan, John Carroll, Peggy O’ Connor, J.P. Ryan, Tom Keeffe, Ned Sampson, Jim Carroll, Pat Raleigh, Mike Treacy, Maurice Hennessy.

1980 (Need to ask Steph)

1990s (????)


In November 2010 the community centre in Knocklong was forced to close its doors as asbestos was found in the ceiling of the centre. In Spring 2011 over 20 people joined the KDA and created a Community Centre restoration project. With the help of Ballyhoura Development the KDA received some funding to remove the asbestos and reopen the doors of OUR Community Centre. Along the way the great community of Knocklong has helped raise funds for the project, we have had a loan scheme, two Harvest Fairs, rode Donkeys, jumped from cranes, stood in a giant hand, pulled ropes, we have walked & ran, released balloons, dressed up for Halloween, played Deal or No Deal and lots more!!