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See the documentary about the making of THE RESCUE in 2016 "Rescuing Knocklong" here:

Knocklong History Week 2019

A BIG thank you to all involved in a very successful centenary of 
THE RESCUE of Seán Hogan

Thanks to all those who attended the events and those who helped in any way.

Sweet Green and Peaceful Knocklong Hill

by Sean O’Connell


Sweet green and peaceful Knocklong Hill

Like a sentinel it stands

Its withered castle old and grey

Leads on to fairyland.

Its sight oft brought me sorrow

But tonight when all is still

My memory returns to thee

Sweet peaceful Knocklong Hill


My heart’s delight oh lovely hill

    With a graveyard on your breast

Where noble men from wood and glen

    Are taking their last rest.

May God look down upon them

    With all his holy will

And bless you too who hold them

    Sweet peaceful Knocklong Hill.


The Knocklong Hill at evening tide

    Looks ‘ore the drowsy plains

While in Scarteen the woodthrush sings

    To the foxhounds sweet refrain.

While master Christy leads them on

    Their fame shall live until

The earth and you have passed away

   Sweet peaceful Knocklong Hill.


I walked with joy when I was a boy

    Played ‘round your vale so fair

I knelt down by St. Brigid’s well

    I breathed her sweet prayer.

I wish I was there to do so now

    Where all is quiet and still

In memory I still hold thee

    Sweet peaceful Knocklong Hill.

In the words of Mary Kennedy:
Well done Knocklong!!

See the set of THE RESCUE from the air with thanks to Jack O'Shea:

SOUNDS OF KNOCKLONG PART 3: For this week’s “Sounds of Knocklong “ piece, the focus is brought to the stories within the building, through an engagement in conversation, we start to think about our spaces, these imperfect, and incomplete fragments of this decaying environment are all important elements, in the community. While on a site visit, the interaction within the space opens conversation relating the history of Knocklong in relation to the 1916 rising, and the cultural strains that caused these building to fall into ruin. We take a break from the ambient sounds of abandonment this week and instead listen to the engaging conversations from inside the walls of Walshe’s shop, through the interaction of Pauline and Morgan. Sound has the power to bring you and a journey, learning more and more about the space each time. The distorted soundscape emphasizing the both subjective and active nature of recording and editing sound, as well as their literal potential to give voice to collective and individual narratives of a place that is alive but not quite living. In a fortnights time we will an interview style engagement, and learning more of the cultural, economical and industrial from another member of the community, understanding what connects individuals to these spaces. 

Listen to it here!

Watch and hear about the Knocklong Railway Project!


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Knocklong Through Sound!
Take your time to listen to this audio about Knocklong, past, present & plans for the future!

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